The language they use in the feed is futuristic because, they have new ways in communicating such as through the feed like mchat and private conversation like in their head only no one can see or know anything just them and no one suspects anything. The language they use to insult each other is not normal because the feed makes them ignorant. When they talk they uses words such as “omigod” which stands for “oh my god”, “unit” meaning dude, “null” meaning “boring/bored” and a lot more different words. They also uses a lot of curses words such as “shit”, “butt ugly” and “morons”. The language use in “Feed” is not the regular language to us the readers but to them it makes perfect sense.

The Love Between Violet And Titus

In the third chapter of feed they show us how the relationship between Titus and Violet developed. They go back to the earth and the feed worked again. Everything returned to normal. Titus picked up Violet and they both went to the party which Titus was invited to by Quendy, they celebrated and their feed was reunited. Even though Violet never been to a party before she was¬†really excited to go to¬†one because she only saw parties on feed. After the party Titus explain the dream that he got which was he can play any game he wanted for free from the feed but only in his sleep.¬†After Titus got a heartbreak from Violet he looses his mind. He¬†could not stand being around Violet for some time but he explain that he was going mal weakens him. Also at the ending of the book Titus realize that him and Violet forever and forever I just a dream and never going to be¬†reality. Before Violet’s death she wanted to experience so many things that she never experienced before in reality. She stated on page 229 that “definitive list of things I want to do.”¬†She meant that she want to do all the things¬†she desire¬†before she dies. Violet also tried to talk to Titus through messaging but,¬†Titus failed to reply because he didn’t see the point of chatting with violet because she was soon going to die. Even though both Violet and Titus have feelings for each other, they have changed from the beginning of the book to the end.¬†Their feelings have changed for¬†each other because of the different¬†challenges they have faced through life.


In the video “Catfish” produce by Nev and his brothers mainly was about an eight year old girl name Abby¬†that was on Facebook and became friends with Nev. As Nev and Abby started conversing though Facebook Nev found out that Abby was a child that love to paint art and they became close friends. Abby started sending Nev painting of her pictures.¬†Even though Abby lived all the way in Michigan and¬†¬†Nev lived all the way in New York they both stayed connected really good with the help of Facebook. As¬†Nev got to know Abby really¬†well he then became mutual friends with Abby’s Mother Angela and half sister Megan. After a few conversations with the family Nev became really attached to¬†Abby’s¬†family¬†and¬†considered them his “Facebook family”.¬†Nev then became really¬†attracted with Megan and they both started a relationship though Facebook. As the relationship between the two grew Nev found out a lot of suspicious behavior with Megan he first realize that the talented Megan was pretending to be someone she was not after running a few research on the songs Megan send to him using Youtube. After becoming suspicious about a lot of the false information that Angela and her daughters was giving to Nev. Nev and his brothers decided to take¬†a trip to go pay Angela and her daughters a visit to see what was the real story behind the story they been told. When Nev arrived at Michigan they went to the horse farm but realize that they wont really any horse there. Before leaving¬†Michigan Nev decided to go pay Megan’s Mom Angela a visit.¬†When Nev arrived at Angela’s house he was in shock and heartbroken¬†because Angela was nothing compare to what she claimed to be though¬†Facebook¬†nor her husband¬†Vince and the two sick children that they lived with, by this surprise Nev knew their were a lot¬†to find out about this family cause it was clear enough to see that nothing was matching up to what he¬†been imaging it too be all along. As Nev and Angela talked Nev realize that Angela was a really happy person and she also mention to Nev that she was really sick and soon had to under go chemotherapy. Angela then¬†told Nev to come with her to Abby’s friend house where Nev found out that Abby’s haven’t seen her older sister in so long and also that Abby couldn’t even paint as good as he thought, it¬†was Angela painting¬†him pictures¬†all along. After gathering enough information to prove that the whole story was a lie, Nev ask Angela to do him the favor of just telling him the truth about everything.¬†Angela agreed to share the truth¬†to¬†Nev where she told him that Megan wasn’t even real and that the pictures was use from a really close family friend, and that also all¬†the sixteen¬†profiles that was use to¬†like, comment and post on Megan’s, Abby and her profile was all made by her .¬†After listening to Angela’s story Nev¬†realize that Angela had a really bad problem which was she was¬†really unhappy and lonely.¬†Therefore Angela made all these profile to express the person she would¬†love to¬†be and it¬†also helped¬†keep¬†her entertain and to¬†escape¬†her lonely life though social media. The video “Catfish” relates to the article ” The Flight From Conversation” by Sherry Turlke because she stated that ”¬†texting and e-mail and posting let us present the self we want to be” which shows that even though Angela was living a lonely and unhappy life she portrayed herself on social media as the most happiest person she could ever be. In the¬†story about Abby there where no authenticity cause all Angela did was take pictures of other people which showed that she just violated others privacy but not with the intensions of doing so, she just did it to¬†make herself in to everything she ever wanted to be her entire life.

“The Flight from Conversation” and “Saving the lost of conversation” -Vunita Mieres-

In both articles ‚ÄúThe Flight from Conversation‚ÄĚ by Sherry Turkle and ‚ÄúSaving the lost of conversation‚ÄĚ by Megen Garber both talked about the way that social media affects the way people interact with each other. Turkle have stated ‚Äúthat we have gotten the habit of being alone together, two people can be in two separate places all alone and somehow still be connected so that they are alone together by their devices‚ÄĚ. I agree with the authors that in the world social network can make someone lonely because it allows you to interact socially but without any social interaction.
As stated in the article Turkle pointed out that in this modern day there is no longer people having any face to face conversation and talking to each other. I agree because I’ve personally saw that when I go to restaurants I see families around the dinner table and instead of holding a conversation they will be into their phone on social media or texting. Also I have saw while friends are hanging out before holding a conversation within the group they will be into their phones.
On my facebook page I have over four hundred friends although I mainly converse with about forty of them and can personally call like four of them when I need help. However facebook does not make me lonely because compare to others I have a whole different life outside of facebook social network and also have other friends and family that I can interact with whenever I need help. I do have meaningful communication with friends and family on facebook because I’m able to share a lot of special moments with them even though they are so far away.
And I like that on facebook it also has the option to tag photos to your friends and family, it helps you to feel included in major activities. There are also the option of liking photos and statuses that helps start conversations and shows acknowledgement. Social media helps build community with people addressing major issues in different vicinities. Some facebook statuses may be written to offend others and some may be written to uplift a lot of facebook friend’s self-esteem. I use facebook to show my positive side and my love life.
I have also ask some of my friends that has social media such as facebook how do they use facebook and they said that they use it as a photo album, a diary and a scrapbook to keep record of their life. I have also browse through their profile and I have seen that they also uses facebook for similar reasons as I do which is to stay connected with distant friends and family. And they also share their thoughts and idea through this social media site.

Summary- “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” by Vunita Mieres

The quote “Is Facebook making us lonely”? by Stephan Marche has focus on the point of view about the way social media has and presently still is affecting this modern generation. As showed in research Facebook and other social media have a negative affect on millions of people by making them lonely and also giving people the feeling of being present in places when really they are not physically there in person. This affect has also lead people into becoming mentally, emotionally and physically ill. Facebook and other social media has also distance and broken up relationships as well as it has to friendships, due to the misunderstanding and poor communication that Facebook and social media has to offer. Which proves that Facebook is the cause of people becoming ill and feeling very lonely.


Hi my name is Vunita Mieres, I was born in the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago. At the age of twelve I relocated with my mother in the United States of America. I live in Brooklyn, New York. I am the second to last child for my mother and the last for my father. I am a freshman at New York City College of Technology and my major is hospitality management. My dream job would involve customer/guests services, from working in a five star hotel resort or a front desk at a hospital or maybe if I am successful in my baking/culinary classes I can be an executive chef at a five star restaurant and if all else fails then I can be a flight attendant so that I can travel the world for free.

At the age of fifteen I worked at a dinner where I held the position as a waitress/hostess. I honestly loved the job but it was time consuming and was affecting my schooling. As of January 1st 2014 I started a new job at JFK International Airport where I hold the position as a lobby agent. I really enjoy working at the airport because it gives me the opportunity to meet new people with different nationalities, ethnicities and various cultures.

My goal in life is attain my degree to get my dream job that allows me to have the quality of life to travel the world and to spend time with my friends and family. More specifically ill like to support my current family as well as to provide a solid foundation for my future family.

In my spear time I love to spend time with my family and friends. We have a lot of activity in the house, it doesn’t take much for anything to turn into a party especially since my mother and sister cooks up a storm. My nieces and younger sister are a source of continuous entertainment, my family is very important to me and spending time with them is a big part of my daily routine. I also enjoy dancing, acting, going to the movies, listening to music, sleeping, eating, hanging out and I love to watch movies that show case relevant life lessons.

I have lived in New York City for over five years and I honestly still miss home. New York City has a lot of different things to see and to do but it still doesn’t compare to living back home. I miss the rest of my family since my father and big brother still lives there and they mean so much to me. I just miss the laid back atmosphere and the beautiful weather it has all year around and the monthly holidays that it has to enjoy. I miss going to the beautiful beaches, rivers and something simple as picking juicy, fresh fruits off the trees.

English is one of my favorite classes because it gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas. However my weakness is I write the way I speak, I will like to enhance my vocabulary and to tighten my grammatical skills. I look forward to this class challenging, my creativity and the quality of the writing I produce.