Reminder: Research Projects due tomorrow

Just a friendly reminder that all parts of your research project are due tomorrow, Tu 5/13, and that you should:

  • Bring to class a folder with the final draft of your Research Proposal/Annotated Bibliography (along with all previous drafts/peer review comments/my feedback) & your Research Project Reflection)
  • E-mail me three files before class begins: 1) final draft of Research Proposal/Annotated Bibliography (as one file, proposal on first page, annotated bibliography after that); 2) your Research Project reflection; 3) your Presentation file. You can attach all of them in one e-mail, but they should be three separate files, each clearly/correctly labeled. If you do not submit them before class tomorrow, you will receive no credit for your work (late e-mails/files will not be accepted).
  • Come to class early to load your presentation onto the classroom computer, and be ready to start presentations promptly at 2:30pm.


I strongly suggest that you review the guidelines/expectations/formatting for the various parts of the Research Project before you submit.

We will also be celebrating the end of the semester, so please feel free to bring in snacks to share with the class and we can enjoy refreshments during the presentations (I will bring in some goodies as well). Looking forward to your presentations tomorrow 🙂

Student Drop-In Help at the Library

Please take note of this wonderful opportunity to get additional help on your research project from the library. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this as you work on finalizing your research proposals/annotated bibliographies and research presentations (both due next class, Tu 5/13). Some of you still need to do a lot of work focusing your topics, locating additional research, and synthesizing your findings into an argument.

Beginning this week the City Tech Library will offer drop-in help to students in any course who are working on research assignments. While the library always helps students with research at the Reference Desk, these drop-in hours will be held in a library classroom and will let librarians work in more depth with each student.

Students can bring their assignment and speak with a librarian to:


Drop-in hours are available in room A441 in the library (on the 4th Floor of the Atrium) at these dates and times:

•    Wednesday May 7, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
•    Thursday May 8, 12:30 – 2:30 pm
•    Monday May 12, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
•    Tuesday May 13, 12:30 – 2:30 pm
•    Wednesday May 14, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
•    Thursday May 15, 12:30 – 2:30 pm

Reminder: Revisions of Research Project due Tu 4/29

Hi everyone:I hope that you enjoyed your spring break, and that your research projects are going well.

For our next class on Tuesday, please bring your printed sources (articles, books, etc.) as well as a laptop/tablet if you have access to one.

I’ve read through/provided comments (as a “reply” to your posts) on all work submitted this week. As it states on the Schedule, you should do a revision of your research proposal (now, your 3rd draft, if you have done all of the assignments) and a six source annotated bibliography (a revision/extension of the work you did over the break).

Keep in mind that you are not writing an essay/paper, but a fully revised research proposal/annotated bibliography according to the guidelines/expectations provided for this Research Project. Make sure to follow the guidelines and to use my feedback on your various drafts as you revise. (Some of you didn’t turn in drafts, or didn’t included annotations with your sources, so I wasn’t able to provide feedback: it is very important going forward that you submit the entire assignment so you can get helpful/substantive feedback on it from me and your peers). Also, remember that, while you only have to submit a six-source annotated bibliography, you need to consult/read/consider many more sources in order to become an “expert” in your topic.

This next draft is due Tuesday (4/29) by the start of class: bring four printed copies to class and e-mail it to me (as one file, clearly labeled) before class begins. You do not have to post this next draft to OpenLab.

In class we will peer review/workshop these drafts, and move towards your final drafts which are due the following week. We will also discuss how to give effective presentations, as you will presenting your research projects/findings/arguments to the class on 5/8 and 5/15.

See you soon!

Professor Belli

Annotated Bibliography

RFID implants: The Benefit vs. The dangers
Author- Warren Mass
Publication date- February.21,2014
Are the RFID biochip implants in humans being used for personal matters?
Authors-Mark Roberti
Publication date- April.4,2014
Could the mark of the beast look like this barcode on steroids?
Author- Mark Martin
Publication date- April.3,2014

The dangers of the RFID chip

No more peace of mind.
The RFID chip is a Radio frequency identification chip.It is a chip that is implanted into the heads/bodies of animals and little by little humans. It is said to be used for tracking purposes. Some people believe it is part of a bigger conspiracy by the government to control, spy and overtake us its called The New Worlds Order.

The dangers of the RFID chip- Its a invasion of privacy, and it dehumanizes people. Your life is in other peoples hand, literally within a push of a button the chip can deactivate your brain. Its actually “Tied to everything”. Once you choose to get the RFID chip, you cant take it out, it becomes infused with your skin. People think its cool because you can order and swipe your finger or whatever, but what they don’t realize is when you order off the phone you give them your chip identification number “your barcode number” they can pull up all your information. Your social your credit score everything we try so hard to protect now a days. When they pull up your account so you can pay they also can check your health history and deny you what ever your trying to purchase if it bad for you. It seems like they’re looking out for you but what if the food isn’t for you? Its a free country and were being denied what were paying for?

Who would this chip effect?- The RFID chip is required for everyone.every working and non working person in America, no matter whether your rich, middle class, or poor, whether your on public assistance even if you pay your taxes. Whatever profession your in this will effect you. Whether your a cop, a fire fighter, a doctor, whether your in the army, live overseas, a lawyer, on congress,or a singer, a backup dancer, a teacher, a principal, no one is safe not even the president. Money is dated. Paper money soon will not be as valuable as it is now. All your money will be in numbers in your chip. When people realize money cant get them what they want they will want the chip, they’ll want it without realizing its negative effects.

Where is the chip coming from?- Its a mandatory factor in healthcare. Obama’s Obama Care.

I can make sure my topic isn’t too broad by sticking to one idea. There are many branches to this idea but if I stick to the root I can show my points. I hope to answer the questions, What is the RFID chip?, Is it dangerous? What are the negative effects of the chip? Why are they making us get the chip implanted? Do we have a choice?, Who is enforcing this mandatory law? My proposal will be a argumentative proposal, because I can give more information that way. I say that because people will believe they have a choice and some people will think its a good idea. I want to argue the fact that its not a good idea, its a invasion of privacy, and it dehumanizes people. Your life is in other peoples hand, literally within a push of a button the chip can deactivate your brain. Its actually “Tied to everything”. I want to argue that fact that the chip is more dangerous than safe. It can kill you faster than it can keep you safe.

Behavioral Targeting


Facebook has influenced millions of people around the world, and it’s the most renowned/popular way of connecting today. Due to a few controversial questions that have arose to the surface from Facebook users people are waiting for answers. How and why is it that advertisements being marketed to the side bar of consumers Facebook pages tend to have a lot in common with one another, almost like their tracking your likes and dislikes without consent? Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you Behavioral Targeting. This program interacts with your likes, non likes, pictures, and believe it or not even messages and comments. The point of this writing is to expose the controversy behind Behavioral targeting. Like it or not users accept these acts through their approval on the term of use contracts prier to accessing the page in the beginning of the sign up. Behavioral Targeting is a Major loop hole on the Facebook team’s behalf, so no they can’t get sued for reading the consumers’ minds or logging/documenting user activities.

Upon release founder Mark Zuckerburg made sure to find a crack in the contract to indirectly approve the release of the Behavioral targeting program which excludes potential likes and somewhat isolates your ideas. Facebook’s main stream goal is about “connecting with others all around the world”, which Also seems to withhold another unknown goal, and that’s to take hold and control of your interest.  Once Facebook established the Behavioral Targeting program they compromised introducing customers into “non-interesting” ads that can potently lead to other interest as my sources prove to be so.

Concluding the unprecedented Behavioral Targeting program Facebook released as of 2013 extinguished all opportunity of non-interesting ads.  Increasingly, brands advertisers are trying to target the very users that are most likely to respond to their products and offers,” Mr. Katz said. “With retargeting you are looking at users who have demonstrated a proclivity to a certain category or brand by their behavior and then what their likes and behaviors are on a platform like Facebook. This brings up question on the Face book teams behalf especially after the release of the program that’s supposes to funnel the ads according to your likings. What if the program has negative functions such as temptations for false likings, like a mind control factor?  Originally pursued by business owners for putting that ad in front of the right people which means they are not spending money to put it in front of the wrong people and paid advertisements are going to more likely make a better return. More negatives are rising to the surface rather than positives in my research. Potential negative long term effects from the Behavioral Targeting might occur. Sonder is a part of life after all.


What are the good and bad effects of Facebook for students?

Keeping in touch with family and friends- Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with your family and friends that live far away. With instant messaging and even video chat, Facebook is the perfect place to stay connected. With the status updates, photos, and profile information, it can keep you up to date on the happenings of all of your close ones.
Making new friends- Facebook makes meeting new people extremely easy due to the fact that it allows you to add up to thousands of friends, and acts as a social melting pot of the internet. If you comment on someone’s picture then someone else but at the same time you gotta know when to stop using it and do the most important things.

Nearly 85 percent of college students log on to Facebook every day according to “”The social networking site has become an addiction for many. Instead of students concentrating on their homework or studying for a big test the next day, they are spending hours looking through pictures, answering their page comments, and chatting with friends on the site’s instant messenger. Facebook has consumed good grades and face-to-face communication is in jeopardy. when we are connected online there is always something to talk about but when we are face 2 face its like there is nothing to talk about and it’s almost becomes awkward to make conversations with each out social media is really coming in between us and our real friends because we have lost what it means to have a normal conversation with out the social media.some time Facebook it’s taking total control over us and what we have to do. “Doing my homework is important to me,” Pines says. “But I can’t help getting caught up in the world of Facebook. it is like there is something about it that can’t be resisted. “Social networking sites, specifically Facebook, effects students’ face-to-face communication,” Gavin said. “They often forget how to communicate correctly with people in person.”Employers are less than satisfied with the face-to-face communication skills of recent graduates according to The social networking site of Facebook does not allow for active communication. Professor Craig Fox of the philosophy department is worried that the shorter attention-grabbing bursts of communication on Facebook could be taken as a detrimental model for all communications.

Cyber-bullying- On Facebook it is very easy for cyber bullies to thrive. They can harass and/or gang up on one person even easier than they could in a school environment. There aren’t moderators that go around monitoring what people say to each other. Anything can be said. There are also a relatively small amount of parents that have Facebook accounts and keep up with their children’s. More than once I’ve witnessed this form of bullying, whether it be about race, appearance, intelligence, etc.

Ruined relationships- Facebook is notorious for causing couples to break up. Let’s face it, no one wants to see their girlfriend/boyfriend telling other people that they look cute, or liking their pictures, or instant messaging them constantly. It builds up jealousy, which causes quite a bit of tension in a relationship. The fact that many people try to hook up with others over Facebook while not realizing that these people are in a relationship doesn’t help the issue. Insecurity- Facebook is a cause for insecurities due to the fact that it makes people compare themselves to others. How can you not when all you see is pictures of your friends and acquaintances on your news feed?


first:yahoo answers:the negative effect of Facebook

second :cal time

Facebook has negative effects on students

by Marlee Shaulis November,16,2011



No more privacy


Privacy has become a big problem in our society. It’s so easy for anyone to access personal information. However, privacy is facing new threats for everyone whether they have social network or not because their information could be shared by others like family and friends not knowing that any personal information they share could harm them. Everything people post on social network like Facebook, twitter, Instagram can affect college application, job application and also causes a lot of problem between families. Teenagers can be ignorant sometimes they don’t think about how harmful it can be when they provide their personal information and adding strangers just to have more and more flowers, likes and comments.

Every online move leaves cyber footprint that are rapidly becoming fodder for research without you ever realizing it Sharon Jayson says in the article “Vast amounts of information collected by private companies, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter, give new insight into all aspects of everyday life”. Whatever people post online is like a footprint that never gets deleted. However, the more technology grows the more we lose privacy back in the day they never feared not having privacy because their lives were so simple they didn’t have all the technology we have and all the smartphones, computers and many other smart devices.

Teenagers think they don’t need to hide anything and they don’t care if people know their information. The things they post, the information they share and the pictures they put up could harm them and their families. They need someone to educate them and they need to know how serious it is when they share they personal information their location and other information that could end their lives sometimes.

There is no more privacy so people need to know where ever they are and what ever there are doing could be accessed somehow by someone for example in the article “seeking privacy in a networked age” by Nick Bilton he says “ nothing is private anymore”. He told us a small story about his own experience. Sometimes or most of the time people don’t ask to be put in any situation all they want to do is communicate with their family and friends but it is so easy for anyone to hack or access their account without them known.



Source number one: The social media industries. Edited by Alen B.Albarran

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Third: Vast amounts of information collected by private companies, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter, give new insight into all aspects of everyday life. By:Sharen Jayson. March, 12,14


Don’t be the next one get addicted to internet game, Say no

In the resent years, as Internet has rapidly growth, it is progressively changing the way we work, lifestyle, entertainment and communicative way, but there are also many problems has created in the online network. Some of these problems can affect people’s health. One of these issues is the young people immersed on the online digital games and cause unhealthy and other issues.

Network is just like a double-edged sword, which means have two sides. One of the sides is beautiful thing, the other side must have bad thing.  Especially for the young Students are easily addicted to online video games. Once they get addicted, they will have a strong desirable for more and psychological dependence on the games. They will think about their games all the time, because the game is just like the drug. Moreover, Students will show up emotional irritability, depression and other symptoms if they cannot play game. Teenage indulged in playing online video games have a lot of risks which like the vision and nerve damage, decreased flexibility of the brain and affecting academic performance, or even criminal behavior. In addition, some unscrupulous websites, filled with violence, pornography and other undesirable information.

Of course, online games are not always on the bad side. Right amount to play the game is to relax as a healthy activity. When the people free of work or study, they can play some games to relax. In addition, some games also benefit in our thinking, and make us smarter. It’s just like people drink alcohol, doctor suggestion drink less good for our health, not too much.

All in all, everything has two sides, such as online games, the key is that our players how to look at it and use it. depends how to use online games to enrich their own lives are concerned about their own. Smart people will use online games to adjust their lives, make life more interesting.





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Online game addiction rising, counsellors warn by Owen Bowcott , The Guardian, Thursday 8 October 2009 14.47 EDT

~In this article is about the young people get addictive cyber game has increasing. If the game players focus heavily on the game, they will forget to eat and sleep while they are playing the games,said by the therapists. Not only that, Addiction with online game are wasting time, money and damaging the player health.

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This article written by Michael J. Breus, Ph. D. is about some of the affects using technology before bed can cause. Michael talks about the different ways we are distracted by technology and how it keeps us from sleeping and how it can affect the way we act.

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This newspaper article is written by Michelle Castillo, the article is about how important getting a good night sleep is and how its recomended we get it. In the article there are polls of the national sleep foundation that back up the article itself.The article itself explaines how scientist recommed on getting a proper sleep schedual and staying away from any devices that have bright lights and that may distract us from our sleep.

3 Source-

This article written by Eric Lyday is about how staying awake with gadgets on our laps or hands can seriousl mess with our sleep cycle and mess up our physical and mental health, wheather its in the way we look, stress or feel, these electronic devices take over and are the thingstake up most of our time throughout the day because its something used in our day life. Throughout the article it is explined how it is important to keeo away from lighting screens that may keep us away and mess our cycle up and then screw our sleep schedual. It is also explained what type of things can be affected and what things may be the cause to sleep deprivation or insomnia due to electronic use before bed.