Research Project Proposal: Good vs Bad in technology

For my research project i would like to discuss the good and bad of technologies, such as the pros and cons of technological use in devices in everyday life. This topic intrest me because not only is it a simple concept that people should be concerned about daily but its something that has been around for a while now and has been discussed in the news on tv, on the newspaper and its brought up in many health discussions. Fod my project ill use sources such as newspapers,articles we used in class, articles outside of class and maybe some video clips. Im going to narrow down my topic to “is technological use everyday bad for our health?”

In my research project i hope to answer my main question which is whether technology in everyday use is bad for our health, id like to discuss the ideas of what are the pros and cons to give specific examples and proof. id like to learn what are some bad and good things technology has brought to us today and what use it is good for and what harm does it cause us. My proposal is argumentive, im giving the argument of the pros and cons to show the idea and thoughts of both sides, i think giving examples from both sides would be a good idea to just be able to show the class and explain a more clear argument and final conclusion. I think this would be a good topic for my project because we’ve discussed in class a couple times and i think it would be a good idea to reinforce it even more. There discussions such as how using tehcnology can keep you away from sleeping, get you depressed, or even give you sickness like passing colds or germs and bacteria! So this could be a bad idea on why using technological devices is no good or having the opportunity of carrying everything you need in one simple smartphone can be a good thing about having a device. But what i want to know is which one overcomes which? Which one is stronger and bigger in demand? There are so many commercials with new smartphones coming out that include much more then what some phones have now. Theres certain things like propaganda that intrigue humans to want to have these devices for everyday use and For an easier life style.

Proposal: Art and Technology

Having studied and created art for many years, I am interested in the direction Fine Art is taking. There are many opinions on this subject, and surely there is an argument to be focused on. Technology has affected the way people produce art as well as how they express themselves. Some would say that the interpretation of art has changed with technology. Certainly, it has made all art more accessible.

My intention is to spend time online, search through current Art Magazines and make a trip to the Museum Of Modern Art. Although limiting myself to writing about paintings and drawings would be ideal, it may not be possible.

I think I will have to see where the information takes me. If I could include my personal opinion, I would love it. Reviewing an art show and writing about the look of the art and materials involved would be interesting. Since I was trained as an Illustrator and Fine Artist, navigating that world may be possible. At the time I studied, there were no computers used in any classes. Now there are Degrees of all kinds in well respected art schools with Technological Art Majors.

I plan on highlighting how this movement in art has enabled people to get involved on different levels, people who may not have the academic talent once thought necessary for success. What does this mean and how do serious experts measure these works? Are theses artists taken seriously and are they considered Masters?

I am sure there is plenty to write about but deciding what to focus on is going to be
a task.

Research Proposal Project

My research proposal topic is the analysis of the “RFID chip” the Radio-frequency identification chip.It is a real chip that is implanted into the heads/bodies of animals and little by little humans. It is said to be used for tracking purposes. Some people believe it is part of a bigger conspiracy by the government to control, spy and overtake us its called The New Worlds Order. This topic interest me because its a real issue that is going to come to the surface within the next few years, and not enough people know about it and how dangerous it will be. While I began reading feed by M.T Anderson I already knew about the RFID chip but I’d just found out about it a year earlier,  then I realized the book was in direct contact with the RFID chip. The book was written in 2002, so it amazed me how on point M.T Anderson was when he wrote this book, its like he saw the future. I this topic should interest others because this chip will soon effect every working and non working person in America, no matter whether your rich, middle class, or poor, whether your on public assistance even if you pay your taxes. Whatever  profession your in this will effect you. Whether your a cop, a fire fighter, a doctor, a lawyer on congress a singer, a backup dancer, a teacher, a principal, no one is safe not even the president.  Some people argue he already has it.Its a part of  Obama Care.Everyone should be interested, they shouldn’t choose to be blind to the danger that’s coming. This is a real life feed story. That’s why the book immediately interested me and I knew from the beginning what my topic was. When I read the book it was like a glimpse of the future. The sources I will use for my topic is RFID Wiki, Google, Bing, and there are a lot videos on YouTube that provide further information about the chip.

I can make sure my topic isn’t too broad by sticking to one idea. There are many branches to this idea but if I stick to the root I can show my points. I hope to answer the questions, What is the RFID chip?, Is it dangerous?  What are the negative effects of the chip? Why are they making us get the chip implanted? Do we have a choice?, Who is enforcing this mandatory law? My proposal will be a argumentative proposal, because I can give more information that way. I say that because people will believe they have a choice and some people will think its a good idea. I want to argue the fact that its not a good idea, its a invasion of privacy, and it dehumanizes people. Your life is in other peoples hand, literally within a push of a button the chip can deactivate your brain. Its actually “Tied to everything”. I want to argue that fact that the chip is more dangerous than safe. It can kill you faster than it can keep you safe.

Research proposal: Negative Effects of Technology

Technology has become a part of everyone’s life one way or another. As technology advances overtime, it effects almost everyone’s lives. Like other aspects in life, technology also has it’s positives and negatives. It is very important for technology users to know if they are benefiting from technology or is technology effecting them negatively. There are many benefits of technology such as using the phone or the internet to stay connected with others, technology makes it faster and easier to do things, but most people forget about the disadvantages of technology. Technology has a big impact on the mental, physical, social and environmental health, which can get worse if one doesn’t take caution about their use of technology. Many negative health effects of technology include, obesity, depression, stress, lack of sleep/bad sleeping habits, body pain and more. Other effects that technology has on the society also include poor writing skills, lack of social skills, lack of privacy, lack of social bonds, lack of empathy/ more violence, addiction, constant distraction, short attention span, increased bullying, and isolation from others.

The society cannot deny the benefits of technology, because there is some way everyone is benefited by it, but technology also has it’s negative sides. It can’t be all good. In this modern world, technology is necessary almost everywhere. Many people ignore the effects that technology has on their lives because its difficult to do many things without technology. According to the research, many people’s health is being effected by technology because they are constantly using technology like addiction towards it which increases their depression and stress rate. Obesity can also occur because of technology due to the fact that they spend more time with games,videos, the internet, phone, etc, rather than being active or exercising. Sitting and continually looking down at devices can cause very bad pain throughout the body especially the neck and head. Technology can isolate a person from many things since they are not aware of their surroundings. The lack of many areas will begin such as their writing skills, social skills, social bonds and attention span, because they are doing everything online and not interacting with people face- to- face. Technology can be very distracting because it provides people with many different interests. The lack of privacy is also another negative effect of technology because online, especially social media sites have little privacy, and a person can get other’s information and do anything with it. Technology can also be blamed for the increase in violence, because people are constantly seeing violent scenes in video games, the internet, T.V, etc, and think its OK to be violent which cause people to lose empathy for society.


HW/Announcements: Essay #2, Research Proposals, Conferences with Professor Belli, Extra Credit

1. Essay #2 Final Draft is due next Tu (4/8) by the start of class. E-mail files and bring portfolio folders (including pre-drafts with peer review comments, first drafts with peer review comments, first drafts with my comments, your freewriting about next-steps for revisions from 4/1, and your final draft with fully updated Cover Letter).

2. Blog your first draft of your research proposal (categorize as “Research Proposals”) no later than Monday night (4/7). Next Tuesday we will discuss research, finding/evaluating sources, and have our library session for the 2nd 1/2 of class.

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