A short intro about Alejandro Reyes

Hello everyone! My name is Alejandro Reyes I am 21 years old and living in Elmhurst NY. Currently I am a junior; majoring in Computer Engineering Technology at City tech. I am currently doing an internship with CUNY Citizenship NOW! I got this internship by joining the CUNY Service Corp. Sadly my internship isn’t too involved with my major but I do enjoy learning new things and more than anything gaining some work experience. As a future goal I would like to have a job which revolves around my major, live a comfortable life and most important have a job which I can enjoy. Hopefully to be able to work with a team and create new things like projects which solve daily issues, robots, etc. would be great.

IMG_8134   (Taken at Central Park)

Overall it has been pretty good lately, but doing school (especially all the projects involved with my CET classes) and work do take a small toll on my free time. Whenever I have a chance I hang out with friends, play soccer, relax or spend time with family.

 I spent most of my last summer break here in New York, I love to travel but sadly I was unable to. I did get to go paint balling for the first time which was really fun. Play soccer and be able to catch up with friends which I had not seen in a really long time.

A weakness as a writer would definitely be my grammar and spelling. I would say that a strength as a reader would be finding a book that I’ll enjoy reading, I literally find it hard to stop. Although sadly I haven’t found a good book or better said the time to sit down and enjoy one. I love technology and anything that is involved with its aspect, and studying computer engineering helps. In regards to having knowledge of utopia, dystopia and science fiction I don’t really have much, although when I hear of the word utopia I do think of a world in which everything is perfect and standardized. I am currently taking this course since it is a requirement, yet I am looking forward to this class.   


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  1. I hope that you’re enjoying the course so far Alejandro! How do you like your participation in the CUNY Service Corps? I’ve heard really wonderful things about the program, but don’t know that much about it yet as it is a relatively new initiative.

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