Math VS Normality

In the One State everything is logical, number related. Any problems the One State has can be solved mathematically. D-503 is a mathematician so I guess its only right that the story is told in his eyes.  It probably would have been better off told by someone else because it wouldn’t be biased but after all it is being told based on his thoughts.

“Naturally, having conquered Hunger” (21), I wonder why the ‘h’ in hunger is capitalized. While reading it was said that they no longer have to worry about hunger because mathematically they can produce enough food for everyone in the One State. “Each number has a right to any other number, as to sexual commodity (21), this reminded me of Brave New World, when they say “Everyone belongs to every one else.” The only difference between these two worlds was that in the One State you need to get permission, which are the pink slips, whereas, in the World State you don’t need permission.

In We, I don’t think it said whether the people in the One State are made or born. What I do find strange is that people in the World State were made and yet they still had an identity because they had names. One would assume being made like most things in the world have numbers attached to them for identification. Another question I had while reading is what the letter before the number stands for, like D-503 and I-330. I’m thinking maybe a ranking or job related, because D-503 and I-330 have different jobs in the One State.

“To be original is to be in some way distinct from others. Hence, to be original is to violate equality” (28).  I-330 said this quote, but yet I feel as though she doesn’t believe in this herself. She seems important to the One State because of the strings she’s able to pull. She was able to get D-503 to be at the auditorium, she was able to get him a doctor’s note for not showing up to work, and she seems to know all the right people. For some odd reason, D-503 knows all of this is wrong but he would not tell anyone what is going on. He felt different because of her, I think he felt more alive then ever before; more excited and intrigued then any math problem. He might have felt this way because he has never experienced anything like this before, although I do think his friend R-13 has experienced what it was like to be with I-330. I believe R-13 knows what his friend is going through because he knew he felt “ill” or was troubled by something, and D-503 hinted what it was and R-13 identified with it immediately.

What I want to know is why certain people are helping I-330 with all of this. The doctor for giving them the doctor’s note, the old lady that sits in the sun, why did she let them go into the house, and ‘S’ guy. When ‘S’ tells D-503 that he has an incurable case of ‘soul’, I wonder if the doctor has told this same thing to R-13. ‘S’ said “I’ll tell you in confidence- you are not the only one […] Try to remember-haven’t you noticed anything like it, very much like it, very similar in anyone else?” (91). To me the doctor could be talking about I- 330 or R-13 but why would he tell D-503 without telling him who. As if he didn’t already have enough to worry and think about with all these changes.


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