Le Guin – Luis Comori

Ursula Le Guin is VERY good at describing the setting to the reading in both short stories “The Day Before The Revolution” and “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas”. The clearly describes every detail of the character’s surroundings and ambience noise in the background. I was able to quickly depict how the character or object looks like. By using a huge array of descriptive words i was immersed into the story and almost feel as if I was  in the room myself. As seen in “The Day Before The Revolution” a description was given to every character and object that the main character interacted with. I felt like I was this elderly woman and Le Guin beautifully narrates it in a third person view , as if you were behind Laia the whole time.With the use of flash backs to past events I was able to create a relationship with Laia , as if I knew her all along. Le Guin , the author,  made you relive Laia’s past and gave me a decent understanding of what she has been through to have reached where she was now. The author described characters who I thought was a bit pointless but none the less kept adding more information about Laia and her being old enough to not be able to fully take care of herself.She musters the strength to walk around the streets only to become ill and weak.I believe this reminded her how it was when she was young and living in poverty.I did not understand this part at all and was quite lost about its significance. I was able to sum up the fact that she missed her husband dearly , Taviri , and found herself to be an annoyance to others and I believe she does pass away at the end of story as she walks up the stairs. I wasn’t able to comprehend the link between this story and to a utopia.

“The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” had a very colorful and happy setting , almost as if it was impossible or unattainable. There seemed to be no sadness but only room for what made sense to have. The people of Omelas did not have the need for fancy necessities such as fancy technology but only need the essentials ( such as a train station). Every one was happy and dancing and celebrating , I want to say they were celebrating an anniversary of peace and prosperity. But they had something that reminded them that its not always been a happy and perfect world. They held a young child in a closet to remind themselves how the world can be . I feel like they used the boy as a way to keep them clear minded and to continue doing good in the world unless they want to end up like this defective and unusable person , who had nothing to contribute to this perfect city. Other had ideas that maybe if they were able to help the young child that they could help others as well and make the world a better place.

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