My Utopia

I never really put a lot of thought into what my utopia would be only because I know it will never happen. Everything would probably be different shades of orangeorange-modern-art-wallpapers and everyone would have the freedom of being creative. Everyone would be able to go around and draw anything and everything anywhere. Its weird that I say everyone would be able to be creative, because in my world you would be able to become whatever you want in lifeo-BASQUIAT-JAY-Z-570, but what if someone wanted to be an artist, they wouldn’t really be able to because everyone can do what they can. Everyone would be viewed as equal and everyone would be very blunt like me. There wouldn’t be any poverty, because everyone would be equal. Everyone would go to school for free without having to worry about how they are going to pay for school. The reason why I would have this is because people wouldn’t be financially unstable. By allowing people to go to school for free it’s a guarantee that they will become productive members to society. I would eliminate animal cruelty and crime over all. In my utopia jail would be pointless, although people are entitled to have emotions and thoughts. There wouldn’t be abortions and same sex marriage would be allowed. The slogan I would put for my utopia would probably be “If it doesn’t affect you, why do you care?” mostly because I think people should be allowed to do whatever they want, at the end of the day it’s there lives and they should do as they wish, if that’s what makes them happy.  Suicides would be no such thing; there would be no secrets because everyone would be honest. Just because there aren’t any secrets that doesn’t mean that everyone needs to know your business, just keep what you tell people short and simple, if someone asks you something answer it, but don’t go with excessive details if you don’t need to. Everyone would have a home and food to eat, there wold be no such thing as winter, it would only snow on Christmas, the lowest temperature would probably be 35 degrees. Only certain day in the summer would be super hot, for beach and pool days, but it would mostly be spring/fall weather. People would take picture of almost every little thing, that way they always have memories captured. Being different wouldn’t be frowned upon, if anything it would be encouraged because that’s what makes people different and interesting, instead of everyone being the same and boring. Sad days wouldn’t happen so often because being sad is boring; everyone would wake up in a great mood everyday. Getting the things one wants wouldn’t be so hard, traveling would be something people do on a regular basisWorld_Travel___Tourism_Traveling_around_the_World_034435_, and adventures are always something one should always look forsky diving. That’s all I can think of for my utopia, but I’m pretty sure there are some glitches with some of the things I came up with.

My Utopia:

dew-drops-on-grass-25590-1920x1080     It is early morning and I could feel dew drops on the end of the leaves and the grass, there is light fog surrounding, yet you could hear the joy of the town resonate through the wilderness portion of the park. The park is enormous and divided into many parts, a wilderness to escape from technology and daily routines a place to relax and discover new abilities lost through time with the advancement of technology. Then there is the area for children all made from recyclable material just like some of the materials used throughout the city, the city is huge on protecting mother earth and trying to discover new ways to fix the mistakes done by our past generations. A couple of miles away you will begin to see the tall skyscrapers and the diligent lives of the people. Every individual is responsible to complete their designed task and to try their best at their job positions but every year they can decide whether to learn new trades or try a new job position for a couple of weeks. This concept has been implemented to allow individuals to expand their knowledge in various professions and allowing for brighter and concrete ideas to form, but most importantly to try to avoid the boredom which sometimes jobs and routines can have on the long run.

                Upon entering the city you will notice many of the buildings having the same construction and everyone living in harmony and talking with each other. Sure, there are some which are always in front of their computers or on their phones but still aware of their surroundings. Walking down the street the sun shines begin to radiate a delicate touch of heat and the children are on recess having fun and playing some soccer before they return back to class. The children are blissful and sometimes even happy to return back to class after having a moment to relax and free their minds. The children’s grades have vastly increased as well as their social and intellectual aspects. This has begun to be implemented at my job, they give us one to two hours of break (depending on whether your tasks have been completed), mine usually consist of meeting up with friends and co-workers and going to play a quick game of soccer on one of the many fields around the city or just meet up during common breaks. Honestly I find this new implementations to work as heavenly this allows me to step away from the computers at the office get some fresh air and relax, basically to recharge my battery for the rest of the hours I need to work. I won’t complain about my job since it is not always boring and it is for the benefit of humanity and the city.      

                Towards late Friday afternoon everyone begins to prepare for the festiveness of the weekend. This weekend will be the semi-annual event in which the city throws a huge festival consisting of concerts, food and some private parties all in the benefit of the people in need and to help the cities programs for the citizens of our town. Once Friday night comes you can hear joy all over the air, and the smell of authentic international food from miles away making even the people on diet to have a cheat day, music surrounding you from all corners of the city. Your heart beats to the sound of music, music is life so this is a very important concept in our festival to the point in which even artist beg to be part of our events so we have constructed various stages. You can say that this semi-annual event can sum up our values which are peace, progress, innovation, unity, love and care.         

Dream world is in our dreams

Can you imagine a world where things become alive after midnight?

There once was a difficult young girl who had been known to cause her parents a lot of concern. She was a shy child and had difficulties communicated with another kids and had a trust issue. She only played with her toys and spend most of her time in her room. She  seemed  live in her own dream world. Her parents, in particular, tried to be understanding with her child. They  knew that if her daughter continued to be isolat  that it would cause her great heartache in her life.

Ona day, In her sixth birthday, girl had received a beautiful doll from her parents because only toys made her happy. However, this doll was very differnet from all her toys. The doll was almost girl size. A little girl was delighted to have a new playmate. She decided to name the doll “Susan”…she had always liked the name Susan. That evening she was playing with Susan before bedtime and she noticed something very strange, Susan seemed to blink! The young girl thought maybe her eyes were playing tricks on her. She decided to go to bed and put the strange occurrence behind her. While she was sleeping she woke up during the night and felt like someone was watching her. She checked the room but saw nothing and she went back to sleep.

The next day when she woke up, the entire room had been rearranged, some of her furniture had moved and several of her toys had moved from her toy chest on to the floor! She decided to clean up her room and play with Susan again that day and everything seemed normal. However, she was still suspicious so she decided that she would pretend that she was sleeping and watch what happened in her room that night. Things seemed normal…until the clock struck midnight! Sunddently, light was on and started  a magical sounding music playing. The doll “Susan” opened her eyes, got up and started walking around the room, she had animated! Susan started to play with the other toys and was playing tea at the table. The little girl watched in amazement wonder and horror as Susan took out her favorite dress from the closet and put it on!  Every toys that Susan touched become alive. All the things seemed to had  wing and flied. They stared walking and dancing together. Then a butterfly started fluttering from the open window. A watermelon was walking. Flowers were swaying and dancing with each other. Toys were all celebrating and partying. The little girl could not take it anymore, she wanted to be part of the celebration. She got out of bed and started dancing with her toys and Susan. She was happily laughing. Suddenly, the sound of heels meeting the floor filled the room. The toys got scared and went back to the shelter and safety of the closet. Girls  was scared that her parents woke up and went  back to sleep.The next morning she woke up and she saw Susan sitting on the chair with the rest of her toys!

The pastoral life


The day begins with music and ends with it too. No day can function without it. Everything lives through the music. Machinery roll with the according tempo needed to run. Faster machines need a faster tempo, so the people that love that sort of music were obviously chosen to work in that field. The world is a much simpler place now; no weapons for war and no colors to hate. Everyone is of the same shade and raised with the same values. The idea is of equality, it was understood within the population that everyone is to have an equal and reasonable way of living. If one person was to want something different or more then it would be analyzed by the only “higher up”in the community. This person is nor male or female and is completely impartial. This person is not seen as a god or form of mandate to the people. It is seen for exactly what it does, which is to analyze the suggestions of the people and see if it can be beneficial to the population as a whole. If passed then the entire community receives this upgrade.

As the days go by and the music continues life is in tune. Not one person disagrees with the other. Everyone greets each other and carries on with their daily routines. Life, in some forms is the same as it used to be. By this I mean, everyone can have their own business, career, or profession as long as it falls in tune and does not cause discrepancies. The people remain at peace and happy with this way of living therefore there is no violence or animosity against anything or anyone.

The land is very well taken care of, completely different then the years before them. The people believe in taking care of what takes care of them. One of the values instilled into the population as children. The grass is the healthiest shade of green and and the sky is the purest blue you can imagine. Just as the people take care of the land, they take care of themselves. Exercise is seen as part of the daily routine, although not obligatory. The land gives such healthy produce that each individual is eating healthy without trying; There are no artificial foods or preservatives.

Technology is far more advanced then ever imagined but the people do not rely on it. Human interactions are key in keeping this community healthy; all types of technologies have advanced, from entertainment to medical but all are used as a final option. Some technology went into the infrastructure of the buildings. To create a stable and safer environment.

For those who rebel against this way of living or are not in tune with society there is a place called “the pit”. The pit is not talked about or not even known about by the population. It is believed that some people are born rebellious/evil. This keeps those people out of the pure/safe society. The way these rebels are extracted is, once a crime or offense is committed the person receives an alert/mail/email for a meeting. This letter would be worded accordingly and in such a way that no suspicions would arise. The rebel would attend the meeting; be restrained and taken to the pit. The family of this rebel would receive a letter stating that they have moved to another location for work. In this pit there is no music and no light. The vocal chords of the rebels are taken out to prevent them from speaking to one another. The pit is meant as a reminder of what they have lost. A perfect world in unison never to be seen again. There is no torture, this alone eats away at them until they reach old age and pass.

HW for next class (Th 2/27)

Just a reminder that we do not have class this Th 2/20, because it is a CUNY Monday. Therefore, the next time we will meet in person is Th 2/27.

Since a number of you missed class last Th (2/13) due to the snowstorm, that means that many of us will not have seen each other in 3 weeks by then! While we will still move forward with the new reading (we are moving from short stories to novels, and you should have already started to read Brave New World … I hope that you’re enjoying it so far!), in the meantime we will continue our conversations online about the three short stories, because they are an important foundation for our future conversations about utopias/dystopias (and also because they will be on the Midterm exam!).

As a result, we have a number of things due for next week (please pay particular attention to due dates, as they vary), which will count for your OpenLab composing and Participation course grades. For our next class, on Th 2/27, you should do all of the following:

1. Read chapters 1-5 of Brave New World and post a reading response.

Don’t forget, as you read, to annotate the text, to take note of the Elements of Fiction (characters, setting, plot, point of view, conflict, theme, imagery, etc.), and to consult the Utopian/Dystopian Framework and answer its questions in the context of the novel. Come to class prepared to discuss all of the items on the framework in relation to the first part of this novel, as we work together to get a handle on what type of world the World State is (and what it values).

As always, your response post should incorporate specific details/scenes/quotes (with correct citations, in MLA format) from the text. Categorize appropriately. And, as always, this reading response is due the night before class (W 2/26).

2. Create a “My Utopia” post.

Perhaps it would be best if you imagined as your own fancy bids, assuming it will rise to the occasion, for certainly I can not suit you all (2).

What else, what else belongs in the joyous city? (3).

In the above excerpts from Le Guin’s “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas,” the narrator speaks directly to the readers, asking us to participate in creating this “perfect” city (and perhaps therefore to be complicit in the child’s suffering as well). Now, it is your turn to imagine your own “utopia,” to describe what your ideal world would be like.

  • Make a post in which you describe your own “utopia” (your ideal world), in as much detail as possible. Your post may take any form you find conducive to conveying your utopian vision (e.g. it could be a description of a place, a story that shows us the values in action, dialogue between characters, etc.). I encourage you to make a multimedia post (add images, videos, music, links, etc.), if you need more than just words to communicate your ideal society.
  • Minimum of 500 words (though it will likely be longer!), categorize appropriately, and post by Su night (2/23).
  • Before class, o back and read/comment on your classmates’ utopian visions. What is your reaction to your classmates’ ideal worlds? Are there elements there that, to you, are not utopian? Perhaps even dystopian? Why? Look at the Utopian/Dystopian Framework, and try to apply it to their utopian visions. What values can identify lurking beneath the surface of the vision?
  • Come to class prepared to discuss these visions (yours and your classmates), and to provide a rationale for your own utopian vision.

3. For those of you who missed class on Th 2/13, contact a classmate who was there to get their notes/find out what we covered.

We spent all of class last Thursday (2/13) writing about and discussing “The Machine Stops” according to its central “conflicts” and the Utopian/Dystopian framework. Therefore, if you missed class, make sure to contact a classmate who was there to get notes/find out what we covered (as stated on the syllabus, you are responsible for that material, even when you are absent).