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In the story of an hour Ms. Mallard is about to find out that her husband was kill in a bad accident , it was her sister Josephine who had to break the news to her knowing that she has a bad heart condition. ( it was Josephine who told her , In broken sentence; veiled hints that revealed in half concealing. ) Richard was their too the husband best friend he was the first one to receive the information about the disaster . Once the news was broken to ms.ballard she wept in her sister arm , as this is happening she decided to go I to her room to be alone , alone with her thoughts and trying to figure out how to cope with the news she has just received. She goes and sit by open window where she started to let out this long physical exhaustion the pain that she had indore for so long have finally come to pass. As she sit by the window she stared Into the sky motionless .

Ms. Ballard was in this close space looking and felling confused a waiting what was going to happen next she felt something was coming to her , but what ( when she abandoned herself a little whisper word escaped her slightly parted lips ) free, free, free what was she free from the pain the suffering the fact that her husband has been killed or maybe now she can rest now knowing that she can focus on herself ( there would be no one to live for her during those coming years) maybe her and Mr Ballard relationship wasn’t as strong to lead her to think like this again she used the words free again now she says ( free! Body and soul free)

As the sister come to check on her knowing that she not well ,she is begging her to  let someone one comfort her and help her in her time of need , but Ms. Mallard said ( no she was drinking in a very elixir of life through that open window) once josphine got her sister to finally come out the room they preceeded down the stairs the front door open and to everyone one surprise it was Mr. Mallard he was never hurt in the accident in fact he was no where around it.

The shock of what was going on killed ms.mallard one because her husband didn’t die , two because all the freedom she thought she had went she was starting out the window has just came back to reality.

From my understanding of this whole story is I don’t think that she was never happy and when the news hit her that her husband was gone probably gave the will to go on , but once he surface again even though he never left all the pain and suffering came back and she choose to go with God to suffer no more

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