Randy G. Introduction

Hows it going. The names Randy Grullon. For starters I am┬áprobably the least punctual person in this class (as you can tell by this introduction being late). Currently I’m a Computer System Technology student. I just transferred over from Computer Science┬áso I could finish my remaining 2 classes while working on a new major.

FSxD44VwOther than working as a barista at Starbucks, I help run a website called Pixlbot.com. There I organize posts and help run the back end. Funny thing is that website is built on WordPress which is the same system Open lab is built upon. So I kinda feel at home. Over the winter break I mostly stayed at home staring at my computer writing tons of programming code. One of those projects was a WordPress plugin for my site. Over the summer break I probably will spend some more time on working on side projects. As you can tell I really enjoy writing code.

I think my major weakness is starting to read/write. I think grade school has scared me for life. For a while now I was looking for a good enough reason to get into reading book. Probably what I dislike the most about writing is the fear of making mistakes and someone disliking your work. Often times in grade school I would pour my heart into an essay but for some reason it would never be enough.

I don’t have much experience with Open Lab specifically, however I’m pretty experienced with the system it uses. So creating blog posts and such would not be a issue. I think Science Fiction is so open and vast anyone can enjoy it. You can be someone that likes the idea of future technology, or someone that like space travel. There is something that you would be able to like. I personally love video games that involve Science Fiction. Not only because its fun to play, but mostly because I really enjoy the lore behind these games. Some of these creators spend time to create these universes. I’m that guy that likes to read side texts that explains things in these universes. What bothers me the most is the stereotype of the people that enjoy consuming science fiction. For some reason we are perceived to be nerds with no social life and that kinda bothers me.

I really hope to enjoy this class. Reading and analyzing these universes that these authors have created.

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  1. Thanks Randy for this intro., and welcome to the course! That’s wonderful that you already have experience working with WordPress (did you know it powers about 20% of the web?) … that’s the great thing about the OpenLab … the skills you learn/use here are transferable to lots of other settings, including professional ones. What WP plugin did you create?

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