All reading and writing assignments are due on the days listed.

Additional texts may be added throughout the semester to supplement our work in the course. Always consult this dynamic schedule on our OpenLab site for the most up-to-date version of the schedule, access to readings, and links to more details about assignments.

Date  Focus  Reading/Writing Due
Tu 1/28 Introduction to Course & OpenLab

Writing Workshop: blogging; active/critical reading (vocabulary, asking questions, annotating texts)

Read: “Your Facebook Friends Could Hurt Your Credit Score”
Tu 2/4 Writing Workshop: Summarizing; identifying claims/evidence Due: Review syllabus; Register for OpenLab account, join our course site, and familiarize yourself with its content (especially OpenLab Composing) and navigation

Read: “The Flight from Conversation”; “Saving the Lost Art of Conversation” (both articles distributed in class)

Blog: Introduction; Reading Response #1 (on two Turkle articles: summarize + analysis/response)

Tu 2/11 Writing Workshop: Making claims (thesis statements and topic sentences); using evidence (quotes, paraphrase, summary, citation, academic integrity) Read: “Strategies for Summarizing” (my OpenLab post); “Annotating a Text” and “Guidelines for Writing a Summary” (both can be found under Writing Resources); “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”

Blog: Reading Response #2

Tu 2/18 Catfish (documentary film) Blog: Marche summary
Tu 2/25 Writing Workshop: topic sentences, paragraph development Blog: Catfish response
Tu 3/4 Writing Workshop: thesis paragraphs; argument development; revisions strategies (reverse outlining; color-coding)

In-Class Peer Review

Due: First Draft of Essay #1 (bring four printed copies to class and e-mail file of First Draft to Professor Belli)
Tu 3/11 Read: feed (Part 1: moon & Part 2: eden); Utopian & Dystopian FrameworkBlog: Reading ResponseDue: Final Draft of Essay #1 (bring Essay #1 “portfolio” folder to class and e-mail file of Final Draft to Professor Belli)
Tu 3/18 Read: feed (Part 3: utopia)

Blog: Reading Response

Tu 3/25 In-Class Peer Review for Essay #2 Pre-Drafts Read: feed (Part 4: slumberland)

Blog: Reading ResponseDue: Pre-Draft of Essay #2: thesis paragraph + 3 claims (topic sentences) with supporting evidence (six quotes from text, cited) [bring four printed copies to class and post to OpenLab]

Tu 4/1 In-Class Peer Review of Essay #2 First Drafts Due: First Draft of Essay #2 (bring four printed copies to class and e-mail file of First Draft to Professor Belli)
Tu 4/8 Writing Workshop: Conducting Research, Evaluating Sources, Constructing Research Proposals

Library Session (for 2nd 1/2 of class)

Blog: First Draft of Research Proposal (categorize as “Research Proposals”)

Due: Final Draft of Essay #2 (bring Essay 2 “portfolio” folder to class and e-mail file of Final Draft to Professor Belli)

Tu 4/15 NO CLASS (Spring Break)
Tu 4/22 NO CLASS (Spring Break) Blog: Second Draft of Research Proposals (categorize as “Research Proposals”) & First Draft of 3-source Annotated Bibliographies (categorize as “Annotated Bibliographies”); both posts are due by M 4/21

Tu 4/29 Writing Workshop: How to Give Effective Presentations

Peer Review of Research Proposals & Annotated Bibliographies

Due: Third Draft of Research Proposals & Second Draft of 6-source Annotated Bibliographies (bring four printed copies to class and e-mail draft to Professor Belli)
Tu 5/6 Student Research Project Presentations Due: Final Draft of Proposal + Annotated Bibliography (bring “portfolio” to class and e-mail Final Draft to Professor Belli)
Tu 5/13 Student Research Project Presentations

Review for Final Exam

Course Wrap-UpEnd-of-the-semester Celebration

Tu 5/20  Final Exam (in-class) Due: Course Assessment; Course Reflection