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1. Read Parts 1 & 2 of feed and blog in response (don’t forget to think through the text in relation the Utopian & Dystopian Framework that I handed out in class). We will be spending all of class on Tuesday discussing the first parts of the novel, and you should come in prepared for this discussion, and for freewriting and a quiz on the assigned reading.

2. Essay #1 Final Drafts are due (portfolio folder & e-mailed file) by the start of class. Make sure to review the Essay #1 Assignment and the Essay Guidelines (for formatting, electronic submission) before submitting your final draft. You can also find the Peer Review Assignment (that we did in class last week) on our site, if you want to use it to revise your new drafts.

Keep in mind:

  • The key to strong/successful essay is to move from summary to analysis/critical thinking/argument. Instead of merely summarizing Turkle, Marche, or Catfish, you should put some text (either the movie Catfish, or a concrete/specific personal experience) in conversation with the Marche or Turkle readings. To do this, you will need to provide specific quotes from Marche or Turkle (that illustrate the concepts from them you are using). Then, your essay should help your readers to understand these texts (the documentary or your experience) through the lens/theoretical framework that Marche/Turkle provides. For example, you way to provide an analysis of how Angela, in Catfish, “curates” her identity. Or, you may want to look at how, in your own experience, people use social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to form superficial connections. The key, in either case, is to provide specific, concrete details (rather than a very general discussion) and a focused analysis.
  • Your Introduction (thesis paragraph) should provide an overview of your argument in the essay (your thesis statement should be the final sentence of this first paragraph).
  • You should include a complete, fully revised Cover Letter as the first page of your Essay.

“The Flight from Conversation” and “Saving the lost of conversation” -Vunita Mieres-

In both articles “The Flight from Conversation” by Sherry Turkle and “Saving the lost of conversation” by Megen Garber both talked about the way that social media affects the way people interact with each other. Turkle have stated “that we have gotten the habit of being alone together, two people can be in two separate places all alone and somehow still be connected so that they are alone together by their devices”. I agree with the authors that in the world social network can make someone lonely because it allows you to interact socially but without any social interaction.
As stated in the article Turkle pointed out that in this modern day there is no longer people having any face to face conversation and talking to each other. I agree because I’ve personally saw that when I go to restaurants I see families around the dinner table and instead of holding a conversation they will be into their phone on social media or texting. Also I have saw while friends are hanging out before holding a conversation within the group they will be into their phones.
On my facebook page I have over four hundred friends although I mainly converse with about forty of them and can personally call like four of them when I need help. However facebook does not make me lonely because compare to others I have a whole different life outside of facebook social network and also have other friends and family that I can interact with whenever I need help. I do have meaningful communication with friends and family on facebook because I’m able to share a lot of special moments with them even though they are so far away.
And I like that on facebook it also has the option to tag photos to your friends and family, it helps you to feel included in major activities. There are also the option of liking photos and statuses that helps start conversations and shows acknowledgement. Social media helps build community with people addressing major issues in different vicinities. Some facebook statuses may be written to offend others and some may be written to uplift a lot of facebook friend’s self-esteem. I use facebook to show my positive side and my love life.
I have also ask some of my friends that has social media such as facebook how do they use facebook and they said that they use it as a photo album, a diary and a scrapbook to keep record of their life. I have also browse through their profile and I have seen that they also uses facebook for similar reasons as I do which is to stay connected with distant friends and family. And they also share their thoughts and idea through this social media site.

Communicating Or Not

These days the topic of ways in which people communicate is in the headlines. We see articles in magazines and newspapers about technology, the pros and the reality. Everyone has an opinion; whether they are an expert or just a regular Joe. This is because it is part of our everyday lives and most likely to remain that way.
We use technology for so many things. You can shop and never touch the item you are buying. People send “selfies” all over the internet and have no idea who is looking at them. Couples break-up by texting or e-mailing one another as if it is not personal. What is going on?
Sherry Turkle, a psychologist and professor at MIT is publishing a second book regarding her “primary academic interest-the relationship between humans and machines”. For fifteen years she has studied the concept of mobile connections and interviewed hundreds of people. She wrote an article titled “The Flight From Conversation”, published last year in The New York Times in which she states “We’ve become accustomed to a new way of being alone together.”
As someone who was born before there was technology in every home, I am concerned for the children. They will never have those long talks at the kitchen table. And Saturday nights playing scrabble with your parents….is probably considered obsolete. This important family time is no longer in existence, it seems. Wherever I am, most everyone is looking at a phone or other gadget. It is amazing for someone of my generation to witness this. This is part of everyday life and almost impossible to avoid.
People have to be made aware of what they are missing. Parents should absolutely insist on family time with no technology in sight. I am sure the kids would protest and it would be strange at first. Children should be pushed to read books regularly. Families and friends would benefit by playing old fashioned games. The new language is not one where people feel they have to really communicate and they need to learn how to.
I remember my fathers first cell phone. It reminded me of Get Smart and his shoe phone…..it was so big. Thankfully my relationship with my dad was already adult. We can all use the technology and benefit from it but losing sight of real communication is a danger. My best friend uses her gadgets while we are having dinner. I have asked for her to abstain. It’s up to us. We have to integrate the new with the old and find a balance.
After reading the articles, I have come to the conclusion that things will continue to change. Technology is a part of my life worth keeping. As a matter of fact, new things will be invented that we could never have dreamed of and I may like some of them. Being fully grown before this explosion has enabled me to use what I need and want but not rely on facebook for my friendships.
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The Flight From Conversation and Saving the Lost Art of Conversation

The articles The Flight From Conversation by Sherry Turkle, and Saving the Lost Art of Conversation by Megan Garber, are both about the ideas that Sherry Turkle has about how technology influences conversations. In the article The Flight From Conversation, Sherry Turkle talks about how people are always on their devices, whether its at home, or on a date or at a workplace, and how conversations are being made a lot on devices rather than in person. She points out that we’ve gotten accustomed to a new way of being alone together. Two people can be in two separate places all alone and somehow still be connected so that they are alone together by their devices. A part of the article that caught my attention was when she says that “maintaining eye contact with someone while you text someone else; its hard, but it can be done.” This catches my attention because I agree with it. I personally do this often, where I text someone or use my cellphone while having a conversation with someone in person and trying to maintain eye contact with them so that they won’t think I’m not listening to them when I am, while I’m really just multitasking. I prefer texting someone instead of talking to them face to face most of the time because I can organize my thoughts before I say them instead of just talking and trying to say what I have to without it coming out the wrong way. Another reason I prefer texting instead of having a conversation face to face is because I like to avoid awkward moments which brings me to the article Saving the Lost Art of Conversation. The Article mentions that “Conversations, as they tend to play out in person, are messy- full of pauses and interruptions and topic changes and assorted awkwardness.” I agree with this quote because communicating in person pressures you to say what you have to say on the spot with the risk of saying something the wrong way or order accidentally. It also causes pauses in your conversation when you’re trying to gather your thoughts on what you are about to say or discuss.

In the article Saving the Lost Art of Conversation, it states that “The internet is always on. And it’s always judging you, watching you, goading you.” I agree with this because often, people are always being judged or watched on the internet. I can connect this quote to one in the article The Flight From Conversation, which states “Texting email and posting let us present the self we want to be. This means we can edit. And if we wish to, we can delete. Or retouch: the voice, the flesh, the body. Not too much, not too little- just right.” Since people are always being judged, it’s good that devices and the internet let us be seen the way we want to be looked at. These articles have made me realize that devices really do have an big impact on how we communicate with others.

blog 1/3/14

The articles that I have read share extremly similarites. One is writen by Sherry Turkle, its called ”The Flight From Conversation” and the other one is written by Megen Garber and its called “Saving The Lost Art of Conversation” which the athor of “The Flight of Conversation” Sherry Turkle is in. Now both of these article are talking about how theirs less conversations between human because of the rise of technolegy. With the statement that people are having less conversation with each other but talking more in some way may be a fact. From my expirience and use of technolegy with people that I have encounterd with most people would rather text then text then to have an over the phone conversation. Now my persenal opinion on the fact that people would rather text is that a phone conversation is highly similar to a face to face conversation with a much faster paste then a text conversation. Im not sayin that people like slower comunication with one an other Im sayin that in a cell phone conversation and a face to face conversation something unintentionlly could or may be said that could lead to multipley missed comunication or disagrements of any sort. Now the way texting helps that situation is by giving you the ability to know what your going to say before you actually say or give you the time to think of what you should say in a certant conversation, this cannot be done in a cell phone conversation or a face to face conversation because in you dont have that ability to take sometime and think about what your goin to say to what the person your conversating to, I mean you could and it can make the conversation awkard, and thats something most people do not like to be in and thats in a awkard position or situation, now text conversation can avoid that to a high degree depending on the situation or in un ordanary situation becouse its never happend to me and I want to belive that it has not happend to anyone that I know because im not sure. I want to say im not a big technolegy fan but i do use it every day and not just by me but pretty much evry one else for instance i dont like texting I persenoly would rather talk on the phone to get straight to the point but im not going to lie and say I dont like the ability that texting has givin because I have. The fact that i can recive a text in the middle of class in a place that im not allowed to pick up phone calls and finding out that my friend just lost a bet and has to shave his head bold while not being no where near were he is and knowing whats goin just by looking at my phone is very usefull. I the artticle “Saving the lost Art of Conversation”  it talks about how small children in their strollersare playing with ipads insteed of playing and action figure or toy is showing us that technolegy is a really big part of are everyday lives weather its a good thing or bad thing

Reading Responses, The Flight From Conversation, Saving The Lost Art Of Conversation.

The Fight From Conversation by Sherry Turke. Is about the way communication has changed. How ways we communicate in our everyday life is through Technology. How it can be bad and how some people feel its good. In this situation I’m on the fence about it because I can name numerous times when I wanted to have normal conversations with people, whether to get to know them or to get some sort of  information, what ever the conversation was about. I couldn’t even do that because they were distracted by their phones or the TV and they’d say to me ” No, go ahead I can still hear you. In my opinion it could bad because, a conversation consists more then pretending to listen. It means you should have eye contact and both people should be talking in ways where the conversation would continue. Whether your giving incites on something or talking about a TV show gossiping, debating. It doesn’t matter but you shouldn’t always be in your phone when trying to communicate. Now on the other hand I agree with Turke when she talks about the ” Goldilock Effect” there’s been times when I want to talk to someone, not necessarily see them but talk or text and the phone had been very handy…One time I was with family and we were experiencing what Turke called being “Alone together”. It was silent no one was talking. We were all in our own world. Then the funniest thing happened,me and my brother were both on Facebook on our own devices sitting in the same room then he messages me asking me to turn the channel because I was closer to the remote. Then I realized, Communication was fading.

Saving The Lost Art of Conversation by Megan Garber is about Sherry Turke and the way she lives her everyday life seeing families being distracted from each other because of devices. Garber talks about how Turke is a exceptionally skilled conversationalist. I like to believe that I am also a good conversationalist because when I talk to people I try to keep their attention, I create humor, lighten the mood,ask questions to get their opinion on things. That way the conversation goes both ways and I can  be a active listener plus a conversation holder. Garber also talks about Turke’s  sacred places such as “The dinner Table” where its intimate time with family phones are away and conversations are going. Garber also mentions how Turke says she often eavesdropped on conversation…. I’d think she did only because they’re so rare.I do Agree with Garber and Turke phones are great good for communicating from a distance like if your in California and I’m in N.Y. but there are times when family time should be family time or when friends are together they should entertain each other. Its just the right thing to do. Especially if your I a meeting or in class or in a group discussion. Its very rude to ignore your family or friends when they’re trying to take time out to have a social relationship with you.


Lost Conversations In Modern Day

In both articles, “Saving the Lost Art of Conversation” by Megan Garber and “The Flight From Conversation” by Sherry Turkle, are related in many ways. They speak of how conversations are beginning to dwindle thanks to technological devices. Such devices are mostly phones, tablets, and computers, where social networks can be easily accessed. Social networking allows one to become a certain persona in which they use to digitally interact with others. This new way of “interacting” with others has become overly used that nowadays, people do not take into account their surroundings. Whether they’re in a park for a stroll, on a date, or even in family gatherings, many are constantly on their networks.

One line from the article “The Flight From Conversation” that caught my full attention was, ‘Texting and e-mail and posting let us present the self we want to be. This means we can edit. And if we wish to, we can delete.’ Turkle describes how anything that one uploads can be changed and adjusted to one’s satisfaction. If one doesn’t find an e-mail convincing enough, they will edit. On the contrary, when one speaks and accidentally hurts another person in doing so, they cannot take back what has been said; therefore, leading to a complex situation. Words that have been spoken cannot be edited.

Another line from the article “Saving the Lost Art of Conversation,” Garber states, ‘she occasionally touches my forearm…than of my wit.’ Garber describes how Sherry Turkle engages her to have her full attention on her. The manner in which she uses has grasped Garber’s full attention. In my opinion, I think that Sherry Turkle’s way of speaking and having a conversation is one of the most effective methods to have someone’s full attention.

Good or bad about Technology

The article “The Flight From Conversation” and “Saving the Lost Art of Conversation” is about the technology alter our lives in many ways, such as texting someone just clicks on the screen.  It is convenient for us. However, it occupy most of the time in our lives. The people are spend excessive time and concentrated on their cell phones or browsing on the internet. In my opinion, I think the technology has positive way and negative way. A good way obviously is convenient for us to communicate with each other. Another one advantage is enriched all our lives, like listening music, playing games, watching movies on the spare time. On the other hand, technology can cause person unhealthy if he/she put a lot of attention on it. An Example of this like my brother, he played games on the cell phone in a whole summer break time and cause he got cervical spondylosis and he needs surgery to fix his neck, a poor guy. So, what I think is every things that have two side, depends on how do you to handle it.


In these readings “The Flight From Conversation” by Sherry Turkle and “Saving the Lost Art of Conversation” by Megan Garber, are both saying that the technology is changing our conversational habit with each other. The expert Turkle has researched the folk’s relationship with technology for many years. Nowadays, the people are familiar to use cellphone or other social network to communicate with each other, instead to have face to face conversations. The author Turkle says, people are head’s down look at their devices, typing, texting or e-mailing no matter is at home, workplace or some places else. They only focus on now technology conversations instead of the normal conversations.

I am personal that says I am not totally agreed with the Trtkle ideas, yet some of them. Tukles says “At home, families sit together, texting and reading e-mail.” This is so odd situation, but it happens in this day. I don’t like that if everyone sits together having dinner and they just being alone together. It’s not a time that everybody holds on the cellphone texting, checking e-mail. We supposed to have conversations with families’ members, concentrated with parents or kids. This is essential respect that we must teach the young kids. I suggested that if anyone has this same kind of issue, you have to get rid of it. On the other hand, i think the cellphone conversations are good though. Beside that technology provides us very convenient and easy to connect the person that you want to speak. No matter how far it is, just click the numbers on the cellphone that who you want to talk with. Although, the author claims that the conversations is supposed to be face to face, not technical communication, but the question is can we really do that? An example of this, in my own experience, I am from south of China. It’s around 12230 kilometers away from New York.  I have many my friends in China and I do miss them a lot. However, I often use the technology contact with them and its fast way to communicated. On the other way, I can buy a ticket and fly back to my hometown to see them and have conversations. I hope I can do that, but I just can’t afford it and don’t have that must time. What I am trying to say that is the technology conversation also brings us benefits, quick and simple way to connect with each other. In the same way, if I would like to have conversation with my professor, I need to use technology conversation contact him/her and make an appointment first.

 To sum up, I neither on technical conversation side nor the other because I think everything has both sides and depends how we treat on it. If we can learn the fine points from the both sides, conversation and technology conversation, then should be perfect.    

The Flight From Conversation

This article is talking about today, technology world that, changing our communications life from having real conversation to having only connection to one another by texting on your device or, even by Facebook, Twitter and E-mail. This article shown that having Face – To – Face conversation to one another is very important. Because we all have feeling. Not just the words that we can communicated. Also, we can communicated by feeling.

I agree with the author that having real coversation is better than texting and posting on Facebook or Twitter. I myself used to playing and posting on Facebook at least half to one hour everyday. But now, I quitted using it. Because I thought that, I was wasting my time for nothing. For now, I would rather using that time for playing Facebook to go to a gym or go to meet some of my friends. Also, it is always annoying me,when I was talking with someone but, he/she was texting and using his/her devices at that time. However, I know that, I can not say anything to them. Because everyone have their own life. For me, I prefer having Face – To – Face coversation. Because we can communicated by words and feeling at the same time.

In conclusion, I agree with the auther that “So I say, look at one another, and let’s start the conversation.” Stop using your devices. When you are with friends, family. Then, start having the coversation.

The flight from conversation

From what I can tell technology is impacting the way we work, speak, and live with each other. technology has come so far that our small phone devices have the power to connect and finish our homeworks through the internet. its amazing how far the world has changed from lets say 10 years ago alone. A simple hello is now exchanged through text to some while face to face is turning into a thing of the past.

Relationships are now run by technology especially text considering everything happens through it even breaking up apparently. kids are now at a young age given access to a world where anything and everything can be found if not restricted and this information can come at a price.

It is important for people to have face time not just chatting throught a virtual screen. this society is becoming technology dependent or technology desperate. more and more ways of communication and far distance connectivety is being created while face time is being ignored and forgotten.