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Trevon Thomas
In the novel “Feed” by M.T Anderson its book based on futuristic theme. The characters have a chip installed I their head called a feed. The feed acts like a computer where they surf the web, shop for clothes and search up information. Even though the feed is good it has a powerful negative impact if it malfunctions. But threw this novel Titus and his friends show you different uses for the feed.

What is the feed purpose?

• The feed is needed because it helps them stay in contact
• It’s helps them research answers or shop online or stream music or chat with friends.

Is the feed good or bad?
• Violet thinks the feed is bad because everyone is smart but not every one retains the knowledge.
• Titus thinks the feed is good because it makes life easier and he compares it back when people had to carry laptops around now the feed is internal.
Bad effects of the feed.
• The bad effects of the feed if it malfunctions like violet did you can lose your memory.
• It blocks your ability to research actual knowledge.

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Essay 2

In the novel Feed by M.T. Anderson is a future world and relevant to the feed which like internet that installed in human’s head. It makes them have homely mark on the skin,, less ability and even destroy our environment. Also who has feed represent you are the high class.

 Feed cause users have big ugly red marks

p.21 “Like big thanks to everyone for not telling me that my lesion is like meg completely spreading”

p.23 “Your lesion, it’s on the edge of your face, so it frames your face”

p.221 “She still had the lesions all over her. When she moved her head, I could see a lesion on her neck open and close like a fish mouth singing a country song”

 Feed can harm you if it is broken or control.

p.202 “she was shaking and her eyes were all white and rolling around and she couldn’t talk anymore”

p.170 “The feed is tied in to everything. Your body control…..”

p. 40 “And then they touched us , and bodies fell and there was nothing else

p. 129 “I mean my foot isn’t working….” P. 174 “I probably don’t have much time……”

 Destruction our natural world

p. 179 “It was blue when the sun hit it one way, and purple when the sun hit it another way”

p. 180 “some upcars floated over in the Clouds TM…..”

p.125 “Yeah, Jefferson Park that was knocked down to make an air factory”

 Violet has individual idea, she doesn’t want feed control her

p. 98 “I am going to let them catalog me…”

p. 99 “ she whispered, Complicating. Resisting.”

P 113 “No one with feeds thinks about it, she said when you have the feed…..”

 Violet has different class with Titus

p. 113 “ I got it when I was seven”

p. 122 “so you are getting this as a reward for being in the hospital”

“My father has to save a year and let me have a trip to the moon”

The role of Corporations to Consumer safety and Product standards

Innovations and inventions has become part of corporations in order to get an edge in a competitive market with little or no regard to consumer safety, product quality and standards.

The safety concerns exhibited by FeedTech Corp in the M.T Anderson Feed text is a gross example. Although the text is base on imaginary world but the reality is that consumers face such safety concerns in their everyday transactions. The claims of safety and product standards could be noted from the words of Violet. She said

“I lost a year. During the seizure. I can’t remember anything from the year before I got the feed”

Another point of claim is according to Violet’s dad “We Americans” he said, “are interested only in the consumption of our products. We have no interest in in how they were produced, or what happens to them.”

Finally the response received from FeedTech after the petition threw me away when Nina said, “I’m here to inform you that FeedTech Corp has decided to turn down your petition for complimentary feed repair and/or replacement.”

I intend looking at consumer safety and product standards by corporations. Are corporations actually serious about the safety of those that maintains their being into business and why should Violet left to suffer? What happen to those without the feed? And what will happen if the feed is removed once fixed? These are some of the unanswered questions, I intend to focus on.


Essay 2 Pre-draft Destructive

The book feed by M. T. Anderson is a novel based on Titus and his friends who visit the moon and they meet this girl named Violet who changes the way of seeing society and on the problems that are really being faced. Violet proves to Tirus and his friends that theres more to then just the feed. The feed is a device that is implanted in their heads which gives them the abilities to have acess to the internet 24 hours a day they can buy and chat through this device,it is basically used for everything. What this device is doing is that it is keeping them away from what is actually going on around them in reality.

What is going on:

  • The changes in the environment such as limited air,the beach water, the beef country,trade marked clouds and The skin peeling off everyone and everyone becoming bald.
  • The pop ups and ads distracting them.
  • Feed not letting them see the truth,it being hidden from them .

What is the device doing:

  • Creating Pop ups,ads,and commercials that keep popping up on theyre feed and distracting them.
  • Keeping them away from whats going on environmentally.
  • Keeping them away from physical and verbal contact, the M-Chat stops them from having an actual conversation or relationship.

Examples of when the feed was distractive:

  • (125) Violet and Titus father argue over the air factory and how the air is limited. This shows how biolet is the only one aware of the environmental issues going on while everyone else is not aware.
  • (99) when Violet is doing her experiment and she walks in a store and theyre attacked by ads and pop ups. This distracts them and doesnt let them concentrate on what they really want because the feed convinces them on something else.
  • (199) when theyre at the party and marty chats and says the Lesions look good and sexy because you can see Quendys tendons and ligaments. Its a virus and its something that they dont realize because in the show “Oh! Wow! Thing!” Its a trend.
  • (180) Violet and Titus chat instead of actually talking when theyre with eachother. They do this to avoid akwardness and emotions when theyre with eachother.
  • (179) When Titus and Violet are at the beach and they have to use suits to protect themselves from the smell and water.
  • (201) when Violet goes crazy at the party and she starts to scream at everyone so they listen to what is really going on in the world and to not just use the feed Because those society problems are more important then the feed use itself.

The Love Between Violet And Titus

In the third chapter of feed they show us how the relationship between Titus and Violet developed. They go back to the earth and the feed worked again. Everything returned to normal. Titus picked up Violet and they both went to the party which Titus was invited to by Quendy, they celebrated and their feed was reunited. Even though Violet never been to a party before she was really excited to go to one because she only saw parties on feed. After the party Titus explain the dream that he got which was he can play any game he wanted for free from the feed but only in his sleep. After Titus got a heartbreak from Violet he looses his mind. He could not stand being around Violet for some time but he explain that he was going mal weakens him. Also at the ending of the book Titus realize that him and Violet forever and forever I just a dream and never going to be reality. Before Violet’s death she wanted to experience so many things that she never experienced before in reality. She stated on page 229 that “definitive list of things I want to do.” She meant that she want to do all the things she desire before she dies. Violet also tried to talk to Titus through messaging but, Titus failed to reply because he didn’t see the point of chatting with violet because she was soon going to die. Even though both Violet and Titus have feelings for each other, they have changed from the beginning of the book to the end. Their feelings have changed for each other because of the different challenges they have faced through life.

essay 2

In the novel feed, we learn that feed is a chip that is put in the brain. This chip controls their thoughts, emotions, memories and movement. Titus is the narrator of the novel, throughout the book we have learned how feed controls and effects Titus and his friends.We also learned how they can’t resist because surrounded by it.It’s everywhere there is no run away only death. Violet was different from all Titus friends (Link, Marty, Quendy, Calista and Loga)


  • Why is the feed important to them

-feed is the internet in their heads it’s easy for them to access to anything.

– They chat and stay together even when they are far


  • What are the effects of the feed

-once they get feed they can’t live without it (violet’s story)

– Feed controls their emotions and their thoughts


  • How the feed controls them.

-The feed is eaten them pg202

-feed is everywhere they can’t resist it

Violet’s Rebellious Battle


M.T Anderson’s Feed is based on a future dystopian society. Consisting of a group of teenagers who are board and look for adventures to consume time. The group is a total of six people, Titus, Link, Marty, Calista, Loga, and Quendy. All of whom share one thing in common, the feed. The feed is a network based microchip that is installed in the head accounting for 73% of their society way of life. Since technology is so advance the way of life as we know isn’t the same. The majority of the people feel that school is just an option and is not looked at as a requirement since the feed automatically installs knowledge and does the critical thinking for feed users.  Which brings up concerns for Violet, Titus’s friend. The negative stigma violet expresses toward the feed through out the book takes off when she realizes the Microchip markets the consumers interest according to the users preferences and makes suggestions according to likes and dislikes. Violet is a distinctive, rebellious character that is agents being categorized, programed and stream lined to her apparent personality, and the feed limits buyer options do to this process which causes potential friction.

Violet motions on (97) that everything they see, and think get thrown into this big calculation. The whole stream lining personality idea is so there’s an easier consumer base for products to be sold to. Violet doesn’t like to be like the others, blinded by what’s really happening. Demographic test places the feed population into groups so they can send adds according to what feed users supposedly like…so to through off this system she reflects false interest in things like wacky cloths while shopping with Titus and at the same time giving him the odd face to indicate her fake intentions (98).She also says “What I’m doing, what I’ve been doing over the feed for the last two days, is trying to create a customer profile so screwed, no one can Market to it. I’m going to become invincible”(98). Which explains her soon to come, bad luck.

Next is a great example of her outlook on life in reference to her master plan, and all the amenities she’s searching for. The list Violet sent Titus was one based on a free spirited lifestyle with no restrictions and way less complications that there faced with in their dystopia. According to her plan she don’t want to feel like everyone else, so as you can imagine the list consisted of dancing, flying over a active volcano and spit stuff in it, she also describes an interesting one that wishes she can sit with Titus some where without hearing an engine. The last wish mentioned was particularly interesting because, of the visual image it drew for me, putting me in their busy high-tech, futuristic, society.  Violets only question on her list is number 5, she asks “is there any moss anywhere”(229) which indicates to the average educated person that moss can’t survive with too much pollution. It makes me visualize a very polluted/compromised atmosphere. Most of this society must be unhappy for a female like Violet to attempt to suppress the feed.

Through out Feed I couldn’t help but notice a tremendous amount of complications Violet is faced with including, what I call back fire from her master plan. The system of Feed obviously malfunctioned do to the complexity of her actions. Showing false intrest in products and refuses to purchase anything. Her pessimistic persona on the society she lives in is expressed through out feed, for instance the conversation on the beach  she has with Titus about all the after effects to the sea do to discoveries/technology. Violet continues to explain the  orange suits they wore in order for them to avoid the horrific odder in the air, and describes the purple, yellow, green, bluish water their viewing as the sunrays change the water color(179). Through out her search for happiness she does feel something besides depression that makes Violet think she’s living and that’s the pain she feels.

Although all these dilemmas that Violet faces, she still can’t catch a break. A meg wave of bad luck approaches her half way in the book. Through out the story she seems to have bad experiences with the system which keeps causing her complications that aren’t even affordable for the average person. Especially when she’s considered low class compared to Titus’s and the rest of his friends. Violet didn’t ask for the memory loss that happen after her going into Mal and freaking out on Quendy on    . Violet can’t remember a thing from when she was six, so Violets dad shared his empathy with her by  protested her complications and sent FeedTech corporation a message of her testimony. Sad enough they replied with a discouraging tone revealing the company had no interest in helping Violet out do to her never making purchases, but agrees to review her options if she decides to start being an asset by using her credit in the feed.  Even though all the complications accrue Violet refers to pain as feeling alive, but she doesn’t want to die either. Karma must exist in their world as well, her master plan seem to back fire and for FeedTech to respond the way they did she must of not been the first to attempt the rebellious acts. Violet’s luck ran out as she is constricted to her death bed. Titus and Violets father can’t help but know when she will pass on due to a gage in the fees that provides a percentage of her livelihood. as Feed approaches the end the chapter titles have numbers which get smaller and smaller. The numbers resemble the closer she is to shut down/death. During the last few pages when Violet is at 4.6% death is near reflecting on her past the feed was installed late at seven years old, when it’s usually installed soon after birth. Violets father felt it was necessary since he didn’t have it until later on In life as well. Although he had an older version of the feed that was placed on his back and made his eyes turns orange when it was in use. He still decided to get the feed installed, because after being secretly taunted at an interview he felt that the other two who where also trying out for the interview where sending each other messages he couldn’t intervene on since he  didn’t have the feed installed at the time. that is why Violet had it installed at 7 because he doesn’t  want Violet to miss out on opportunities he missed out on. The guilty last words in feed of Violets father left his mouth with disappointment in him self feeling responsible for her agonizing death.

“to all those who resist the feed” M.T.A this quote which is in the preview pages of Feed makes a lot of sense as the book ends. It reflect on my argument as well as connecting to Violets Rebellious acts throughout Feed. The fight agents control through the feed by monopolizing peoples thoughts and markets products according to feed users interest. Just another shallow case of the governmental society withholding your thought patterns. Just like current days with tracking social media patterns by keys words in, post, blogs, pictures and tends to advertises products knowing you might be interested. Therefore, restricting your market purchases/options. Besides being a reflection of Violets situation in Feed, we are facing these problems today.


In this society we’ve learned that everyone has this device thats planted into their brains that gives them access to buy products, communicate, get cheaper prices for products and to find information. This device is called the Feed which serves as its purpose to be the internet in your head. As we meet these characters we see that many of them are just really blinded by the Feed except one that is resisting it her name is Violet. Violet is really unique compared to Titus and his friends because she sees the world in a different way and her living situation is different as well.


How She resists the FEED

  • She whispered “Complicating. Resisting.” pg.99
  • “What do you think about resisting?” she asked me really hard.” pg.103

Why is she different from the rest

  • “Your life …. it must be kind of strange” pg.138
  • Violet got the feed when she was 7 because her dad couldn’t really afford it
  • “i got the feed later . . . than some kids” she said “i got my feed really late”

purpose for the Feed

  • To give you updates on whats going on and whats the new trend
  • Advertising for you could spend money
  • listing products and comparing their prices together