Reminder of HW for Tuesday’s class (3/25)

Thanks to Sal for posting last week’s class notes (on Part 3 of feed) and to Mylisyaa for posting class notes from the week before (on Parts 1& 2).

Tomorrow we will continue our discussion of feed as well as our work on creating effective arguments and analysis. Just a friendly reminder that you should do the following in preparation for tomorrow’s class:

  • Finish feed and blog in response to Part 4 no later to tonight (thank you to those of you who already posted on this final section of the novel).
  • By the start of tomorrow’s class, you also need to complete your Essay #2 Pre-Drafts (thesis paragraph/Introduction + 3 claims/topic sentences + 6 pieces of supporting evidence–quotes + citations) on feed. Post it to the blog and bring four printed copies to class. Don’t wait until the last minute to print your papers: you should NOT show up late to class because you are still trying to print.
  • Each group was supposed to have posted their notes (thesis/claims/evidence) from class group work last week by last Wednesday. Thank you to Kimberly/Julie/Mildred/Yang Yang & Sal/Luciano/Pat for doing so on time. The other three groups should post their notes immediately (make sure you list your topic and all of your group members’ names).

I know many of you have strong reactions to how things play out at the end of the novel … I look forward to a great discussion tomorrow about the reading 🙂

Part 1 and 2 Blog notes!

Look at Pages

Pg 18 Paragraphs 2&5 the “da da da” language

Pgs 21-25 -The leisions

Pg 29 Violets Character (“The moon is the house of boring”)

Pgs 31-32 (the top) The protest

Pgs 34-36 Consumerism

Pg 38 “The hacker scene” What does it mean?

Think about Eden

Pgs 47-49  “Life without the feed”

Think about authority figures “Titus dad” “The Doctor”

Think about Violet and Titus’ relationship.

Sorry for the delay guys. See you all Tuesday!


Individual and Societal problems

Individual and Societal Problems

Kimberly,Julie,Mildred and Yang Yang

Thesis: In the novel Feed by M. T. Anderson, the author proclaims societal and environmental destruction as a threat to the whole world, this brings the world alliance leaders to get involved.

Some Enviornmental Destructions:

Air Factories,Beef Country,Beach,Violet Lives underground where the sun and sky peels off and the road cracks,Lesions,riots and government.

Some Examples that Proofed the Thesis we had was on Page 157,149,119,94,85 and 134-138. When the italicized speeches or words are from the feed that speak about the government and president and whats going on in society.

Some claims we had was how the ocean water was contaminated and how they had to wear orange suits to protect them selves.

How parks such as jefferson park was removed to put air factories because the air is limited.

Also the living conditions Violet lives in such as the sun and sky “peeling” and also the floor completely cracked. This means they live underground like below where Titus and the rest of his friends live.

Part 3 Of FEED


  • -move away from summary (focused idea)
  • -Paragraphs should be separate
  • -Citation/quotes(page numbers)


70% have feed : How come?

  •     Class?
  •     How others live life?
  •     Can you live without the feed?
  •     Models of feed
  •     South america viewing the u.s different

Violet’s freak out

  • Why is her change so bad?
  • Is she being punished?

What type of dialog do they have?

  • Dadadadadadadadada?
  • Why do they question everything they say/Questionable statement?

What do they look like?

  • Lesions

Commodified = value 


Living situations

  • How come they live in Domes?
  • How could they can control the seasons
  • Different neighborhoods

Homework Tu 3/25

  • Feed, Part 4 + Blog
  • Group work Post ( by Wednesday 3/19
  1. Class discussion(Part 3)
  • Essay 2 Pre Draft
  1. Thesis
  2. Claims
  3. Evidence
  4. +Post and 4 copies for class