Don’t be the next one get addicted to internet game, Say no

In the resent years, as Internet has rapidly growth, it is progressively changing the way we work, lifestyle, entertainment and communicative way, but there are also many problems has created in the online network. Some of these problems can affect people’s health. One of these issues is the young people immersed on the online digital games and cause unhealthy and other issues.

Network is just like a double-edged sword, which means have two sides. One of the sides is beautiful thing, the other side must have bad thing.  Especially for the young Students are easily addicted to online video games. Once they get addicted, they will have a strong desirable for more and psychological dependence on the games. They will think about their games all the time, because the game is just like the drug. Moreover, Students will show up emotional irritability, depression and other symptoms if they cannot play game. Teenage indulged in playing online video games have a lot of risks which like the vision and nerve damage, decreased flexibility of the brain and affecting academic performance, or even criminal behavior. In addition, some unscrupulous websites, filled with violence, pornography and other undesirable information.

Of course, online games are not always on the bad side. Right amount to play the game is to relax as a healthy activity. When the people free of work or study, they can play some games to relax. In addition, some games also benefit in our thinking, and make us smarter. It’s just like people drink alcohol, doctor suggestion drink less good for our health, not too much.

All in all, everything has two sides, such as online games, the key is that our players how to look at it and use it. depends how to use online games to enrich their own lives are concerned about their own. Smart people will use online games to adjust their lives, make life more interesting.





Annotated Bibliography


Online game addiction rising, counsellors warn by Owen Bowcott , The Guardian, Thursday 8 October 2009 14.47 EDT

~In this article is about the young people get addictive cyber game has increasing. If the game players focus heavily on the game, they will forget to eat and sleep while they are playing the games,said by the therapists. Not only that, Addiction with online game are wasting time, money and damaging the player health.

Networking is an angel or a devil

Internet has rapidly growth, it is progressively changing the way we work, lifestyle, entertainment and communicative way. We can communicate with each other, chat with friends on the Internet; buy things on the Internet, listening to music and watching movies. There also possible office or at home through the Internet. More importantly, Internet is a huge, endless treasure trove of information, including the resources to anyone’s needs, it can be said to be “inexhaustible”, while the Internet can offer far more than that. It is no exaggeration to say that, even into the Internet connectivity is equivalent to the entire world!

Network is just like a double-edged sword, which means have two sides. One of the sides is beautiful thing, the other side must have bad thing.  What I want to say the bad technology is such as network video games. Especially for the young Students are easily addicted to online video games. Once they get addicted, they will have a strong desirable for more and psychological dependence on the games. They will think about their games all the time, because the game is just like the drug. Moreover, Students will show up emotional irritability, depression and other symptoms if they cannot play game. Teenage indulged in playing online video games have a lot of risks which like the vision and nerve damage, decreased flexibility of the brain and affecting academic performance, or even criminal behavior. In addition, some unscrupulous websites, filled with violence, pornography and other undesirable information….

We should correctly understand the two sides of the network; use the advantages, to avoid the short,  and  enjoy the fun and the health from the network.

Essay 2

In the novel Feed by M.T. Anderson is a future world and relevant to the feed which like internet that installed in human’s head. It makes them have homely mark on the skin,, less ability and even destroy our environment. Also who has feed represent you are the high class.

 Feed cause users have big ugly red marks

p.21 “Like big thanks to everyone for not telling me that my lesion is like meg completely spreading”

p.23 “Your lesion, it’s on the edge of your face, so it frames your face”

p.221 “She still had the lesions all over her. When she moved her head, I could see a lesion on her neck open and close like a fish mouth singing a country song”

 Feed can harm you if it is broken or control.

p.202 “she was shaking and her eyes were all white and rolling around and she couldn’t talk anymore”

p.170 “The feed is tied in to everything. Your body control…..”

p. 40 “And then they touched us , and bodies fell and there was nothing else

p. 129 “I mean my foot isn’t working….” P. 174 “I probably don’t have much time……”

 Destruction our natural world

p. 179 “It was blue when the sun hit it one way, and purple when the sun hit it another way”

p. 180 “some upcars floated over in the Clouds TM…..”

p.125 “Yeah, Jefferson Park that was knocked down to make an air factory”

 Violet has individual idea, she doesn’t want feed control her

p. 98 “I am going to let them catalog me…”

p. 99 “ she whispered, Complicating. Resisting.”

P 113 “No one with feeds thinks about it, she said when you have the feed…..”

 Violet has different class with Titus

p. 113 “ I got it when I was seven”

p. 122 “so you are getting this as a reward for being in the hospital”

“My father has to save a year and let me have a trip to the moon”


In the novel Feed by M.T. Anderson, last part “Slumberland” beginning with Violet is in the hospital because her feed somehow breakdown. While Titus is so worry about her and her father comes. Tites asks him what is happening to her. After the technician doctor fixes her, Violet wakes again, but she still not is a normal person because her feed efficiency is lower 98%. She apologizes to Titus that what she did to his friends. Titus pretty understands she doesn’t mean by those things if she is not damage. The next day, Titus goes to visit Violet at her house. She told him because of this time malfunction, she lost a year of her memories. And she told him wants to go and do many things and have fun. However, Titus doesn’t look excited and treats coldly at her, because he is not sure Violet will be okay or not in a big group. Violet’s father tries to get money from the FeedTech for repairs her daughter, but it didn’t success. On the nest morning, she talks about her family background. Her mother and father’s family never has feed as they could not afford it. She transmits the list that has all the things she wants to do with Titus. But he not interested at all and even ignores this info. Therefore, he broke up with Violet when they were in the mountain hotel. Unfortunately, she died with excessive heart-broken.

Violet centrally is unique and different of all the teens. After her feed damage from this time, she still has many things wish to do. Is it that she against to the feed and feed punished her in some way? I think that the feedtech can control human who has feed. Nina says “FeedTech and other investors reviewed you purchasing history, and we don’t feel that you would be a reliable investment at this time” FeedTech just doesn’t want to provide assistance; because they notices that Violet is different.


In all of her list that is indicating is normal person what we do in today, but it is weird or might astonish for the feed user.  Violet list becomes more fantastical, describing an ideal life in which she does not have the feed and is actually from Fort Wayne. She wants to grow old and have grandchildren with Titus, retire by a lake, and have a dog named Thomas Paine. This just like in our life what we want to do, but it’s happened in Violet’s mind.

Part 3 utopia

In the part 3 Utopia of the book Feed by M.T. Anderson begin with things are get back to normal since Titus and his friends got hacked in the moon. They go back to the earth and the Feed it works again; everything is return in their normal life. Titus soon has party invited by Quendy, it’s to celebrate their feed is repaired. Titus picks up Violet go together. Violet feels so excited about it because she never join the real party before; she only seen a party on the feed. Later, they arrive at the party. Calista doesn’t like Violet and says she is kind of stuck-up, but Quendy does happy that Violet with Titus together.  Titus worries about Violet because she still has some affected by the last time hacked via she tells him. After the party night, Titus got the dream that he can play many free games from the Feed and only in his sleep. The next, Violet has new project to tell Titus, they are decide to meet in the mal. She says that the Feed makes everyone so simple. She wants to create a customer profile that the corporations unable market. Also, they go many places to just asking for the ridiculous question but did not buy. Before they go to the bed, Violet told Titus that everything goes crazy; she got everything that from the feed what they obscured at today. On the later chapter, i know that Violet was born on the poor family. She couldn’t like Titus could have toy gun, so she took anything object as a gun. They are both have good time since they make up stories laughed and laughed. Titus was shocked when Violet got the feed at her 7 year old and her father needed to save money up to a year for her moon trip. Then, Titus feels so sad about while Violet said the feed makes people foolish and selfish…Since Titus’ parents buy him a car, he with Violet intimacy gets much closer and love grown.

As far as i read, i like that Violet has dissimilar opinion on the feed and acts differently.  I like the way she has individual opinion and not influenced by the other people or feed. i guess this book try to tell us, It’s good always be ourselves, we are control the Feed, not him.


The documentary film “Catfish” is by the young men Nev, Ariel and Henry. The story involves the main character Nev has falling love with “Megan Faccio” on the Facebook and then a bunch of stories below. Dramatically, “Megan” actually is someone else pretended. First, the story is begin Nev is a photographer in NY. He admires an eight years old artist, Abby and they are friends in the Facebook. Also, Abby’s mother Angela, her husband Vince, Abby’s half-sister Megan and other family relatives are all become Nev’s friends in Facebook. One of the charming girl, Megan catches Nev’s attention. She is so hot and single. She is singer and dancer. Nev likes Megan and she is mutual. They become contact with each other through texting or phone calling. Some time, they mail things for each other. They begin online relationship. Megan often sends her performance’s songs for Nev. However, Nev’s friend discovers Megan’s songs are from YouTube while they are on the business trip. Nev feels that is totally unbelievable and heartbroken. Also, they found out there is not only Megan lies, Abby’s mother, Angela also tells lies about Abby’s gallery. Ariel and Henry suggesting Nev does not expose what he knew to Megan because they decide to travel all the way to Michigan in order to dig out the truth, whose is playing Nev. By the various doubts, they drive to Megan’s farm at first, but didn’t see anyone. On the next day, they approach at Abby’s house, Angela feels astonished that Nev just shows up in front of her. She looks homely and not beautiful as the painting looks like. Angela lives with two sick kids are Vince’s children. Abby isn’t at home, Angela drives Nev and his friends to another place to see Abby. After Nev meeting with Abby, he surer that Angela is liar because Abby has no idea what does Nev said and she seldom paints. In addition, Nev got a message from Megan that she can’t see him because she is alcoholic and now is in rehab. Nev knows that is lying from Angela. On the afternoon, Nev tells Angela that he wants to have real conversation, no hiding staffs. Finally, Angela feels so shame what she did. She tells everything. There is no Megan, the painting is her work and she is the only one pretended all the differences of characters in the 16 Facebook profiles that she crated. Angela actually is wire-puller to make up all the stories.

“Megan” and Nev are being too lonely. They both easy get relationship through the social media. However, we don’t know who is telling the authenticity from the internet. In order to trust somebody should be not just get to know each other online because the technology connection such as Facebook profile can be create, edit and we can’t get that much true info. As Sherry Turkle says in The Flight From Conversation “We can’t get enough of one another if we use technology…” P2

Nev was so upset while he knew everything is fake. He was enjoying at the beginning with “Megan”, but the ending is opposite that is suffering because that just a farcical unreal story. I think that Nev has been too lonesome, he just immersion himself with “Megan” and forgot to careful think about it. This connected to the article Is Facebook Making Us Lonely by Stephen Marche says “Loneliness affects not only the brain, then, but the basic process of DNA transcription. When you are lonely, your whole body is lonely” and “The problem, then is that we invite loneliness, even though it makes us miserable”P7

Although Angela’s action really bad and hurts Nev, I feel bit of sympathy to Angela. She has displeased life and take care two sick children in a whole day. At the end, I am glad that Angela changed herself. She builds up her own website to promote her paintings and Nev still is friend with her.

Summary~~“Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”

The article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” by Stephen Marche is telling about the social media which like Facebook can cause many negative issues to the humans. As author says, the digital technology can pushing people become more lonesome. He provides much information from himself and different experts that they have been study in Facebook, and the research shows since the Facebook and internet developed,  the more  people are become mentally and physically ill or lonely. And these numbers of unhealthy people are rapidly raising. The author purpose is telling everyone the seriously problems of social media if we do not employ correctly the social media

Good or bad about Technology

The article “The Flight From Conversation” and “Saving the Lost Art of Conversation” is about the technology alter our lives in many ways, such as texting someone just clicks on the screen.  It is convenient for us. However, it occupy most of the time in our lives. The people are spend excessive time and concentrated on their cell phones or browsing on the internet. In my opinion, I think the technology has positive way and negative way. A good way obviously is convenient for us to communicate with each other. Another one advantage is enriched all our lives, like listening music, playing games, watching movies on the spare time. On the other hand, technology can cause person unhealthy if he/she put a lot of attention on it. An Example of this like my brother, he played games on the cell phone in a whole summer break time and cause he got cervical spondylosis and he needs surgery to fix his neck, a poor guy. So, what I think is every things that have two side, depends on how do you to handle it.


In these readings “The Flight From Conversation” by Sherry Turkle and “Saving the Lost Art of Conversation” by Megan Garber, are both saying that the technology is changing our conversational habit with each other. The expert Turkle has researched the folk’s relationship with technology for many years. Nowadays, the people are familiar to use cellphone or other social network to communicate with each other, instead to have face to face conversations. The author Turkle says, people are head’s down look at their devices, typing, texting or e-mailing no matter is at home, workplace or some places else. They only focus on now technology conversations instead of the normal conversations.

I am personal that says I am not totally agreed with the Trtkle ideas, yet some of them. Tukles says “At home, families sit together, texting and reading e-mail.” This is so odd situation, but it happens in this day. I don’t like that if everyone sits together having dinner and they just being alone together. It’s not a time that everybody holds on the cellphone texting, checking e-mail. We supposed to have conversations with families’ members, concentrated with parents or kids. This is essential respect that we must teach the young kids. I suggested that if anyone has this same kind of issue, you have to get rid of it. On the other hand, i think the cellphone conversations are good though. Beside that technology provides us very convenient and easy to connect the person that you want to speak. No matter how far it is, just click the numbers on the cellphone that who you want to talk with. Although, the author claims that the conversations is supposed to be face to face, not technical communication, but the question is can we really do that? An example of this, in my own experience, I am from south of China. It’s around 12230 kilometers away from New York.  I have many my friends in China and I do miss them a lot. However, I often use the technology contact with them and its fast way to communicated. On the other way, I can buy a ticket and fly back to my hometown to see them and have conversations. I hope I can do that, but I just can’t afford it and don’t have that must time. What I am trying to say that is the technology conversation also brings us benefits, quick and simple way to connect with each other. In the same way, if I would like to have conversation with my professor, I need to use technology conversation contact him/her and make an appointment first.

 To sum up, I neither on technical conversation side nor the other because I think everything has both sides and depends how we treat on it. If we can learn the fine points from the both sides, conversation and technology conversation, then should be perfect.    


Hi, all. My name is Yang Yang Li. Everybody can call me Yang. I am a 100% pure Chinese from the south of the China and I can speak Mandarin and Cantonese. I am a nice guy, but, a little shy.  Three years ago, my family and I immigrated to here. Right now, I am living in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. In addition, I am majoring in mechanical engineering.

First of all, please allow me to share a little bit about the Chinese New Year (= Spring Festival) because now Chinese people are celebrating the New Year. In Chinese’s calendar, it’s included the New style and old calendar. The Spring Festival day is count on the first day of January of the old calendar. Therefore, the Chinese New Year day changes every year. This year is the year of the horse. The most common traditional food is Dumpling which they will eat on the New Year day. Moreover, the children, unmarried people and I are extremely happy on the New Year days because we will get the Lucky Money (cash in the red envelope) from the married people and eldership. Finally, I would like to teach the most common greeting is Kung Hai Fat Choy.  This indicates may you be happy and prosperous! Kung Hai Fat Choy to all!!

Bring back to my introduction; I have one older sister and her also in college, too. I really enjoy spending time with my family and my friends. I love playing Mahjong with my grandmother, typically like swimming on the summer time. I considered myself swimming level just like fish that fast, however, my writing skill improve like snail. As a foreigner, I still have many problems on my writing, such as grammars, spellings and ideas, etc. this real makes me upset when I thinking my writing problems. Suddenly, i thinking about Michael Jordan’s maxim “I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying”. I like this sentence a lot. Hopefully, I can do well on the beginning semester. Also, I like Chinese food the most but not spicy, because i think if the food taste too spicy would takes away the original flavor from the food.