getting to know the new girl

So I finally got to access Open Lab 😆  and i feel like its fair to write a little bit about myself since i recently started this course. Well my name is Evelyn and I’m 18 years old 😕 . I was born and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn NYC. I’m not planning on leaving. Art has always been my passion, i love to draw and I’m all about creativity. I really want to be a graphic designer because I want to shower the world with art. I want people to know me for my art work and most of all see what i see the world as.

My parents are both Mexican/Spanish. Im not ashamed of my nationality at all, i actually love the culture and everything to do with where my parents came from. I have 2 annoying brothers so sports and video games is kinda my thing but i have a girly side also. On my free time which is barely lol i sing on friday or saturday nights in front of decent crowds. I attend music class at small private school. I feel like my life is all about music and art. Drama isn’t my thing. Music wise; the one and only person that inspires me to go on with life its self is a man i met 2 times in my life by the name of “Abel Tesfaye” a.k.a The Weeknd. :mrgreen: His music has saved me and kept me going since 2011. he inspires me to get up and do something with my life and not care about what anyone thinks of me. he gives me so much strength through his music. the list can go on and on about how much him and his music means to me.

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I Graduated from Sunset Park Highschool August 29th 2013. I slacked so much Senior year due to the issues i had going on. 🙄 at least i graduated and started college. I really did want to come to City Tech because it seems like a good school to grow from. to start. im very anti social and shy 😳 but i have to grow out of my shell and i feel like college will help me. Im actually glad i get to start over now, new school, new everything. I hope you actually read this and got a bit closer to meeting that new girl in the class that just walked in. 😐


Julie Landa….finally here!!!!!!

As most of you might have guessed, I am returning to school after many years of work. I am hoping to get into the Nursing Program. As a freshman at Citytech, I am required to take beginning courses although I already have a Bachelors degree.
My first time around, I studied at Parsons School of Design with a major in Illustration. I studied in a Masters program at The New York Academy of Art for a couple of years as well.
After working in the Graphics world for many years, I found that I was not using my talent. I decided, after struggling for sometime, to return to school. Charting a new career direction is both scary and exciting. I look forward to this time in my life.
I completed a Medical Billing and Coding Certificate Program at Kingsborough Community College last year. That is when I realized I may actually be interested in something other than creating art. I made the decision to change my life and am still getting used to this crazy workload that I have given myself….still “in shock” but confident that the right choice was made.

introducing mariama

hi everyone my name is MARIAMA i was born and raised in AFRICA ,i came to the country when i was 15 years old,when i first came i didn’t speak any English ….when i was in Africa my parents n siblings were hear so i use to think that my parents didn’t love me because they left me hear….but that was just me thinking like a kid…..i’m the oldest of 5 ,and some time i wish i had an older brother i have always wanted one,but life goes on…anyways enough about my personal life i am majoring in civil engineering that is why i came to city tech because i know they have great engineering program….so i guess that’s all there is to know about me and i’m looking forward to a great year with you all  😉

HI there I’m Daniel

Hi there I’m Daniel Diaz, I’m eighteen years old  and this is my first semester in City Tech . I was born in Bogota, Colombia on September 5, 1995. I am a only child, despite my extended family being very large including 8 uncles and one aunt on my father side and on my mother side I have 5 uncles and 3 aunts . I move to the United States at the age of four and only recently gone back to Colombia  to meet my family that i haven’t seen in fourteen years. Anyways this being my first semester back in school after a long brake i been having trouble getting back in to the grove of school work ,but hopefully i can kick my self back in to gear .

My major is computer science (mathematics/ programming) but I’m also thinking to study computer engineering mostly because I since I was little I was fascinated by electronics .I remember I when I was 6 I had many radios and I would always somehow sneak away my fathers tool box to dismantal the radio trying to learn what every piece and wire did. Then panic trying  to rebuild the radio knowing that my mother would come home and see my brake more radios. even thought i was always interested in the hardware of electronics not so long ago I got engrossed in programming cause of a sql/java programming class and never has some thing clicked with me so much.

But programming  is not my only hobby, I also enjoy Swimming, Hand Ball, Gaming and Parkour / Free running (that I just recently got in to by some close friends). even thought that I was born with a condition called Pectus excavatum or concave sternum that causes irregular cardiac and respiratory function and other side effects.cause of my condition I was not allowed to take part of contact sports and sports that may cause me to have trouble breathing. I hated not being able to run around and play so took up swimming hoping to help me being able to control my breathing . now after 6 years of swimming I’m considering taking the life guard exam  even thought I’m not that confident I hope i can do it.

hopefully I’m able to get to know all of you guys better and grow as a person in this semester.


Hey! My name is Nisi Mendez.This is my first semester in City Tech, and I’m majoring in Accounting. I like playing Badminton, and love music. I’m quiet sometimes, but very friendly and outgoing once you get to know me. I’m really looking forward to this semester because I’m focused on doing my best. My expectation for this class is to get an A or B+. I really want to go away for college, so I want to do my best while I’m in college in the city.


Jandry Montanero Introduction

Hello their my name is Jandry Montanero and I attend New York City College of Technolegy. This is my First semester in CityTech College and I honestly cant say its that bad. Im majoring in liberal arts, the reason im majoring in liberal arts is because i dont know what I really want to do. I officially wanted to do buisness and manegment in delhi university which i was adcepted to in upstate New York but things dident go my way becouse financial aid did not want to pay for my dorm so I decided to stay in ny and take a year off from school to enjoy myself which i did i had alot of fun in my year i honestly can say that it was good but also could of been better because theirs always room for improvement. After that year i thought to myself and said it was time to go back to school and i did i decieded to attend to the second choice that i made and that adcepted me which is as you know as New York City College of Technolegy. I have recently turned 20 years old back in november when i turned 20 i was kind of sad about the fact that word teen is not in the age number that im in. The teen years were ok so one thing im looking foward about being 20 is that i have heard your 20s are the best years of your life so i guess ill have to see. Im also from the bronx I lived in the bronx my whole life, well sine i was one year old. I was born in Ecuador and my parents are ecudorian, a little bit after my first birthday we moved to New york city where i have been my most of my life i also lived in New Jersey for sometime and have done some traveling places like Virgina state, Connecticut, Penselvania, Puerto Rico and even went back to Ecuador a few time. when it come to nationality I consider myself an American, even thought my parents are Ecuadorian and i was born in Ecuador i have only visited around 3 to 4 time my whole life and i the fact that i was raised in New York and im acostume to they life is in the United States. But i never forget where i came from and till this day if someone would to ask me what I Im I would say Im Ecuadorian I always do. Things that I like to do are watcht TV cant say i have a favorite show becouse i dont, i actually have a few show that i like to watch such as “How I meet your Mother” and “The Walking Dead”. I like to watch alot of sports aswell such Boxing, Soccer, use to watch alot of Wrestleing and occasionally American Football, just big games such as the superbowl and when my favorite team is playing which is the Patriots. But if i had to say which of these sports are my favorte sports i would say boxing because it does not get more fair then 2 men goin one on one. But thats about it

Hi,Im Mylisyaa

Ok, So I’m 18.I want to be a Fashion editor. I love to write. English is my favorite subject. I love fashion, fashion of every kind. I must move to Paris, vacation in the Bahamas and have a beach house in Miami and a Penthouse in Cali..Its a must..My favorite color is Pink. I’m Awesome. I also Love to dance. Every kind of Dance I love the Art of it. I Also like Drama as in script less improv. I use to consider myself more of a performer than a Fashion Writer I suppose a little apart of me still does but I’m finding ways to infuse them both into one so  it works out for me. Live Laugh Love and Dream….. Peace Faith Love and Hope…. My motivation,and That’s just a small part of me you need to know.

Hi I’m Mildred!!!

This is me~

This is me~

Hello my name is Mildred Merino and I am a very friendly person. I am Mexican but born and raised in the U.S. I’ve never actually visited Mexico before and its been a lifelong dream to pay a visit to all the family I have there. I am the oldest of five in my family and as the oldest I’m expected to be a role model. It’s indeed difficult, but I manage. I have little hobbies from which are just doing art and being active; playing sports is one of my passions. I absolutely enjoy playing sports, I became active from the fourth grade wasn’t very exceptional; however, I continued playing because I’m not useless. Unfortunately, one day to a doctor’s visit, I was making weird noises as I breathed and she said that I have asthma. This was back in 11th grade, I remember crying silently that night. It was very devastating to me, but I decided that my asthma wasn’t going to stop me and interfere with what I love to do. In high school I joined the softball team and soccer team. My soccer team was made up of mostly guys, I played as defender and goalie. Girls didn’t want to join apparently because they were afraid of the ball. Being the only girl there, I wasn’t afraid because I am pretty big in size and barely no one can knock or push me down. They named me “The Brick Wall.”32353_588119571201178_1996017798_nIt was so much fun to be a part of the team. We are undefeated champs of four seasons. My major at City Tech is Chemical Technician, in the long run I want to be a pharmacist. Over the summer, I didn’t do much except catch up on my shows that I missed. I forgot to mention that I Iove anime; by shows, I meant anime series.

As a writer, I believe my weakness is the very famous horrible chronic disease(sarcasm) writer’s block, it kills me! My strengths in writing would probably be pretty good grammer and topic ideas. What I enjoy most about writing is that I am able to reflect my thoughts in my own words without anyone having to tell me to change my opinions. What I dislike about writing is that it takes me a really really really long time to start the intro or the first sentence. My background using technology isn’t so bad, I first touched a computer back in 6th grade. My personal thoughts on digital identity is basically that everyone’s is different. I don’t have much to say about this. I’m honestly not sure what to hope for in this course, hopefully it turns out positive.


Hey whats up my name is Christopher Mendoza I am 18 years old and I graduated from Francis Lewis High School. I was born in Jamaica Hospital on September, 7, 1995 and lived in Jamaica Queens until about Middle school I then moved to Fresh Meadows and currently reside there. I have lived in Queens all my life and I probably wont move for a while. Both my parents are from Salvador, La Union to be more precise. I haven’t been there since the summer of 07. I am an only child sadly so I  didn’t learn to share until later in life and I am currently Majoring in Electrical Mechanical Engineering technology.

A few things that come to my head when describing myself is Martial Arts I have watched and practiced martial arts specifically Karate since June 2004. I have been to several competitions and have done demonstrations before. I recently took a leave though because of some personal problems. In the future I hope to practice boxing, judo, mma etc.

My future goals include continuing my education and getting farther in life to eventually find a job that I not only enjoy, but that also pays good. Life at City Tech is pretty good its an ok school with a wide variety of things to do. In my spare time I enjoy to watch movies on Netflix surf the web hang out with some friends and I have recently become a Christian which has opened many doors in my life I never thought possible, I wont get to into it for now…

Favorite foods include pizza, Hamburgers, Chocolate, a bunch of Spanish foods and some healthy food here and there. My favorite Movie/TV Genre includes Action, Thriller, Sci-fi, and comedy. Shows that I am currently watching include the Sons of Anarchy, Futurama, Cowboy bebop, Samurai Champloo and the list goes on. During High school I did read a lot of manga, but now its barely to none.

My High school life I would describe as OK I didn’t do anything to spectacular, but it wasn’t boring either. I was mostly in the middle I wasn’t to popular, but I wasn’t a nerd either. I had a bunch of friends on both sides of the social hierarchy, but then again the high school cliques that you see in the movies and maybe in other high schools was something that could not be found in that diverse and packed school. I graduated with a pretty decent average mostly because I started out weak as a Freshman.

Hopefully this intro got you 1% percent closer to knowing me as a person the rest well you would have to buy me dinner and a movie…joking. I hope you enjoyed this intro hopefully it was enough and I hope to write more in the future on matters concerning my life and on how the people around me react to my quiet attitude in class.




HAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, I’m Salvador i really don’t want to be introducing myself because this is really awkward but i’m trying to get a good grade so here it goes……My major at City Tech is undecided because i want my GPA to be a 3.0 for i can transfer to the school i really want to go to which is Fashion Institute Of technology. I want to be in fashion marketing business because i want to be dealing with the trading and buying of materials in the fashion industry. My favorite type of music is indie. My favorite artist is LANA DEL REY, her music really speaks to me which i can relate to.


Im taking this course because its a requirement for my “major”.  My exceptions on this course is for me to do all my work and get a good grade.  We’ll be getting to talk about technology that effects our life’s so I’m trying to get the most out of it but technology ruins in life in reality. Everyone uses technology for something if its for Instagram,twitter, or Facebook, even to just check the weather. I don’t dislike reading but it is a little torturous with all the words that gets my head to hurt from each little detail that gets registered into my brain. My strengths in writing is i have to be very into what I’m writing about because if I’m not into it my work is going to look very poor. i’m not familiar with science fiction or utopias so i’m very curious to know what that is.