The language they use in the feed is futuristic because, they have new ways in communicating such as through the feed like mchat and private conversation like in their head only no one can see or know anything just them and no one suspects anything. The language they use to insult each other is not normal because the feed makes them ignorant. When they talk they uses words such as “omigod” which stands for “oh my god”, “unit” meaning dude, “null” meaning “boring/bored” and a lot more different words. They also uses a lot of curses words such as “shit”, “butt ugly” and “morons”. The language use in “Feed” is not the regular language to us the readers but to them it makes perfect sense.

Feed Part 4

In Feed part 4 things take a turn for the worse Violet is in the Hospital slowly dieing after the makers of the Feed FeedTech refuse to help repair her issue with the Feed due to her resisting the feed. Meanwhile Titus in return grows farther and farther away from her somehow blaming her for the fact that she is sick. Violet in turn continues loving him while Titus begins to feel no sympathy and more awkward hate towards her. Violet sends Titus a list of things she wants to do with him in the future and of memories that they have together, Titus simply lies when she asks if she saw the list while also turning down the idea of running away together. Titus breaks up with Violet and ends up dating Quendy. The book ends with a rather emotional Titus telling a lifeless violet a story and how he wants her to remember herself and how he is going to remember her and that she is still there.

Its quite sad the book ends considering how Titus ignored and rejected her throughout this chapter and when she eventually begins to shut down and die he finally begins to get real emotions, emotions that are probably rare in that worlds society considering the Feed and how it basically thinks for you. In the end it was a good book rather tragic and emotional at the end I believe if Titus would have never met Violet on the moon or never talked with her at least then there would have never been a problem with her life in the first place.

The End

In this last chapter of feed violet seems to become more ill day by day.She has a lot of malfunctions and Titus only sits and wonders is she’s gunna be okay. She feels as if she is going to die soon if her feed isn’t fixed or if it fully stops working.When Titus sees hope sick she has gotten he gets worried. He tries to alienate himself from violet. But violet feels worried that her days are limited so she send titus a bucket list of things she wants to do. But titus being a jerk ignores her. But later on he agrees to run away with her. When they arrive at the mountains they began to argue. They quite didn’t see eye to eye as before. After they finished they went home. Violet was disappointed because she tried to be lovey dove with titus he just rejected her like she was a nobody. She felt a way towards titus as if he was like everybody else. But later on violets dad tells titus the sad news about violet. He blames titus as one of the reason his daughter passed. At this point titus is lost for words he waited till it was too late.
At that point i think titus is really dumb. Why he really liked violet but pushed her away. Even though they was perfect he made her last few days uncomfortable. Titus let his pride and his friends over shadow the way he felt about violet.which wa shad because he defended her in most cases and in the beginning of the book he explain how lonely he felt. But when he was with violet he felt different. It was like he felt loved and he was happy. I think that titus should have never ignored violet. He would have been a better character standing by her until she was threw her problem.


In the novel Feed by M.T. Anderson, last part “Slumberland” beginning with Violet is in the hospital because her feed somehow breakdown. While Titus is so worry about her and her father comes. Tites asks him what is happening to her. After the technician doctor fixes her, Violet wakes again, but she still not is a normal person because her feed efficiency is lower 98%. She apologizes to Titus that what she did to his friends. Titus pretty understands she doesn’t mean by those things if she is not damage. The next day, Titus goes to visit Violet at her house. She told him because of this time malfunction, she lost a year of her memories. And she told him wants to go and do many things and have fun. However, Titus doesn’t look excited and treats coldly at her, because he is not sure Violet will be okay or not in a big group. Violet’s father tries to get money from the FeedTech for repairs her daughter, but it didn’t success. On the nest morning, she talks about her family background. Her mother and father’s family never has feed as they could not afford it. She transmits the list that has all the things she wants to do with Titus. But he not interested at all and even ignores this info. Therefore, he broke up with Violet when they were in the mountain hotel. Unfortunately, she died with excessive heart-broken.

Violet centrally is unique and different of all the teens. After her feed damage from this time, she still has many things wish to do. Is it that she against to the feed and feed punished her in some way? I think that the feedtech can control human who has feed. Nina says “FeedTech and other investors reviewed you purchasing history, and we don’t feel that you would be a reliable investment at this time” FeedTech just doesn’t want to provide assistance; because they notices that Violet is different.


In all of her list that is indicating is normal person what we do in today, but it is weird or might astonish for the feed user.  Violet list becomes more fantastical, describing an ideal life in which she does not have the feed and is actually from Fort Wayne. She wants to grow old and have grandchildren with Titus, retire by a lake, and have a dog named Thomas Paine. This just like in our life what we want to do, but it’s happened in Violet’s mind.


In Part 4 of feed by M. T. Anderson, is about how Violet slowly starts to breakand disfunction. After the party scene where she called everyone a monster and yelled societies problems, she was taken to the hospital and her father and Titus where present to see how she was feeling. Slowly as her disfunction progresses more and more he starts to move away from her and treat her bad. All Violet does is love Titus but Titus becomes an ass. As Titus pushes Violet away she writes to him more and more explaining to him whats going on,he begins to reject her and ignore her messages on the chat. Violet sent Titus a list of things she wants to do and also sends him memories and some things she wrote. After some time Violet invites Titus to run away with her to the mountins and he refuses to and violet ask if he read the messages he sent, he lies and says no but in reality he did he just didnt want to answer,and then he feels bad and he says ok. As they drive in the upcar Violet is extremely excited and happy but when they arrive the least expected happens. Violet wanted to be loved by titus and titus jumped off when they were kissing because he felt like there was a zombie feeling up on him, That he didnt want a dead person on him. Violet got offended because she wasnt dead yet and she was just disfunctional,they both yelled and insulted eachother And then left home and thats when Violet began to get worse and started to shut down slowly.

According to what i read, i think Titus was very unfair and rude with the idea of what was happening in Violets life and health. Titus didnt respect her at all and was never loyal he made her appoligize for being sick which in that case was not something to say sorry for. The way he treated her broke my heart because Violet was right all along and while she was in bed sick, outside in the world everything was going wrong and peoples skin was coming off and everyone was going bald. Violet loved Titus because he always accepted her and her wierd ways of being but in reality he didnt believe them and was rude About it by calling her all those names and not listening or supporting her. The fact he then ended up going out with Quendy was even worse! That was pathetic of him. This shows how one simple thing can control you in every way by just distracting you with it. Each moment they have ads and pop ups come out in their feed which distracts them and they need it and depend on it unlike Violet who resist it and just wanted to warn people like Titus friends about the effects and what is actually going on, this also shows that we should actually be worrying about more important things then just what controls us and what we have, she wanted to prove that there was more then just the feed that they were capable of doing much more.

Realities of Imaginary Concept in our World Today

Part 4 (slumberland )of the Feed text, Titus meets  Violet’s father at the hospital and he is shown a place to monitor Violet feed efficiency with range of percentile indicators like 98% for a normal person and below 98% for abnormality . As a result of the malfunction of Violet’s feed, she loses a year of her memories prior to it installation. This gives her the urge to write down most of the things she remembers and sends it to Titus to avoid another memory erase.  Violet encounters uncountable health problems that a lead to most of her body parts comes to a halt. Consequently, Violet and her father petition FeedTech for free repairs. In response to the petition, FeedTech refuses to give any assistance to Violet citing her strange customer profile brought about by resisting the feed. The health of Violet keeps deteriorating and the book ends with commercial blue jean warehouse sales that end with “Everything must go.”

The futuristic concept presented by M.T Anderson might sound unattainable but judging by history, one could say anything is possible especially the trend at which technology advances.  It is factual that the circumstances surrounding the world of commerce we live in today is complicated; corporations are on the rise with a primary objective of making profit at the expense of consumer safety and protection. Online shopping has become the preferred method for many because it allows comparing and contrasting various products from different corporations, lookup reviews from previous consumers before making a decision to buy or not. The advent of the internet and cell phones reduces the barriers between consumers and corporation, most corporations as a result of competition and lack of monopoly regards their consumers as kings or queens, unlike the FeedTech Nina who said “I’m here to inform you that FeedTech Corp has decided to turn down your petition for complimentary feed repair and/or replacement” at a time Violet health deteriorates, such corporations should only exist in utopia.

Inventions and innovations by corporations are presented everyday in strive to be at the edge of the competitive market. Like Anderson abstract Upcar vehicle in the Feed text, Amazon has revealed the Amazon Prime Air vehicle. It structural makeup seems like the Upcar technology but unmanned. According to Amazon, the goal is to get packages into customers’ hands within 3o minutes. The commercialization of the Prime Air vehicle awaits Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to complete the necessary safety rules and regulation which might take some years to complete. In essence, we won’t be flying like Titus and Violet, going to the moon or mall but the Prime Air Vehicles will be seen as normal as seeing mail trucks today, delivering our packages within the shortest possible time.

In relation to safety and standards as said by Violet’s father “We Americans, he said, are interested only in the consupmption of our products, We have no interest in how they were produced, or what happens to them” corporations have a lot of unanswered questions regarding consumer safety and product standards despite the immense advancement of technology in global market. Like Violet, there are a lot of people suffering health conditions as a result of poor product standards and consumer safety. Recently, some part of my country, Sierra Leone suffers erosion, loss of biodiversity and soil contamination as a result of kimberlite mining by corporations. The local of those areas suffers tremendous health problems and famine. Another visible area of lack of consumer safety and standardize product quality can be seen on today’s polluted market. Toyota Motor Corporation a Japanese auto maker recalls about 1.9 million cars sold between 2010 and 2014 to fix a software glitch that could cause the car to stall. Unlike FeedTech that produces chips for consumers without any plans to safety and standards, Toyota strives to ensure safety and high quality product for their consumers.

The imaginary world of M.T Anderson might appear far from fetch; however, since 2001 when the text was written a lot has happened and a lot continue to happen in technology, government and social conditions. With proposed projects by various Tech firms including the Amazon Prime Air vehicle, we won’t fly city to city but our packages are expected to reach us in the quickest and safest way on unmanned drones. Also it might sound weird to have chips installed on us but the possibilities for assigning IP address to every product manufactured is fast coming into play. This helps to locate the devices where ever they might be.  I perceives technology taking over the world like the world of  Feed in the moon where everything happens like a dream.


dying love

in part 4 of feed by M.T Anderson violet is taken to the hospital by Titus due to her malfunction at the part.not long when she was taken to the hospital her father came in to see her.they were both pretty worried about her due to her frequent malfunction.they take her home .the next day Titus went to visit her and she chatted him and telling about the things she want to do in life before she dies.she also tell him that she has  lost a year of her memory.she cant remember anything that happen before she got the feed.for the next couple of days violet message Titus a list of all the thing she wanted to do in her life she label it as“Definitive list of things I want to do” (229). violet kept on messaging Titus but he has been ignoring her by not reading her messages and he also deleted some of of the thing in her list is to go to the mountain ,so she went to his house and ask him to go with her without her father they went and violet try to get romantic with him and he was not in to she felt some type of way so they started to argue.Titus right then there broke up with her.she was really hurt because he left her the time she needed him the most.  Titus started to out with Qeuendy and left violet alone to die.later on he started to feel bad about what he did to her and decides to go and visit her  unfortunately it was too late because she had died at the end..

i believe that violet would have leave a little longer if Titus  stood by her and have a little more passion with her and try to make her happy.if he really care about her like what he said then he should have did all these thing with her and try to be there for her when she needed him the most.the way he reacts to the problems is very heartless .i understand how he must felt going out with someone who is dying,but its never an excuse for him to acted the way he did and we didn’t stop he went ahead and start to go out with Quendy. which is disrespectful…that was too much

i  don’t think it was a good idea for her father to get her the feed at such a late age when he knew there is life threat ..i mean we all know that he love her so much and it was all in good intention.but maybe is she didn’t have it she would have been alive today but you know everything you see in life happen for a reason.

when i first started reading this book “omigod” i hated it. it was so hard to understand especially the way they be honest i could not read complete 10 pages without falling asleep. after the first part i have really grown to love the book and its a pity it ended the way it did. but over all you really get to see how these peoples live is .even though they have all of these amazing things in there feed but we realize how lonely they really  are….. lonely


In the novel  feed by M.T Anderson, part 4 violet was taking to the hospital by Titus after they were playing spin the bottle at the party when violet go so mad and said “ look at us, you don’t have the feed! You are the feed! You’re being eaten!” when she got the hospital Titus was so worried about her and her father came. They discovered how bad her situation is getting. She apologized to Titus about what she said at the party to him and his friends specially Quendy because she called her a monster. When she came out of the hospital and Titus came to visit her she was telling him what she wants to do when she feels better she wants to party go out and have fun. She texted Titus to all the information that she wanted him to save but he didn’t answer her for a few day and when he had a very bad headache he deleted all the Information she had sent him when she came to his house because he wasn’t answering he told her that he didn’t receive anything. They went to the mountain and at the hotel they broke up and took her home. Finally after few days he gets a message from her dad that she was died he went and so how she was, she was a like a wood he felt like there is no one there. Her father told him that her feed was affected because of the late installation and the model wasn’t that great.
         Her father told Titus that he didn’t want to give his daughter the feed, because he and his wife didn’t have it but when he went to the job interview and he felt different without the feed he didn’t want his daughter to be left out so got her the feed. I wonder it was like if she didn’t get the how was the life of her parents without it.
     When Titus received the message from violets dad that it was over and he drove over to her house on the way he said that “the clouds were glowing and a black snow was falling” what does the clouds and black rain simples. And finely violets day was blaming Titus because he put her through this and deleted what she have sent his, he said something that’s so great “we Americans, are interested only in the consumption of our products. We have no interest in hoe they were produced.” And he said “what happens to them once we discard them once we throw them away”. When Titus and Violet went to the mountain and he broke up with her his said I didn’t know this was going to be serious I thought we will be together for a few months and she is acting like they are married. This reminds me of Nev story when  Angela the story she wasn’t thinking about how it was going to hurt Nev and that’s what Titus did he didn’t think about how violet was going to feel he made her feel sorry they she was dying.      

Reminder of HW for Tuesday’s class (3/25)

Thanks to Sal for posting last week’s class notes (on Part 3 of feed) and to Mylisyaa for posting class notes from the week before (on Parts 1& 2).

Tomorrow we will continue our discussion of feed as well as our work on creating effective arguments and analysis. Just a friendly reminder that you should do the following in preparation for tomorrow’s class:

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I know many of you have strong reactions to how things play out at the end of the novel … I look forward to a great discussion tomorrow about the reading 🙂


As we start to find out that the relationship between Titus and Violet is coming to a rough end, you just feel terrible about the whole situation. Violet is going through her malfaction while Titus is just not feeling the same anymore towards her. We start to notice how he starts separating himself from Violet little by little, he barely talks to her even starts to ingore her.

Is Violet being ostracized by Titus and his friends? Or is she just being ostracized by the   society that they live in?  We notice that the Feedtech is somewhat punishing Violet because she resist’s the feed. Nina said I’m here to inform you that Feedtech Corp has decided to turn down your petition for complimentary feed repair and/or replacement. We tried our best to interest a variety of possible corporate sponsors, but we regret to tell you that you were turned down. Unfortunately, Feedtech and other investors reviewed your past purchasing history and we don’t feel that you would be a reliable investment at this time. No on can get what we call “handle” on your shopping habits, like for example you asking for information about all those wow and brag products and the  never bought anything. We have to inform you that our corporate investors were like “whats doing with this?” sorry I’m afraid you’ll just have to work with your feed the way it is. (page 246-247). This is Violet resisting the Feed she doesn’t want to be put into the category were your just a consumer of products. Which is why it makes her very different then the rest of the characters on the book. What the Feedtech worker Nina was referring too was when Violet and Titus went to the mall and ask various questions of products and didn’t buy anything.

The whole point of the Feed is to have people purchasing and purchasing products. The Feed is not helpful because it dumbs you down and it gives a specific hype that everybody’s has to be on. Violet was trying to show that to Titus but that was never accomplished. Violet was trying to let Titus see the world in a different way, buy telling him news about South America and current issues that was happening in other places. Titus would always refer to her saying as “weird shit” but its only because she’s different and sees the world differently.