*Reminder: HW for Tu 3/11

1. Read Parts 1 & 2 of feed and blog in response (don’t forget to think through the text in relation the Utopian & Dystopian Framework that I handed out in class). We will be spending all of class on Tuesday discussing the first parts of the novel, and you should come in prepared for this discussion, and for freewriting and a quiz on the assigned reading.

2. Essay #1 Final Drafts are due (portfolio folder & e-mailed file) by the start of class. Make sure to review the Essay #1 Assignment and the Essay Guidelines (for formatting, electronic submission) before submitting your final draft. You can also find the Peer Review Assignment (that we did in class last week) on our site, if you want to use it to revise your new drafts.

Keep in mind:

  • The key to strong/successful essay is to move from summary to analysis/critical thinking/argument. Instead of merely summarizing Turkle, Marche, or Catfish, you should put some text (either the movie Catfish, or a concrete/specific personal experience) in conversation with the Marche or Turkle readings. To do this, you will need to provide specific quotes from Marche or Turkle (that illustrate the concepts from them you are using). Then, your essay should help your readers to understand these texts (the documentary or your experience) through the lens/theoretical framework that Marche/Turkle provides. For example, you way to provide an analysis of how Angela, in Catfish, “curates” her identity. Or, you may want to look at how, in your own experience, people use social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to form superficial connections. The key, in either case, is to provide specific, concrete details (rather than a very general discussion) and a focused analysis.
  • Your Introduction (thesis paragraph) should provide an overview of your argument in the essay (your thesis statement should be the final sentence of this first paragraph).
  • You should include a complete, fully revised Cover Letter as the first page of your Essay.

Catfish (extended day)


As 1.11 Billion people know, the most common place for humanity to connect online is currently  Facebook. Isn’t Social media a blessing, everyone gets to meet knew people and start new relationships without even having to book a flight or venture on an old fashion road trip….or is it? Nev the main subject in a 2010 American documentary decides to shoot a armature film named Catfish to explore the virtues of online communications that can lead to relationships. Nev starts his Journey by accepting a friend request from this little girl who happens to paint and is inspired by this pictures he takes, so he would send her photos for her to paint. This went on and off until he started to meet the family  on Facebook which lead to Abby’s mother Angela’s check up calls every once and a while. Nev soon met Meg, Abby’s half sister which he finds attractive and decides to start daily conversations. Soon after they started calling each other baby and what not, therefore due to him starting to catch feeling for Meg, mind you someone he never met, he couldn’t help but wonder if everything she said it accurate. So him and his peers investigate and find everything to be a bit odd. After 8 long months His brother Ariel, and friend henry packs up for a last minute road trip to Michigan, soon finds out the truth behind his Facebook girlfriend and what lies ahead isn’t pretty. He arrives at Megs house at night and does a quick drive by. In the Morning he knocks on the door and what seems to be Angela answered with complete surprise but happiness in her eyes. He soon after introduced him self and explains the reason for his visit gradually. Nev spends the next two day with Angela and still seems puzzled about the situation, finding out Abby is not really artistic compared to her mother painting skills along with there being no existence of Meg… The Confession comes out in the last few hours of his visit when Nev’s questions become more blunt. Angela explains she was the master mind behind all of Meg’s actions and she’s greatly sorry for Nev’s lead on feelings but she felt the other 16 Fake Facebook profiles would maintain Nev’s faith for “Meg” since they were her friends keeping out and backing up Meg’s non existent lifestyle.

My thought’s are very mixed on this fake Social media profiling, it happens every day whether the fool who’s falling into this trap knows it or not. Through out Nev’s unappealing situation he should of realized 16 friends, speaking with Abby’s mother once in a while compared to only speaking with Abby once should of gave him a hint. Acknowledging all the paintings he reeved didn’t seem like they where painted by a 7 year old and the magically appearing Half sister Meg. You can’t trust everyone you meet especially via Social media, because in Angela’s case each of those 16 false profiles allowed her to express what she would like everyone else to portray her as. One main result would be Meg as she presents her self to be a young, cute, outgoing girl who lives on her own. Do to fake intentions it couldn’t help me to believe anything I see on Facebook and makes me more alert who I convers with, especial females! For those who lack Authenticity this should reflect on how you think of your self since research suggest in “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely” by Stephen Marche “Yet for all this connectivity, new research suggests that we have never been lonelier.”(1) therefore maybe loneness is the bigger problem.

“CatFish” Documentary Response. I tried.

The documentary film Catfish directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman is about a young guy Nev who is deceived by a woman Angela. Nev starts out his friendship with Angela’s daughter, Abby who supposedly is a very talented painter. Over time Nev grows closer to Angela’s family and starts speaking to Abby’s “half sister” Megan, who overtime Nev starts falling for her. Its been more than 8 months and Nev’s brother insist he find out more about who he has been speaking to for so long.


Nev, his brother Ariel and Henry head out to see for themselves who this family really is. They go to Megan’s house which turns out to be fake and no one is staying there, then they check Abby’s gallery which also turns out to be a lie. Nev at this point is very hurt and emotional about whats going to come next. Finally Nev meets Abby’s mother Angela who does not look anything what she showed herself as, Abby is not home neither is Megan or her brother. As Nev conversations with Angela she lies to him she has cancer and she is getting chemotherapy.


Angela had been lying to Nev for over 8 months, that’s long enough for a mother ready to receive her baby. Angela hid herself behind multiple face book profiles and lied consistently about herself and her family. As the truth unfolded right before Nev’s eyes he was overwhelmed with pain and still he handled the situation maturely he spoke and cleared things out with Angela and even though he forgave her quicker than it took to make the relationship, Nev was so hurt with that situation, who knows how he might feel about getting into another relationship.

The current generation is exposed to technology my parents were not even familiar with. Everyone has a social media account such as Face book, Instagram, and so on. People can deceive others with more ease because they can choose how they want to be viewed. This messes up the real interaction humans were made to have, this is anything but natural and the more technology one is exposed to the more dependent one becomes on it. Nev was fooled easily because the pictures Angela used were of an actual person and the multiple social media accounts she made to make the illusion of her pretend selves. She was a master at fabrication, if a normal person can do that than anyone can.

Online there is no way to prove authenticity, the social media sites don’t ask for personal info like a persons social security or state identification number. People can be anyone they want to be online, projecting identities of someone who they are not. There should be a law to stop people from creating fake identities, if impersonating a cop, a teacher is illegal than impersonating another human should be too. Social media to myself is considered a synthetic interaction, just seems fake, i would rather have the real natural human interaction with anyone I meet.


Throughout the storytelling of the documentary of Catfish, the voices used in certain situations describes the mood of the event. For example in the beginning, the protagonist Nev, when he was opening up packages, he laughed a lot and joked around. His laughing and joking manner told it’s audience that the current situation is to be taken lightly and such. When Nev is either talking to or texting ‘Megan’ by phone, his tone of voice towards her is a warm sweet one, one can immediately say, “oh he’s having a wonderful time communicating with this woman.” The flirtatious voice he uses is the main tone that lets one know the mood.

Angela’s curating of herself throughout the documentary is actually a very well done job, especially the way she was able to execute each character. Near the end of the film, Angela reveals how each character was a piece of her or/and a wannabe self. Angela was amazingly able to act these people as though they really were her, but they weren’t, they were made up. Each character’s role was sort of to compliment each other character. By compliment, I mean literally compliment on each character’s status to show that status’s  authenticity. The very first character introduced, Abby the 8 year old artist, was a very well curated character, with pictures of her holding a paintbrush in front of a canvas and standing in front of a would-be art gallery, it seemed pretty believable. If Nev wouldn’t have gone right up to the family household, he would’ve kept believing Abby the 8 year old was really an outstanding artist.

When it came down to the tracking, Nev and the crew used evidence left by both Angela and ‘Megan’ to sort of create this puzzle that would reveal the truth. They first started with the postcard Nev sent with a penny to be sent to ‘Megan’s’ residing home. Megan told Nev an address that supposedly was where she lived, in a barn with horses. Nev’s use of google maps was able to give them directions to her place. Unfortunately, it was vacant, and no horses in sight. It was the correct address because Nev finds the postcard with the penny in the mailbox. Afterwards, more truths are revealed as the gang discover the would-be gallery has not been bought when Angela told them they had already bought it and was underway to getting refurnished. Lastly, when the in person visits happened, Angela tries to cover it up but is unable to thanks to Abby’s honest personality and her twin sons, which turned out to be the complete opposite of what was on Facebook; they were disabled children…..damn it i couldn’t finish 🙁

Catfish documentary

The documentary Catfish had many twists, and was full of surprises. I really enjoyed watching the documentary because a lot of unexpected things happen. Angela was a married woman with a daughter, husband and two stepsons. She pretended to have two daughters and a son. She tricked Nev, and made him fall for Megan, which was Angela’s made up daughter, and she was pretending to be two different characters. She also pretended that her young daughter Abby was a painter when in reality she was the painter. She played many roles and did many things to continue with her lies. Angela would send paintings to Nev acting like if she was Abby and Nev would love them. Angela lived all the way in Michigan and Nev was in nyc. Nev and Megan had a great relationship. They met on Facebook and Nev had multiple friends on facebook that were somehow connected to Angela. The fake page that Angela made for her character Megan was the person she knew would get a guys attention because she was a beautiful girl. She made herself how she knew she would be liked. The article “The Flight from conversation” states that “posting let us present the self we want to be”(pg2) and also “…we can edit. And if we wish to, we can delete. Or retouch: the voice, the flesh, the face, the body.” (pg2) In other words, we can mold ourselves into the person we want to be online. Megan really impressed Nev because she was a dancer, singer and had great qualities. Nev started to get curious when he never really go to speak to Abby on the phone. Nev was going near Michigan for an event and wanted to get Angela, Megan and Abby to meet up with him so that he can finally meet them. Megan had sent him a song that she pretended to record and New ended up finding it on the internet. After he figured out she was lying he started to investigate more and more and knew that he had to find out if Megan was even a real person. He traveled all the way to Michigan and drove to a farm house where megan was suppose to be with horses and didnt see her or horses. The next morning he want to Angela’s house and met her and her husband Vince and sons. Angela did not look like what she looked like in the paintings that Abby supposedly had painted of her. That’s when Nev knew it was a lie. Nev spoke to Abby and asked her if she really likes to paint and she said that she only paints sometimes not often and that her mom paints more, and thats how he found out Angela was the painter When he mentioned Abby’s sister, Abby said she hadn’t seen her in a very long time. When New tried to reach Meg to see her she made a huge excuse. Nev knew it was Angela the whole time. Nev confronted Angela and she told him the fake truth. She told him that she has cancer, and told him that the girl Megan was a close family friend which she lied about. I think Angela was really messed up for what she did and it was very sad. She made Nev fall for someone who was just a character and she was being a fake friend by lying to him. Nev was nice and didn’t go harsh on her. Social media, Facebook in particular is what really helped Angela’s lie last as long as it did. This teaches us that we Facebook can lead us to making fake interactions and fake friends.


Today in class we watched “Catfish” its a story about a man named Nev.He meet a young painter by the name of Abby and her family.He built a relationship with her and her family as he became fond of Abbys painting.But as he digs deeper into it he find out a lot about Abby and her family. Nev got in touch with Abbys mom Angela and interacted with her sister Meagan . But Nev started a online relationship with Abby older sister. As he falls deeper he questions him self a lot and started putting the pieces of the puzzle together.He felt like he had to see Meagan and meet abby and her family. He built such a strong bond with meagan he felt like they had to meet face to face to make it official. He travels a long distance from home to discover the house Meagan said she had was false and his letters was in the mail box. He arrives at the family house to figure out Abby wasn’t a painter and Angela the mom had created a fantasy world around different people and was telling Nev a lie.

Angela plays a big role in this movies because she plays almost every role. She has several fake Facebook accounts to make her story add up. She has several cell phones in which she uses for her different personas. She pretended to be abby when sends Nev the paintings she did.And acts like Meagan the girl Nev has a crush on. He caught on to angela one day when Meagan sent Nev a song she said she recorded but turned out to be somebody else song. Nev and his brother went to find out the truth.He used google to find out the art gallery was a lie that Abby and her mom didn’t but it nor hold an art show. Nev was shocked to find out that that place has been abandon and on the market for such a long time. He realize he’s being lied to but doesn’t wanna quite admit it as yet.

The Competing vision here is Angela’s vision of a beautiful young painter with a perfect life.But in all reality she isn’t as beautiful or as perfect as her Facebook page or paintings.She tried to keep up with all her personas and she did a good job because the messages was over Facebook.Throughout this process Nev has gotten to know Angelas whole family and has grew fond of the paintings he thinks he’s getting from Abby. Nev calls them his lil Facebook family.He built a bond with Meagan and he felt he had something real.But it turned out to be fake when he arrived at Meagans house and he got the mail he had sent to her not picked up. And it was a empty barn house with no horses.He was in disbelief that they would lie to him like that.When he found out she lied to him and Angela was behind it all she apologized for violating another persons privacy. She felt bad about using others peoples pictures to create fake pages and leading other people on.


Poor Nev!

“Catfish” is a documentary about a guy named Nev that started to build this relationship with a little girl named Abby and her family. The point of the film is to show how social media has an affect on peoples lives and connections with people through social media  ,the way they live and portray themselves. The directors of the film are Nev’s brother and best friend. They thought it’ll be a good idea to film the life that Nev was living and to capture the connection that he shared with Abby and her family. “Catfish” has been a really big hit as a film, it even got a spin off series on MTV to try to help people that are going through the same thing that Nev went through. It all started through the social media “Facebook” when Nev had a friend request from a very talented little girl named Abby. In my opinion i think is weird that Nev would obtain this friendly relationship with a little girl! It’s very interesting how the power of social media has people close but not really close, because Nev lives in New York and Abby and her family are all the way in Michigan. Nev got close to Abby then started becoming close to her mother Angela and her half sister Megan and Megans brother. Nev starts to build this intimate relationship with Megan. In the beginning everything is fine but Nev starts to notice a few things that doesn’t add up to what Megan and her family are telling him so he starts to investigate the truth. Nev had an event with his brother and best friend near Michigan so he wanted to meet Abby and the family but they start to do all this research and everything that the family has been telling is all lies. Nev comes to find out the everything was a lie created by one person and thats  Angela. Angela created all those Facebook profiles to continue with her lies and she made Nev believe all of this was true this is really relatable to the article “The Flight From Conversation” some people like to represent themselves differently even going as far to change them selves and to make up a whole person that doesn’t even exist.


The documentary film “Catfish” is by the young men Nev, Ariel and Henry. The story involves the main character Nev has falling love with “Megan Faccio” on the Facebook and then a bunch of stories below. Dramatically, “Megan” actually is someone else pretended. First, the story is begin Nev is a photographer in NY. He admires an eight years old artist, Abby and they are friends in the Facebook. Also, Abby’s mother Angela, her husband Vince, Abby’s half-sister Megan and other family relatives are all become Nev’s friends in Facebook. One of the charming girl, Megan catches Nev’s attention. She is so hot and single. She is singer and dancer. Nev likes Megan and she is mutual. They become contact with each other through texting or phone calling. Some time, they mail things for each other. They begin online relationship. Megan often sends her performance’s songs for Nev. However, Nev’s friend discovers Megan’s songs are from YouTube while they are on the business trip. Nev feels that is totally unbelievable and heartbroken. Also, they found out there is not only Megan lies, Abby’s mother, Angela also tells lies about Abby’s gallery. Ariel and Henry suggesting Nev does not expose what he knew to Megan because they decide to travel all the way to Michigan in order to dig out the truth, whose is playing Nev. By the various doubts, they drive to Megan’s farm at first, but didn’t see anyone. On the next day, they approach at Abby’s house, Angela feels astonished that Nev just shows up in front of her. She looks homely and not beautiful as the painting looks like. Angela lives with two sick kids are Vince’s children. Abby isn’t at home, Angela drives Nev and his friends to another place to see Abby. After Nev meeting with Abby, he surer that Angela is liar because Abby has no idea what does Nev said and she seldom paints. In addition, Nev got a message from Megan that she can’t see him because she is alcoholic and now is in rehab. Nev knows that is lying from Angela. On the afternoon, Nev tells Angela that he wants to have real conversation, no hiding staffs. Finally, Angela feels so shame what she did. She tells everything. There is no Megan, the painting is her work and she is the only one pretended all the differences of characters in the 16 Facebook profiles that she crated. Angela actually is wire-puller to make up all the stories.

“Megan” and Nev are being too lonely. They both easy get relationship through the social media. However, we don’t know who is telling the authenticity from the internet. In order to trust somebody should be not just get to know each other online because the technology connection such as Facebook profile can be create, edit and we can’t get that much true info. As Sherry Turkle says in The Flight From Conversation “We can’t get enough of one another if we use technology…” P2

Nev was so upset while he knew everything is fake. He was enjoying at the beginning with “Megan”, but the ending is opposite that is suffering because that just a farcical unreal story. I think that Nev has been too lonesome, he just immersion himself with “Megan” and forgot to careful think about it. This connected to the article Is Facebook Making Us Lonely by Stephen Marche says “Loneliness affects not only the brain, then, but the basic process of DNA transcription. When you are lonely, your whole body is lonely” and “The problem, then is that we invite loneliness, even though it makes us miserable”P7

Although Angela’s action really bad and hurts Nev, I feel bit of sympathy to Angela. She has displeased life and take care two sick children in a whole day. At the end, I am glad that Angela changed herself. She builds up her own website to promote her paintings and Nev still is friend with her.


Nev chatting with Megan

Nev chatting with Megan

The documentary “Catfish” was produced on August 2007. The characters include Nev Schulman, his siblings’ two filmmakers (Ariel and Henry), Angela and her family (Vince and Abby).

Nev lives in New York City and Abby an eight year old artist in rural Michigan became Facebook friends which broaden to include Abby’s family (Angela, Vince, Megan). Nev begins an online relationship with Megan.

Megan's profile picture

Megan’s Facebook profile picture

She sends him songs she covers but Nev discovers that the songs are all taken from YouTube. Nev and his family friends decide to make an impromptu visit to Michigan. They finally arrive and  were welcome by Angela. In their conversation Angela tells Nev that she had uterine cancer. After a lengthy chat, Angela drives Nev and Ariel to see Abby. While talking with Abby andher friend, Nev learned that Abby never sees her sister and wasn’t a painter either, a day after Nev received a text message from Megan saying that she has had a long-standing alcohol problem and cannot meet him because she has decided to check into

Nev and his two siblings on their way to Michigan

Nev and his two siblings on their way to Michigan

rehab. This was confirmed by another facebook friend but Nev realizes that this is likely another lie from Angela. After face to face meeting with Angela, she admits that the pictures of Megan were of a family friend, though her daughter Megan 19 is in rehab. She also confess of haven painted all the paintings that she had sent to Nev. Nev therefore realizes that he was talking to Angela while believing he was talking to Megan.

Angela confesses her dubious activities on Facebook as Nev is astonished to her testimony

Angela confesses her dubious activities on Facebook as Nev is astonished to her testimony

Angela confesses of maintain 16 different facebook accounts and was using Megan as one of the alternate accounts to talk to Nev. According to Angela most of what she poses to be is what she had wanted to in real life.

Angela husband Vince talks of how there are people in everyone’s life who keep them active, always on their toes and always thinking. He tells Nev a story about the fishermen who found that putting catfish in the tanks with the cod kept them active and ensured the quality of the fish.

Vince - Angela husband

Vince – Angela husband

At the end of the documentary from the screen text, I learnt that Angela did not have cancer, she doesn’t know the girl on the picture, but also the person on the picture (Megan) was Aimee Gonzales, a professional model and photographer.  Angela deactivated 15 of her profiles and remains with one. Nev is still on facebook and has 732 friends including Angela.

The story of the Catfish can be supported by both Turkles “The Flight from Conversation” and Marche’s “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” on their drive to espouse conversation as against connection.

On page 6, paragraph 2 of Stephen Marche’s article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”  He states that “It’s lonely business, wandering the labyrinths of our friends’ projected identities, trying to figure out what part of ourselves we ought to project, who will listen, and what they will hear.” Angela uses fake name and picture of Megan to capture the mind of Nev. Like Vince put it, there are people in everyone’s life who keep them active. Nev became romantically attracted to Megan base on the way she projects herself. It is unfortunate some individuals sole use of the social media is to trick and scam innocent people. Angela may have not only devastated the mindset of Nev but made him feel empty after thinking that he has finally found a romantic relationship.

In the article “The Flight from Conversation” by Sherry Turkle, page 2, paragraph 3 she said “Texting and e-mail and posting let us present the self we want to be. This means we can edit. And if we wish to, we can delete. Or retouch: the voice, the flesh, the face, the body. Not too much, not too little- Just right”. Angela did exactly that. She presented herself in the best form she could have loved to appear in real life, she fine tune her voice and personify herself into different characters with the sole aim of catfish. Angela purported not to be happy with her current life as that wasn’t what she dreamt of. I’m not sure catfish can achieve the flamboyant life she had expected rather it will lead to a more embarrassment.




Catfish is a documentary directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost.Throughout the document Nev Schulman (Ariels brother) discovers and gains an emotional and physical attraction to a girl named Megan. Nev discovered this girl through Abbys facebook. Abby is the eight year old who sends Nev pictures of her painting. Nev then discovers Megan which is Abbys half sister. Megan and Nev become friends and grew a romantic friendship through facebook,chats,and through the phone. Megan then decited to write songs for Nev and Nev finds it funny that the song she wrote for him is on the internet and by an artist. Nev and Henry then start to realize that Abby and Megan lied about many details and he was very annoyed that they were taking advantage of his friendship. Truth is Megan in relality was Angela. After meeting with Angela and her family, Angela confessed where the drawings really came from and why she had done the profile. Angela admited that while she used the profile as Megan and built a relationship with him,that she felt better,she felt as if she had reconnected with the passion she once had for art,thats where the art she sent him came from. Throughout the relationship they built together,somethings that made him think the relationship was real were the phone calls,the paintings,the pictures and even the information he knew about her.

According to the document,Angela gained confidence because Nev made her feel good and she had felt inspired to paint again. But what did Angela really loose? Angela lost confidence in her self. Angela gained nothing but confidence,inspiration and self motivation from the expierence she had,she then felt guilty and stayed with a guilty concious of what she really did and what harm she caused to him and even the other people she lied about having friendships and relationships with. Throughout the expierence he had, he speaks about how there are people who keep us active everyday and thinking on our toes about those on the other side of the profile. Could we be speaking to who we really are and think we are?

This document proves how the loneliness of Angela came to the point where she pretended to be someone else to be able to feel good and go on throughout the day having and inspiration or a motivation that made her posses the happiness of her painting that she once had and could not re encounter. Based on what happened in the document she states she gave up her painting career to marry vince and take care of his two mentally disabled children that needed constant care,but as she grew a relationship with Nev,she felt that spark once again that made her want to paint and move on.