My Utopia:

dew-drops-on-grass-25590-1920x1080     It is early morning and I could feel dew drops on the end of the leaves and the grass, there is light fog surrounding, yet you could hear the joy of the town resonate through the wilderness portion of the park. The park is enormous and divided into many parts, a wilderness to escape from technology and daily routines a place to relax and discover new abilities lost through time with the advancement of technology. Then there is the area for children all made from recyclable material just like some of the materials used throughout the city, the city is huge on protecting mother earth and trying to discover new ways to fix the mistakes done by our past generations. A couple of miles away you will begin to see the tall skyscrapers and the diligent lives of the people. Every individual is responsible to complete their designed task and to try their best at their job positions but every year they can decide whether to learn new trades or try a new job position for a couple of weeks. This concept has been implemented to allow individuals to expand their knowledge in various professions and allowing for brighter and concrete ideas to form, but most importantly to try to avoid the boredom which sometimes jobs and routines can have on the long run.

                Upon entering the city you will notice many of the buildings having the same construction and everyone living in harmony and talking with each other. Sure, there are some which are always in front of their computers or on their phones but still aware of their surroundings. Walking down the street the sun shines begin to radiate a delicate touch of heat and the children are on recess having fun and playing some soccer before they return back to class. The children are blissful and sometimes even happy to return back to class after having a moment to relax and free their minds. The children’s grades have vastly increased as well as their social and intellectual aspects. This has begun to be implemented at my job, they give us one to two hours of break (depending on whether your tasks have been completed), mine usually consist of meeting up with friends and co-workers and going to play a quick game of soccer on one of the many fields around the city or just meet up during common breaks. Honestly I find this new implementations to work as heavenly this allows me to step away from the computers at the office get some fresh air and relax, basically to recharge my battery for the rest of the hours I need to work. I won’t complain about my job since it is not always boring and it is for the benefit of humanity and the city.      

                Towards late Friday afternoon everyone begins to prepare for the festiveness of the weekend. This weekend will be the semi-annual event in which the city throws a huge festival consisting of concerts, food and some private parties all in the benefit of the people in need and to help the cities programs for the citizens of our town. Once Friday night comes you can hear joy all over the air, and the smell of authentic international food from miles away making even the people on diet to have a cheat day, music surrounding you from all corners of the city. Your heart beats to the sound of music, music is life so this is a very important concept in our festival to the point in which even artist beg to be part of our events so we have constructed various stages. You can say that this semi-annual event can sum up our values which are peace, progress, innovation, unity, love and care.         

2 thoughts on “My Utopia:

  1. What a lovely utopian vision, Alejandro! I particularly like how you incorporated “green” aspects (such as recycling) and breaks from technology into your ideal society.

    Your description reminds me of some other literary works in the utopian genre. In particular, I think you might like William Morris’s novel, ‘News from Nowhere.’

    Remember that whenever you use someone else’s ideas/texts (and an image is a “text” too), you need to give them credit for their work. For now, as long as the person who created (owns) these images is allowing you to use them freely, you can do this just by linking to the original source (and providing the creator’s name and the image title, if available).

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