*Reminder: HW for Tu 3/11

1. Read Parts 1 & 2 of feed and blog in response (don’t forget to think through the text in relation the¬†Utopian & Dystopian Framework that I handed out in class). We will be spending all of class on Tuesday discussing the first parts of the novel, and you should come in prepared for this discussion, and for freewriting and a quiz on the assigned reading.

2. Essay #1 Final Drafts are due (portfolio folder & e-mailed file) by the start of class. Make sure to review the Essay #1 Assignment and the Essay Guidelines (for formatting, electronic submission) before submitting your final draft. You can also find the Peer Review Assignment (that we did in class last week) on our site, if you want to use it to revise your new drafts.

Keep in mind:

  • The key to strong/successful essay is to move from summary to analysis/critical thinking/argument. Instead of merely summarizing Turkle, Marche, or¬†Catfish, you should put some text (either the movie Catfish, or a concrete/specific personal experience) in conversation with the Marche or Turkle readings. To do this, you will need to provide specific quotes from Marche or Turkle (that illustrate the concepts from them you are using). Then, your essay should help your readers to understand these texts (the documentary or your experience) through the lens/theoretical framework that Marche/Turkle provides. For example, you way to provide an analysis of how Angela, in Catfish, “curates” her identity. Or, you may want to look at how, in your own experience, people use social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to form superficial connections. The key, in either case, is to provide specific, concrete details (rather than a very general discussion) and a focused analysis.
  • Your Introduction (thesis paragraph) should provide an overview of your¬†argument¬†in the essay (your thesis statement should be the final sentence of this first paragraph).
  • You should include a complete, fully revised Cover Letter as the first page of your Essay.

Essay 1

Cover page

In reference to my past couple of readings I’ll be doing a collaborative/argumentative essay expressing my thoughts on the movie Catfish and the Article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely.” Lets face it now-a-days it’s much more prominent to use social media when conversing with anyone when using the computer. So rather than just talk about it I’ll be using quotes from both my resources hoping to clear all this confusion we live in today. Why is it that our generation wrap our lives around connection with others, some times strangers or people who don’t actually care what you have to say rather just an option to kill time.

my main weakness would be my¬†spelling and sometimes my sentence structure depending on my focus. I tend to get easily distracted when dealing with two recourses to make sure everything is accurate. but overall I would say I’m a great explainer and elaborator when it comes to something that interest me, in this case of unprecedented alienation. Rather talk about it I’ll also be relating it to most peoples situations and connecting the two resources. hopefully I can help you visualized what it is I’m trying to express to my audience. Since this topic interest me because of how realistic it is and how often it happens I would like to help prevent it from happening to¬†others.




The prompt ” is Face book making us lonely ”¬†and the Documentary Catfish had a lot of similar points in reference to the Social media epidemic. slathering the alienation of connection verses conversation, since most thing their the same Turkle was sure to clear up any confusion. Connecting is texting/writing via social media with out any actual physical conversations. To converse is to visually see the body gestures to better comprehend what is that the other party is trying to express. So why are we being deprived of this Important lost art. Society tends to find communicating much more simplistic through newer and more accessible technology.¬† This unprecedented alienation is impairing that average day conversation and we as humanity need to realize this abrupt change in the way we communicate. We are being deprived from being able to read micro expressions and body gestures, therefore the out come won’t be pretty as we rely on text messages rather other forms of communication such as conversation. A dumb down society is expected.¬† The near future isn’t looking so bright for the teens that are talking advantage of this resent form of communication that blow up¬†in less that a decade.

Regarding The connected but disconnected society¬†that has emerged due to technology developing so rapidly, people are developing sleeping disorders, Mental disorders, obesity, anxiety, and neuroticism.¬†Stead fast as people are becoming more knowledgeable of these con’s as stack, and come together with more cases being release to the media as truckle has¬†discussed with his responses¬†in “Flight from Conversation” and in “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely.”¬†Even though most of humanity stays blinded about the fact of social media’s negative out come. For instance in the movie Catfish the main mystery girl behind 16 false pages on Facebook, which each displayed a bit of her personality in real life behind fake faces just to fulfill her needs of loneness, says Angelia of Michigan. Although Nev’s the other main character in Catfish¬†which turned out to be¬†her secret lover who is lorded in by Meg¬†one of Angela’s¬†fake¬†Profiles on Face book.¬†Angelia is a perfect example of someone with¬†neuroticism which¬†statistics show is caused from loneness. Meanwhile the feeling¬†of emptiness derives from the internet naturally consuming¬†horse a week from the average person, and disconnecting them from conversations that really matter.

Never the less Authenticity and intentions are another huge concern for those who endure technology. Just like reading most papers it takes a couple of times to¬†comprehend the tone of the writer, well same goes for texting to an extent but it’s even worse because most text are brief and less elaborated¬†in reference to what I¬†explained earlier about not being able to gage¬†the writers intentions.¬† As for Facebook that’s if the person your talking to is actually who they say they are. Never underestimate New friends intentions online because there are a lot of cases where perverts and misleading characters tend to lore in there next victims via social media web cites. Think twice next time your connecting with someone you’ve never actually seen.

In addition, my next point is the stupidity¬†of isolating your self from the real world which causes you to be lonelier¬† in the end. Isolations starts with intentions, which could be caused by in confidence and comparisons¬†with others that pose there life to be so splendid everyday when in reality they have bad and or regular days just like everyone else who is human.¬†Most let other peoples life style get the best of them which may Cause jealousy, envy, or even depression in some cases. Maintaining a healthy mind set is viral but than again not everyone is build with the same, whish proves Technology specifically social media isn’t for everyone. Teens especially, encounter cyber bulling that can¬†cause an increase of isolation which can lead to them being even lonelier.

As I stated in the beginning this epidemic needs to be regulated and or released more widely to the public about the long term effects and how to prevent them from happening. The paradox of it all nails down to the negative outcome of wanting to be connected but sacrificing conversation at the same time just to fulfill your need of feeling updated on at least 100 people you don’t even talk to on a regular basis.