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Hey, my name is Sergio, but I go by Surge. The thing that I am most passionate about is music. I love stringed instruments, especially guitars, violins, pianos, and cellos. My favorite genre of music is Metal, with my my favorite sub-genre being Death Metal. Ironically, I do not listen to a lot of Death Metal bands because most of them are just about being loud, but when Death Metal is good…. IT IS GOOD! When it comes to a favorite band I constantly go back and forth between Dethklok and Arch Enemy. Other than Metal I also listen to various types of Spanish, Classical, Blues, Jazz, Electronica, and even Pop, yes, you read that right, POP! In fact, a guilty pleasure of mine is to hunt down metal covers of pop songs, and some of the best ones I’ve found are covers of: Holding out for a Hero, I Kissed a Girl, Beat it, and Bad Romance. I don’t just listen to music but I play(guitar) as well, but I’m not very good. Aside from listening to music and playing guitar, my other hobbies/interests include gaming, comics, and movies.

As far as my desires go I hope to pursue any a career involving chemistry, maybe a teacher or something in pharmaceutics, I honestly still don’t know what I truly want to do. As far as unimportant desires I hope to eventually meet the people I idolize as guitar gods, such as Michael & Chris Amott, Brendon Small, Buckethead, Dave Mustaine, Jeff Loomis, Chris Broderick, and the list goes on and on. So far I have been able to meet one of my all time favorite musicians being Angel Vivaldi…MrVivaldi

Meeting him was so AWESOME! He was a really cool dude, and he actually played with my hair while saying “ I LOVE YOUR HAIR!”. It was one of the greatest moments of my life.

As a writer my strength is that I don’t have to put much effort into any of my writing to earn a good grade. All the essays I did in my last English class were done at the last second, and all of them got A’s. My greatest weakness as a writer is that I don’t know what I’m doing; I do not know anything about the technicalities of writing. All I do is just analyze how others write; I pay attention to there word and punctuation placement and mimic it in my own writing.

My strength as a reader and my weakness as a reader is that I don’t read, haha. I’ve only read a few books in my life with some being the Harry Potter Series, 1984, Animal Farm, and A Street Car Named Desire.

What is Science-Fiction, the greatest of life’s questions. Science-fiction, to me, is a genre of media that uses scientific ideas and themes to tell a story. Sci-fi stories are often cautionary warning individuals/societies of the dangers of their actions and what those actions could mean for the future. Who writes Sci-fi? Any one with a story to tell that wants to involve themes of space, time, and technology. Who consumes Sci-fi? Anybody who enjoys stories that have the ability to be deeply analyzed, and also enjoy hearing another persons opinions/satires about the state of our society.

As we have all noticed, all the students in our Sci-fi class are males, but why is that? Well, Sci-fi tends to be labeled as a gender stereotype in our society; therefore, it is easy for any male to express an interest in it, but for females there is a stigma that it is not for them, so even if a girl did like Sci-fi it would be harder to express that interest freely. Females that express an interest in anything that can be classified as a gender stereotype can face a lot of reticule for their public expressions of those likes. For example, some women fear openly expressing themselves as gamers due to issues like Gamergate. Additionally, women also fear being part of male dominant groups as they can often be heavily sexualized. So why is our professor a woman? She, perhaps, never feared any reticule from society for not fitting into societies gender roles, or she might have never actually experienced any of the negative aspects of being a female in a male dominant culture; therefore, she never had a fear of openly expressing her likes.

I am taking this course because I love Sci-fi. Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated with Sci-fi movies and shows. One of my earliest experiences with Sci-fi was Digimon, and to this day I love it and the commentary that the third season has about technology and humanity. As I grew older I became familiar with a lot of the Sci-fi classics and fell in love with them, and it was then that Sci-fi was cemented as my favorite movie genre. As far as some of my favorite movies of the genre are, I absolutely love all of the original Planet of the Apes, Soylent Green, Logans Run, Z.P.G (Zero Population Growth), and Gattaca.

Oh, and I have no experience with OpenLab.

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  1. Hi Surge … thanks for this post, especially your insightful discussion of gender stereotypes within science fiction (and society more generally). Ooh, and ‘Soylent Green’ is one of my all-time favorites too! (once, for a viewing of it, I “made” Soylent Green, Soylent Yellow, and Soylent Red as snacks .. maybe we should do that this semester 🙂 )

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