The Machine Stops and Metropolis

Metropolis and The Machine Stops both have there own sense of science fiction, but they also have some common themes as well. The Machine Stops talks about a future where people live on air ships where everything is controlled by the machine and even though the earth is still there people don’t go there. However if people choose to go there they would need permission to do so. While i was reading the beginning of this story, it also reminded me of the intro of a video game named Fallout three. The game begins with people living underground and maintaining a society. In the game they also don’t wanna go out in to the world because of the dangers that are out there as told by there leaders like in The Machine Stops and if you go out in to the world in the game you are basically a traitor and you get the same treatment as in The Machine Stops. The machine from the story also reminded me of HAL from 2001 a Space Odyssey. They both seem to be able to control everything on the ships and they claim to know everything and whats best for the people. A common theme in Metropolis and The Machine Stops is possibility’s of the future. One describes a futuristic city that is powered by workers who are mistreated and the rich enjoy there lives and the other is life on a spaceship where people fear to step foot on earth. This raises another similarity between the two, which is that both let machines power them and run there lives. They both put trust in to machines because they believe that technology can help them, but it isn’t until both machines fall that people begin to open there eyes for what is truly going on in the world. It wasn’t machines they needed, but they needed each other to work together. In Metropolis during the scene where the machine man is becoming maria, i got a real sense of Frankenstein here just with a science fiction and futuristic twist with it. Also during the end scene where all of the technology had all ready fallen and they burn the machine version of maria and chant burn the witch, i feel the symbolism there was them being sent back to the dark ages. Both stories ended with their machines being destroyed and changing how people lived all together. One was sent back to the dark ages in a matter of speaking and the other killed all of it’s people because the machine stopped.  Both had there own science fiction twist and beliefs, but were so similar by the time it came to the end.

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