Feed Part 3

In this part of the the novel they have recovered from the virus the hacker gave them. Titus is home now with his family recovering. Although his feed is back his father is still very disappointed with what happen on spring break. But as he recover he can sense his parents grief. Titus later on ask his parents to barrow their car to go to Quendy’s party. He picks up Violet , because Titus’s trying to show her a great time at the party so she can have a good first experience. At the party Titus friends tell him how weird violet is and hows shes different from them. Quendy ask Titus question about how him and violet dates.After the party Violet tells Titus lets hang at the mall. She began telling Titus her view on alot of things in life. As shocked as Titus is he takes it in and wonder about Violet. At times her words often amaze him. He sees violet have a very different outlook on society. She tells him how the school system used to be ran by the government before the companies. With all the knowledge he know has Titus has alot more to think of now. But as time go by Violet and Titus relationship begins to grow even more. Ever since the hacker touched her she has been having problems. Her feed acts up and her legs dont work sometimes. But they often talk about the feed and how it makes life better. But violet feels as if they are bad and how prople are watching them.

Feed: Part 3 (Utopia)

In Part 3 ; Utopia of the Book Feed by: M.T Anderson, Titus is explaining in first person that things are back to normal, like nothing ever happened. He explains how he’s resting and his parents are with him, it seems like a pretty chilled vibe since he says he was on chat and sharing music. Later on, Him and Violet are talking about Quendy’s party as he picked her up in his parents up car. Violet says she hasn’t really been to a lot of parties because she was home schooled. “My Friends and i were all home-schooled, so we’re a mixed bag. Bettina’s Mother has us come over and weave ponchos.” -Violet (pg.78). Titus then explains to her more about what to expect in parties.

At Quendy’s Party, Titus says its pretty good but then he sees Link and Marty playing some game called The Cranky Tumble of Dark house. It was about zombies and mutants. Link and Marty were jumping and cursing. as the party goes on Violet decides to go over to Calista and say hi while Titus went to talk to Quendy. Quendy starts asking Titus all these questions about how if him and violet date. As she’s talking he turns around and looks at Violet and Calista, Calista seems to be mad but Titus and Violet chat in with each other. as the party goes on people are using the feed to share and listen to music and just play games and have fun.

As the book goes on Violet and Titus then go to the mall. Violet tries to tell Titus what actually is going on like how the feed might be watching them and everything they do, how it shows you only the things that are compatible with your personality and interests. She decides to prove it by going with Titus to different random stores and asking for the most random things. They leave each store without buying anything. on their way home Violet says that she got new things on her feed about the things she asked for at the random stores. Titus felt like this made her smarter than him and he felt a certain way. later on in the book he realizes she really isn’t, because she was always at home and she never really had the things she wanted that showed on the feed due to money or because her parents said no. In the book it says Violet would want a gun and since her father was against guns she would use things she found that had the shape of a gun. (pg.107)

Titus then starts to talk about the differences in schools and how Public school like back in the day his grandparents didn’t really learn anything about school. just how to do pointless rings but never to handle or do with life itself. Titus says the schools have gotten much better due to the fact that they are ruined by cooperations, human beings, not people who do it to take money away. Violet explains that her parents didn’t really have money to have a feed and her parents didn’t want her to have one so she got it when she was 7. she says that she feels like the feed makes you different and it doesn’t really make you who you are. it makes you ignorant, so Titus takes it the other way, he thinks that she meant everyone including him. Titus then talks to his mother about it and explains how he feels about himself. His parents decide to get him his own up car and they then make him feel better.

Titus meets violets parents but after that Violet starts feeling weird. Titus then remembers that she told him that she’s been feeling weird ever since the hack. Titus feels like he has to take her to the hospital so she can get her feed fixed. i think Violet is that girl that sees the world in a different way and she’s more open minded so i feel like the hack hurt her more.

Violet in my opinion is someone who is trying to make everyone open their eyes and realize that we don’t need the feed and trying to prove that its all about buying things and technology. As she tried to prove to Titus about it by going to the mall. i think she’s trying to make a good point on this.


Feed, part 3

Part 3 of Feed start off with Normal, where everything goes back to normal for Titus and his friends. Titus and Violet goes to Quendy’s party and all of Titus’s friends are invited. Titus picks up Violet with his parents upcar, while they were talking in the car, Violet tells Titus that she doesn’t know how a party is like and Titus was surprised to hear that. They were all having a good time at the party. Violet tells Titus that her feedware is damaged from the hacking and she is really worried about it. the night after the party, Titus has these weird dreams about games and the police. A couple days after the party, Violet came up with a new project which involved going to the mall with Titus. At the mall, she tells him that everything they do is being watched.(97) They went home and chatted about the great time at the mall. Sometimes Titus worries that Violet is too smart for him. While they were at school, they were talking about how the schools used to be runned by the government back in the days and now their school is runned by the corporations. Later Titus was surprised to hear that Violet got her feed when she was seven because they didn’t have enough money and also because her parents didn’t want her to have one. She says that people with feed are ignorant, self-centered idiots. Titus thought she said that to him. Titus asks his mom if he is stupid and dumb, and she says that he is a wonderful boy and they’re proud of him. His parents decided to get him his own upcar. After hearing that, Titus got very excited. Titus, his dad and Violet went to get their new upcar. After getting a Dodge upcar, Titus’s family and Violet had dinner together. After dinner, Violet’s foot wasn’t working and that happened a few times since the hack, but she says she’ll be fine. The next day Titus went to Violet’s house and met her dad. They talked for a little bit and then Titus and Violet drove to the farm country. They enjoyed the place and did many things together. A few days later all the friends hung out at Marty’s. They were all talking about coke and how great it is. Violet tells Titus that his friends hate her and she wants to leave, Titus says they don’t, and Titus doesn’t want to leave. They were leaving with the upcar and started arguing. Then they went to Titus’s house. When Titus goes to school he realizes that Calista has a big new artificial lesion on the back of her neck, and everyone is talking about it. Then later Quendy got artificial lesions on her skin as well. At another party they were all playing spin- the- bottle. Violet’s body wasn’t working, so Titus called the ambulance.

Titus and Violet spend a lot of time together now since Titus got his own upcar. He gets more freedom than before. His friends are all very different and weird. The girls besides Violet, get lesions just to impress the boys. They do it as if its a competition among them. Violet’s feed system is getting worse since the hacking and Titus worries about her. All the friends get together a lot to have fun, but somehow things go wrong . In part 3, we learn more about Titus’s and Violet’s family.

Feed Part Three: Utopia

In this Portion of Feed called Utopia (by M. T. Anderson) we learn more about how Titus and Violets relationship grow. We also learn how they been spending more time with eachother. Violet is not like the rest of Titus friends and himself, shes honest and she does what she thinks is right for her and not what she thinks is normal. For example At one point in this part, Violete tells Titus and his parents her thoughts on air where they live, Titus father disagrees with her and they have a strong discussion about it. This shows how she is different and how she thinks different from everyone else because everyone else depends off their feed and not theyre senses or ideas, which in this case is not normal but Titus grows very strong emotional feelings for Violet and Violet for him eachday,and as this happens things start to change such as Titus relationship with his friends. Towards the end of part three, Titus and Violete go to a party where all his friends (Calista,Loga, Quendy,Link and Marty) are and at a point they are all playing spin the bottle with eachother and with other people that are at the party. Everything is going well until Marty spun the bottle and it landed on Violet, Marty got up and went to her and was disrespecting Violet and she got upset so she got up and started to act differently and yell. I thhink Violet acted the right way and she started to yell things that were going on in society but things that people didnt pay attention to at all because they were to busy playing spin the bottle and hovering in the air while there are people starving. According to what happen earlier on in the beginning of the book, going to the moon and space was really expensive and so she thought that the way everyone was viewing society instead of helping it was useless so she got upset and started to not feel or look well. Titus got scared at seeing how Violete was looking because he remembered Violet told him that ever since the hacking in their feed she was not functioning well and was not good. Titus got scared and was screaming to please call the abulence after she had insulted everyone, but no one wanted to help. Everyone at the party kept saying “Shes in Mal.”

From what iv read based on their relationship i think that what they have is something clearly true and beautiful And all Violet wants to do is send out a message to show and explain to others that the feed is not something necessary, that it something they can live without. I think Violet sees society this way because she was raised a different way and the way her father is also effects the way she sees things. Violet is the only one who uses a pencil and and knows how to actually write and who knows something unlike the others who HAVE to use the feed for everything. This gives me an idea of how technology is distracting us from real world issues and problems we face everyday but we dont realize them because were to busy on our devices.