Literary Art Festival 2014


Indulging in the 2014 Literary Arts Festival was an out going, free spirited experience¬†with¬†nothing less than a optimistic vibe.¬†Filled¬†with creative videos, poems and music which were work from The City Tech students and Alumni. I expected nothing less from the performances especially when it’s people who have a passion for creative expression.¬†The festival also offered half time finger food options to curve the taste buds of the audience and were gone briefly do to all the “creative” people in one vicinity. The opening poem was done by an¬†Italian American who reflected his strong but moving thoughts through a average families eyes¬†that filled New Orleans the day of the massive hurricane. Devastating many families with the after effects of the Hurricane including¬†floods, water contamination, famine etc. He discussed the¬†lack of¬†help they received and it moved me due to the fact of how easily¬†important matters¬†can be forgotten.

A surprised guest arrived which¬†is world renowned¬†Eady Cornelius¬†the recipient of Guggenheim, Rockefeller, and NEA fellowships, as well as¬† founder of Cave Canem Foundation, a nonprofit organization for black¬† poets.¬†In addition to reading his work, Eady will perform with two members of his band ‚ÄúRough Magic:‚ÄĚ Concetta Abbate on violin and Charlie Rauh on guitar. Eady was a great singer and Guitarist along with his band who played songs that had all different tones including love poems, how mother met father poems which turned out to be all wrong once¬†Eady asked his mother¬†again but was to late because it already got published. Also songs that were accessed permission from the artist.

Thus, this was the first time I’ve attended an event as such I can say it’s help reopen the creative part of my thinking and driven me to take a little more pride in my writing. Living in a¬†shell of your ideas isn’t cool at all express your self and help others understand your ideas like these creative individuals have.¬†Standing on a stage isn’t easy but the way these poets stood in front of everyone putting in the¬†body language¬†as they read their work really helped everyone understand their work.

Besides this being an extra credit assignment, I Highly respect the young innovative minds that are behind Fest-ival. Hilarious hosts to dim any awkward moments, surprise guest to give none majors an incentive to join in on the event, and a supportive crowd including Students, alumni, family, and friends. Living up to the means of a annual event only gets harder and more innovative as years past. I can see my self going to the  Literary Arts festival in 2015.


This Week: Two City Tech Literature Events (with Extra Credit Opportunities)!

As we discussed in class, there are two exciting events happening this week. I’ll be at both of them, and I hope to see many of you there!

I strongly encourage you to attend either (or both!) of these events, & to blog on our OpenLab site about them (you will get extra credit for your participation/response!):

1. Wednesday, 4/9, 11:30am-12:45pm, Namm 119, Literature Roundtable

The Spring 2014 Literature Roundtable is on Lynn Nottage’s play, Intimate Apparel. This event (sponsored by the English Department in conjunction with the African American Studies Department) includes student performers from AFR 1321: Black Theater, ENG 1121: English Composition II, and a conversation and discussion on Lynn Nottage’s Intimate Apparel with Professor Jeannine Foster-McKelvia (African American Studies Adjunct Instructor) and Dr. Marta Effinger-Crichlow (Chair of African American Studies).

If you attend the event and blog in response (W 4/16), you will receive extra credit (it will replace a missing blog if you missed some blogs, and it will count as extra credit if already you did all of your blogs).

You can also read the play (it is short) for free, as an eBook, though the City Tech Library Website. If you read the play and blog in response, you can earn additional extra credit.


2. Thursday, 4/10, 5:30-7:30pm, 240 Jay Street (Midway Auditorium), Literary Arts Festival

This year is the 33rd annual Literary Arts Festival, and will feature guest speaker Cornelius Eady. The Festival is a long standing tradition that celebrates student writing and features a special guest author, along with student performances. This is an event to see and be seen.

***To keep up with the latest about the event and learn more, join the Festival OpenLab Project, and keep up with festival news via the Festival OpenLab site and by following @CityTechLitFest on Twitter.

If you attend the event and blog in response (Th 4/17), you will receive extra credit (it will replace a missing blog if you missed some blogs, and it will count as extra credit if already you did all of your blogs).


*There are only two grades for these extra credit blogs (100 and 0). If you attend the events and blog your responses/reflections completely (in terms of length and content) and thoughtfully, you will receive 100% (an ‚ÄúA‚ÄĚ) for the assignment. If you do not turn in the assignment (or if it is too short/not fulfilling the purposes of the assignment), you will receive a ‚Äú0.‚ÄĚ Don’t forget to take notes at the events, so you can include concrete details from the events in your blogs.