My Utopia

—was given extension through email–

In my head, I imagine my own personal utopia as a futuristic looking big city with lots of tall buildings and huge plots of land for people to live in.

The general architectural style would be a type of modern but countryside blend. Lots of straight lines and sharp corners but using a lot of natural/ bio-degradable materials.

There would not be any form of central government/laws mainly due to everyone naturally being morally good. Everyone would be selfless to a sense in which if someone else needs help, everyone will pitch in to help them. Everyone would have the freedom to do whatever job that pleases them and currency will be more of a barter system instead of I hand you cash for food. In example, I am a carpenter in my Utopia and I need some eggs from the local farmer. The farmer’s barn door is broken and he needs a new one. So in exchange for a weeks’ worth of eggs I will build him a new door. This will prevent a lot of poverty and social issues that are current in today’s world. All of the homes would be customized to what that particular person wants in a home. Whatever goes on in your personal life will be your own business that no one else needs to know about. So simply if you do not want anyone else knowing about something you are thinking about, no one will force you to tell them and you will not be judged for not telling anyone. You can be whoever you want to be in my utopia without ever being judged for your actions. So regardless what your sexuality/religion/physical deformities are, you will never be judged for them. As far as education goes, everyone will learn the basics of reading/writing and basic mathematics. But if you have a specific trade you want to go in, you will either have to teach yourself or reach out to others in your field to learn what they know. It will also be your responsibility to teach others what you know when they come to you. You can keep some trade secrets to yourself though. Such as if your profession is to be a chef, you can keep a recipe to yourself.  This way no one gets stressed out over education and will ultimately enjoy what they are doing. Once you get into you trade, you need to work to get everything you want. If you want something new for your home or maybe something for your profession you need to either make it yourself or barter for it in some way. Things will never just be handed to you. If you want something, you have to earn it. Nothing will ever be easy in that sense. However it won’t be as difficult as it may seem. In example, if you want a new piece of furniture for your home, you will just have to do a job for the local carpenter and then you will be paid with that piece of furniture.

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