Reminder: Le Guin reading response posts due tonight, W 2/5

Hi everyone:

Many of you have joined our OpenLab site and made your Introductory posts already … that’s great! Keep them coming, and don’t forget to read/comment on one another’s posts!

Just a friendly reminder that, as we discussed in class and as is listed on our Schedule (where you should always go to find all reading/writing assignments), all reading responses are blog posts (minimum of 500 words) to the readings for that week, and are due the night before class (so on Wednesdays, by 11:59pm). The content, length, grading, expectations, requirements (etc.) for these blog posts are explained, in detail, in the OpenLab Composing section of our course site.

Blogs should not be summaries of the readings, but rather should be your critical analysis of the texts (you can use the elements of fiction and/or the utopia/dystopia framework to help you ask questions about the text, dig deeper, and start to generate critical responses).

Don’t forget to categorize this week’s reading response post as “Le Guin,” and to print out the PDF of the two short stories and bring them (annotated with your notes, comments, questions) to class.

See you in the morning!

Professor Belli

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