How Technology is Changing the way we LIVE!!!

Technology is changing everything in our world from making our lives super simple to complicating it. Technology is used for good things that help us but sometimes its very distracting. The article “Saving The Lost Of Conversation” i can agree with Sherry Turkle, you just see everyone on phones either its to check emails, go on Instagram or even just playing games; this isn’t bad but when you have a kid as young as 5 doing all of that you just come to think where is this world coming to? I think if we can keep the phones to a minimum it wouldn’t be that bad……

The flight from conversation, saving the lost art of conversation.

In the articles, “The flight from conversation “by Sherry Turkle. Sherry argues that mere connection is bad because its making us lose connection with people around us, conversation is more important but we barely have conversation, we are too busy with the devices we have in our hands. Mere connection is also bad because it changes what we do and how we really are. sherry says ” a 16 years-old boy who relies on texting for almost everything says almost wistfully, “someday, someday, but certainly not now, I’d like to learn how to have a conversation.” that’s one prove that mere connection is bad because its taking out new generation away from the real world. I agree with the author the only social network I have is the email and I only us it for school or work. I feel like a lot of people are wasting their time in others peoples business and what’s ironic is almost half of these people they don’t know and never meet, this is the real loneliness people use social media more than they have an actual conversation; media has taking a huge part of our lives. It’s sad how some people feel like having a conversation with people around them is interrupting. Technology is very powerful it makes our lives easier but the way people use it can change not only what we do but also who they are.  This really caught my attention. I wonder how life would be in thirty years. Technology is taking our freedom of feeling one another people could be at the same room same place for a long time they barely notes each other.

In the article “saving the lost art of conversation”. Megan Garber says  that’s Sherry also used this technology and she works with robots and sherry is not boring but she is an exceptionally skilled conversationalist.“ I can’t, in restaurants, not watch families not talking to each other” everywhere you go you see people so hooked up to their phones. Turtle says “we talk to each other all the time but we are talking at each other rather than each other. People are so in to social media focusing on. In my opinion having face to face conversation is very different it’s being yourself , some people could be so different we u text them and when u meet them personally. I feel like social network takes us from the real world. Social media ask what’s on your mind put the question is do most people say what’s really on their mind big chance if not, sherry says.  I strongly agree with her most people live a lie they try to please people. Even sitting in the dinner table with the family isn’t the same anymore each one is busy with their phones and technology. This social media is making us want more from our salves drawing a fake picture of who we really are. I feel like we are really losing something so important that most of us don’t even realize which is conversation that’s why Sherry is wring books and articles because it’s really important to her and she wants people to realize what they have giving up and how important it is.

There is still hope for having a normal conversation!

This article is about how everyone uses their technology,such as phones, everyday to get passed by a day. Sherry Turkle explaines and shows how these devices are used every day in many different ways but how theres still hope on being able to carry a normal face to face conversation. The articlea focous is on Sherry Turkle as she eavesdrops on the conversations that are around her. Sherry walks around and enjoys her day as a normal human would,except she doesnt rely on her phone and and doesnt let her get in the way of having a well conversation or introuding her personal life.

Throughout the article she gives examples and thoughts on what she thinks about the use of these devices. I think being able to use these devices is an advantage for many things such as work,school,and even entertainment. But at a point needing it to speak to or rely on comfort or have a conversation withsome, is at an extent to which now it is introuding your healthy life style. I believe that as we move along the evolution of life and as we get bigger and greater things, its a complete amusment to see how much has been accomplished. But sometimes it creates so much trouble to see and realize its taking over other things and its taking over our lives! Like stated in the article, apple products are so important and common and popular in our society and everyday you see someone speaking to “siri” on there way to work,school or even in the process of doing things. Not only do these producta provide  comfort and entertainment and alot of help but as well as a distraction. Sometimes conversations may be dull and not fun but theres always nice about them and i think that being able to speak to another human verbally is a gift we have and we should be able to use it correctly,appropriate and as much as we can! I mean,who doesnt like to talk?…everyone does! Todays devices have all types of apps and programs we can use to help us throughout our day. Our devices distract us so much that sometimes we dont see the real beauty of things such as nature,food,our partner and even the moment we are in.Sherry states in the article that doesnt stand the fact that sometimes family dont talk to eachother,or mothers not speaking to their children while the park  because they are too busy texting!. Its upsetting to see how much its over coming us nd how its controling our way of being and acting. I think its dangerous and unhealthy for the brain but it has its advantages as well (which we should take advantage of.) Right now im doing this through my phone,and its a great way to multi task and save time..but i get so into it that sometimes i dont realize im crossing the street. More then one person is at high risk of getying hurt or killed just because they are distracted by their phone..i sometimes ask myself if its worth it. Do you think it is?

Face to face

This article is about how quickly technology is evolving into society and personal use. The article explains how now a days people dont have the courage to speak to one another face to face but how they use their technology such as phones to go to when they want to speak to someone or just express themselves Or look for comfort. People rely on social media and social networking to help them with their problems,concerns or the way they are feeling. The article also briefly speaks about how this evolution is slowly creeping up on society and life itself.

I think the idea of people using facebook,twitter or other social websites on which they ask the user “whats on you’r mind?”  Is a way people express or or share their thoughts and feelings,but i think some people should take advantage and use it as a way to actually self reflect on whats going on.  Throughout thevarticle i realized its focous is on social media and how its affecting us,but also speaks about multi tasking and photoshop. In the beginning it speaks about how children think its important to make eye contact with someone while texting another. The phones we carry change everything a person has such as how they act and what they do or even how their response is. Photoshop is something alot of people rely on, such as in magazines and videos. The article states “Texting and e-mail and posting let us present the self we want to be. This means we can edit.And if we wish to,we can delete. Or retouch: the voice,the flesh,the flesh,the face,the body. Not too much,not too little – just right.” This shows how everyone and everything relys on technology. Today we use technology to define us by what we post or share online. The article explains how a while ago people would be able to carry a conversation. While now people look down and conversate without looking face to face or even looking at the other person. Being able to speak to another person face to face is important because learning on how to properly orally speak in a well mannerd way is something you will use for the rest of your life and a quality youll need for many things. Aside from needing it because its something you use everyday to communicate with others,you will like it and see that its a way to show compassion and comfort. What if a married couple who has been married for a while now only used their devices and never actually spoke alot? This will lead not only to loneliness but also to no comfort whats so ever,it would be as if living with a complete stranger or an emotionless partner. Regardless of how important you think it is,it can always wait because speaking face to face can show and mean alot based on the way you act.

The Flight from Conversation

I agreed with the writer, there are good and bad parts of the social media and cell phones in our way of life today.

The positive aspect of social media and cell phone connections as opposed to face-face conversation is huge. It justifies the concept of the universe been a “global village”. It has improved world economy by creating employment opportunities to millions worldwide. Education is affordable and accessible through distance learning with the help of the internet. Families, friends and relatives separated by thousands of miles can talk and see each other through skype, tango, viber and GSM. The advent of the media technology has lessened turnaround time in every business sector ranging from financial institutions, hospitals, insurance companies and the likes. Information or disaster alerts are sent to millions of people through their cell phones within a twinkle of an eye.  The social media and cell phones also provide the mean to learn and relate to others, tolerate differing viewpoints and express thought in a healthy and civilize manner.

The negative aspect of the social media includes; a decrease in face to face communication among family members. Cyber security threat is on the increase, credit card fraud and unhealthy living.

Multitasking has become a great contributor to the drop of students’ performance and concentration ability in school today.  In class lectures could be ongoing while students are busy texting or playing with their cell phones.

Time wastage is another negative effect of the social media and cell phones;  it kept people away from their priorities, lack of preparation for class work or daily life activities, reduction in real life activities that could diminish face to face communication skills.

The social media has also contributed to our unhealthy living today. Excessive time spent on social media like facebook and play stations could lead to starvation, lack of exercise and proper rest.

Having outlined my perception on the positive and negative role of the social media and cell phones, I’m with a strong conviction that the benefits brought by today’s social media and cell phones are countless.


Conversation facing Extinction!

Since the last few years, people are dependent on technology for many reasons. Technology has really changed how we live our life. In both ” The Flight From Conversation” and ” Saving the Lost Art of Conversation,” Sherry Turkle expresses her opinions about technical communication. Sherry Turkle is a psycologist, proffessor, and an author. Her interests are of the relationship between humans and machines, even though Sherry Turkle disagrees with humans communicating with technology, she uses technology to communicate as well. The expanding use of technical devices is slowly diminishing our face to face conversation. Because of technical communication, many people are less confident about participating in conversations.

According to Sherry Turkle’s observations, we are using technology to communicate almost all the time. I totally agree with her opinion. As Sherry Turkle begins to write a new book named ” Reclaiming Conversation,” she spends many hours talking with people about conversation. She even had to eavesdrop on other’s conversations for her new book. She uses the research as well as her experiences to put her book together. We fail to realize that we use technology more than we think. Even when we sit together with our families, go to school, attend work; we text, e -mail, shop, social network, and do many more activities with our devices. We humans are always demanding for new gadgets, so then companies come up with new gadgets to present to us. Turkle states that conversations in person are messy because there are a lot pauses, interruptions and topic changes, but the messiness gives us time to think and react. while Megan Garber was interviewing Turkle, Turkle advises us to limit our device usage in ” sacred places” such as the dinner table. she believes eye -to -eye contact conversations make us human. She also believes that communication through technology hides the truth. We act a certain way when we are face -to -face and another way when we are texting.

While using technology, most of us are senseless of whats happening around us. I share the same feeling when Sherry Turkle says that ” we expect more from technology and less from one another and seem increasingly drawn to technologies that provide the illusion of companionship without the demands of relationship.” When people are alone, they try to connect to other people for that moment. Sherry Turkle states in ” The Flight From Conversation,” that young people who fear conversation wear earphones at work to avoid conversation. To my realization, students at school tempt to be occupied with earphones and their phones along with other devices when they are alone. As Sherry Turkle says ” texting, e -mail, and posting let us present the self we want to be.” Therefore conversation is going extinct!