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My name is Daniel, but you can just call me Dan or Danny, or really whatever makes you feel comfortable. Currently, my major at City Tech is undeclared because last semester, I took a ridiculous remedial that just made me feel stupid about mathematics. But now, I finally changed my major to Entertainment Technology, so I’m officially all set up now.

When I’m not focusing on my studies, I’m either watching Star Trek, playing Destiny, or creating my own electronic music. Most of the time, it’s me being on my computer, creating tracks and experimenting with different sounds. Sometimes, the best way to learn something, is to teach it to yourself (that’s if you’re an expert at teaching yourself, if not, do not attempt). Of course, I’m always interested in feedback when it comes to the tracks that I produce. It’s what makes me improve upon myself. That being said, I even have my own site where I post my tracks: click here to go to my site. If you listen to them, you can be aggressive in your comments as you possibly can. I need all the feedback IĀ can get.

As forĀ Science Fiction itself, I’ve always been a fan from the beginning.Ā Believe it or not, it started with the release of the original Stargate film, and then my interest broadened to include all of it’s series’, then Halo, Star Trek, Battlestar, and much more. I would not have it any other way. Even today, I have these fantasies about going to the stars,Ā or “going boldly where no man has gone before,” but I’m pretty sure I’ll be long gone before warp drive is even invented. For now though, my dreams on the subject will have to suffice.

I joined this class because of that interest, but mostly, and more importantly, because all the other English classes I saw on the enrollment form were ridiculous; choosing this class was pretty much self-explanatory, and I’m totally hyped to be here (I think).

Some other facts about me that you might want to know, I’m a very talkative guy (I have A.D.D.) and if I talk about something I really like, it takes a lot to shut me up. Except if I’m in a work or school environment because it’s apparently “disrespectful” to speak my mind. I can also be emotional (the cat’s out of the bag) from time to time on some topics, but happily, not often enough for anyone to notice.

In the future of my life, I’m hoping to have a job that has some connection to audio. For a time, I’ve always wanted to score movies or video games. Now, I’m more into making electronic music; something I’ve really loved even before Skrillex got famous. In the long run, I hope to go to my own shows as “Lantean”, an artist name I assimilatedĀ which came from Stargate: Atlantis, one of the best Sci-Fi shows of all time (in my opinion). That’s another one of my fantasies, but it’s the one that I’m going to definitely achieve, or rather, try to achieve.

Well, that’s me, and my life, but not the whole story of course.

That will come as we go through the semester.


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  1. Hi Dan … thanks for telling us a bit about yourself, and also sharing your music with us (I listened to a bit, and I like it!). Looking forward to having you in the course this semester šŸ™‚

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