Change from the One state

Reading the novel “We” was just entries about life and order of the One State which has it’s flaws based off of some of D-503’s feelings that he tried to leave out the book. His purpose was to convince other life forms to let the One State take over their society since it is better that way based on their views of life and order.

I noticed that D- 503 love for I-330 was the main reason why he started to doubt the One States ways of life. She made him pour some of his feelings into the book with out him not realizing it, he eventually noticed and started to say that he wants to tell the readers how he feels but that isn’t the purpose of this book at all. “but the heart is nothing but an ideal pump; compression, shrinkage, the sucking in of fluid by a pump are technical absurdities”(171) his statement was D- 503 being very confused about the pain in his heart because of his feelings which he hates to show/ experience and he feels that it’s a waste for such pain to occur since he can’t tell the difference from love or pity towards affection from others.

D-503 knows that his love is only for I-330 but he can’t help but to love her although she is using him for the revolution up rise against the One state which makes him frustrated.”I know : the integral is to make its first, trail flight the day after tomorrow. On that day we shall seize it”(175) she says this to him as if she already knows that he will help her. He finds her plan to be absurd and it will cause him issues. D-503 goes along with the plan since I-330 has him where she wants him to be. This cause D-503 to question the One state even more since he is willing to help.

D-503 understood that the great society was falling to its end. “You are the first to hear it: according to my calculations, there is no infinity!”(250) thinking that a society could last forever is wrong according to D-503 it will eventually fall depending on the circumstances that the society is at. This theory makes his mind run wild about taking over .

D-503 still can’t believe that he really wrote this book although it is clearly his writing and in his possession it still don’t seem that it was him who wrote it ….which was confusing to me since he questioned his work. It seemed that he just questions everything but his love towards I-330. The uprise has made D-503 ready to take over more areas based off of his reasoning and problem solving skills which gives him the confidence to push on towards a new future for the world.

I found this story to be interesting yet confusing since I had to pay attention to each detail of D-503’s life from him being concerned about small minor issues such as radical negative one to trying to take over the One state for a revolution of change.

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