The Machine Stops blog response

This story is interesting and more fun to read than The Day Before The Revolution. The story had a lot of imaginary elements because instead of the characters living on earth they are living in some sort of air ship/space ship. They are surrounded heavily by technology that they do not have to physically do anything but just press a simple button. Anything you can think of doing, their is a button to do it for you. At the beginning of the story I was confused like every other story I read for this class. The story starts off describing a room and its shape, then what is in it. After a few sentences tells us that someone was at the door and when the person Kuno enter i did not know what was going on. I felt like he was physically in the room but he wasn’t. As i read more i notice that Kuno was the son of the lady who the author talks about first being in the room by herself. When the woman open the door for Kuno who i didn’t know that was her son. I thought he was some guy who came to see her. When the woman said hurry up you are wasting my time, i thought Kuno was doing something sexually to her. I don’t know why I came to this conclusion but i tend to analyze every sentence and not wait till the paragraph is done to sum it up. Even though the passage say the woman open the door it seem to be that the woman was speaking to her son through a time machine or something. That part was confusing because how can someone open a door but is not talking to the person who she open the door for in reality but through a machine. Maybe if I read the story over and over I would not misunderstood things such as that. People have different comprehensive skills so some might read a sentence once and understand then some one might have to read it 4 times. At a point in the story the woman seem to have no time for Kuno because he speaks about seeing her and she seem to have no time to see him. On the third page the boy talks about wanting to go to visit earth once again like if he haven’t been there before. After reading that I said to myself well ok, if he want to go to earth again then he does not live on earth. That being said i felt that the boy and his mother lives somewhere on another planet or even in a space ship. The mother talks about men killing animals and other men. This to me look like the mother does not like planet earth. Whoever read this story knows that this room that Vashti (the woman) stays in has nothing but has everything to connect with the world by the machine with all the buttons. Vashti is very concerned about Kuno going to earth because she don’t want him to die.

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