infinite numbers – infinite revolution

A particular part of the 30th entry caught my eye; It was explanation of the revolution planned by I-330. “”My dear – you are a mathematician. More – you are a philosopher, a mathematical philosopher. Well, then: name me the final number.” What do you mean? I . . . I don’t understand: what final number?” “Well, the final, the ultimate, the largest.” “But that’s preposterous! If the number of numbers is infinite, how can there be a final number?”” (174) In the excerpt, I-330 challenges D-503 in a way that he can understand her reason or cause for a revolution. This shows the subtle differences between the two and their position in society, mentally. D-503, even more then half way through the book still needs things to be explained at a more mathematical level for him to understand outside of his square mind created by the One State. No matter how far along in the story we are D-503 always reverts back to his safe zone, his square mind, the One State.

I-330 explains the revolution a little further and compares it to the final number. “Then how can there be a final revolution? There is no final one; revolutions are infinite. The final one is for children: children are frightened by infinity, and it’s important that children sleep peacefully at night . . .” (174) With this excerpt I-330 explains that her plan is not to end the One State in one shot but to continue a revolution for children and for their future. She has a sort of hope that children will question the One State and all it stands for just as she has, and will band together for the same cause. Maybe in doing this slowly and secretively will create more numbers and will eventually be enough to overthrow the One State, only a few rebels are powerless.

Concluding from the previous excerpt that children will go on to be the new rebels in the One State, I-330 states that “Children are the only bold philosophers. And bold philosophers are invariably children. Exactly, just like children, we must always ask, ‘And what next?” (175). Understood in this quote is a very interesting way of looking at things. Children truly are bold philosophers inside or outside of the contexts of this book. Questioning everything trying to find a final cause, children are naturally curious. In leaving her mark on this society as a rebel, it can be the spark that will ignite a flame of questioning in these children, and hopefully have it spread throughout to the others. Possibly and eventually leading to the down fall of the One State.

D-503 responds to this rebellious talk and says “There’s nothing next! Period. Throughout the universe – spread uniformly – everywhere. . . .” then I-330 says “Ah: uniformly, everywhere! That’s exactly where it is – entropy, psychological entropy.” (175). I-330 responds to D-503’s ignorance and basically says that this system that he cherishes so much will lead to psychological entropy, a unpredictable change in behavior. I-330 believes that spreading this way of life throughout the universe may be working fine now but down the line it will change and the people will become unpredictable, one of the major fears of the One State; any utopian/dystopian novel.

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