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Trevon Thomas
In the novel “Feed” by M.T Anderson its book based on futuristic theme. The characters have a chip installed I their head called a feed. The feed acts like a computer where they surf the web, shop for clothes and search up information. Even though the feed is good it has a powerful negative impact if it malfunctions. But threw this novel Titus and his friends show you different uses for the feed.

What is the feed purpose?

• The feed is needed because it helps them stay in contact
• It’s helps them research answers or shop online or stream music or chat with friends.

Is the feed good or bad?
• Violet thinks the feed is bad because everyone is smart but not every one retains the knowledge.
• Titus thinks the feed is good because it makes life easier and he compares it back when people had to carry laptops around now the feed is internal.
Bad effects of the feed.
• The bad effects of the feed if it malfunctions like violet did you can lose your memory.
• It blocks your ability to research actual knowledge.

The End

In this last chapter of feed violet seems to become more ill day by day.She has a lot of malfunctions and Titus only sits and wonders is she’s gunna be okay. She feels as if she is going to die soon if her feed isn’t fixed or if it fully stops working.When Titus sees hope sick she has gotten he gets worried. He tries to alienate himself from violet. But violet feels worried that her days are limited so she send titus a bucket list of things she wants to do. But titus being a jerk ignores her. But later on he agrees to run away with her. When they arrive at the mountains they began to argue. They quite didn’t see eye to eye as before. After they finished they went home. Violet was disappointed because she tried to be lovey dove with titus he just rejected her like she was a nobody. She felt a way towards titus as if he was like everybody else. But later on violets dad tells titus the sad news about violet. He blames titus as one of the reason his daughter passed. At this point titus is lost for words he waited till it was too late.
At that point i think titus is really dumb. Why he really liked violet but pushed her away. Even though they was perfect he made her last few days uncomfortable. Titus let his pride and his friends over shadow the way he felt about violet.which wa shad because he defended her in most cases and in the beginning of the book he explain how lonely he felt. But when he was with violet he felt different. It was like he felt loved and he was happy. I think that titus should have never ignored violet. He would have been a better character standing by her until she was threw her problem.

Feed Part 3

In this part of the the novel they have recovered from the virus the hacker gave them. Titus is home now with his family recovering. Although his feed is back his father is still very disappointed with what happen on spring break. But as he recover he can sense his parents grief. Titus later on ask his parents to barrow their car to go to Quendy’s party. He picks up Violet , because Titus’s trying to show her a great time at the party so she can have a good first experience. At the party Titus friends tell him how weird violet is and hows shes different from them. Quendy ask Titus question about how him and violet dates.After the party Violet tells Titus lets hang at the mall. She began telling Titus her view on alot of things in life. As shocked as Titus is he takes it in and wonder about Violet. At times her words often amaze him. He sees violet have a very different outlook on society. She tells him how the school system used to be ran by the government before the companies. With all the knowledge he know has Titus has alot more to think of now. But as time go by Violet and Titus relationship begins to grow even more. Ever since the hacker touched her she has been having problems. Her feed acts up and her legs dont work sometimes. But they often talk about the feed and how it makes life better. But violet feels as if they are bad and how prople are watching them.


Today i started to read the novel Feed  by M. T. Anderson. The book starts of with a group of young teens.The book has af uturistic  theme , in which the teens  being in space to start of the novel.As the story progress i learn that they have a futeristic device in which they use to connect to the internet. It feeds them the information they want or need.But on there way to thier destination Titus one of the character becomes fond with a beautiful lady he catches a glimpse of. Titus couldnt stop staring he was wondering about her the whole time until she spoke up and said something to him.He had been lost for words admiring Violet’s beauty.Titus’s friend Quendy got her hair fixed by Violet. She was regular until violet fixed her hair making her the center of attention.Titus’s friends thought violet was different from them she wasnt like them at all. but Titus felt a strong feeling about Violet in which it became romantic.They all went out later in the novel to the club.While in the club somebody infected their feed with a virus in which hospitalized Titus and his friends. While they wait for recovery Titus and violet begins to bond even more. She tries to show him its more to life than the feed. While they wait for their feed to start working again.


Today in class we watched “Catfish” its a story about a man named Nev.He meet a young painter by the name of Abby and her family.He built a relationship with her and her family as he became fond of Abbys painting.But as he digs deeper into it he find out a lot about Abby and her family. Nev got in touch with Abbys mom Angela and interacted with her sister Meagan . But Nev started a online relationship with Abby older sister. As he falls deeper he questions him self a lot and started putting the pieces of the puzzle together.He felt like he had to see Meagan and meet abby and her family. He built such a strong bond with meagan he felt like they had to meet face to face to make it official. He travels a long distance from home to discover the house Meagan said she had was false and his letters was in the mail box. He arrives at the family house to figure out Abby wasn’t a painter and Angela the mom had created a fantasy world around different people and was telling Nev a lie.

Angela plays a big role in this movies because she plays almost every role. She has several fake Facebook accounts to make her story add up. She has several cell phones in which she uses for her different personas. She pretended to be abby when sends Nev the paintings she did.And acts like Meagan the girl Nev has a crush on. He caught on to angela one day when Meagan sent Nev a song she said she recorded but turned out to be somebody else song. Nev and his brother went to find out the truth.He used google to find out the art gallery was a lie that Abby and her mom didn’t but it nor hold an art show. Nev was shocked to find out that that place has been abandon and on the market for such a long time. He realize he’s being lied to but doesn’t wanna quite admit it as yet.

The Competing vision here is Angela’s vision of a beautiful young painter with a perfect life.But in all reality she isn’t as beautiful or as perfect as her Facebook page or paintings.She tried to keep up with all her personas and she did a good job because the messages was over Facebook.Throughout this process Nev has gotten to know Angelas whole family and has grew fond of the paintings he thinks he’s getting from Abby. Nev calls them his lil Facebook family.He built a bond with Meagan and he felt he had something real.But it turned out to be fake when he arrived at Meagans house and he got the mail he had sent to her not picked up. And it was a empty barn house with no horses.He was in disbelief that they would lie to him like that.When he found out she lied to him and Angela was behind it all she apologized for violating another persons privacy. She felt bad about using others peoples pictures to create fake pages and leading other people on.


Summary of “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?”

In the article  “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” it speaks about how social media has taken over some people lives. It also speaks on how we can have thousands of friends but still be all alone. One point she tried to prove the most is no matter how much were connected one the web some people are still alone. She feels like social media is good at times but its mainly bad. Its bad because it consumes time and takes away the fun in verbal communication. The author of the article also feel Facebook and social media sites is just a bunch of fantasies in which we use it to escape reality. Meaning we can be almost anybody online.But when it comes down to reality we can’t hide from that. Why because you gotta live your regular daily life.

Reading Response Flight From Converstaion

The article “The Fight From Conversation by Sherry Turke” speaks about how conversation has changed over the years.How people graduated from full verbal conversations to text and emails.In a way she speaks about how she feels that text and email is taking the emotions out of conversation. She talks about how modernized the world is and how one young boy said “One day i hope i can have a real conversation”.This goes to show you that text messages and emails has taken over modern day conversation. And how some people feel like its much easier to just text and email people rather than have verbal conversation. In my opinion i think technology is good because some people are shy. Not everybody is able to speak their mind fluently. Some people cane express their mind better threw text or email rather than verbally. I Understand because I’m one of those person who can express my mind better threw text rather than verbally. Sometimes people thoughts get jumbled up as they speak or they become nervous. But as technology gets more advanced i don’t think people will have verbal conversations any more. But in the article they said “We expect more from technology and less from one another” . I think this statement explains how we use technology to do almost everything and rely less on others for anything.The second article talks about how she speaks on agreeing with the statements Terry made is correct. And how text and emails is killing conversation. But she also agrees that text and emails play one of the biggest roles in conversation and how it is helpful. In the article Turkle said” She can’t watch mothers not talking to their kids”. Modern days mothers use their phones more than they have modern conversation. This is something i seen happening in public places.But both articles have valid points on electronics is modern society. And how it takes up takes over modern conversation and how verbal conversation is better than text messages or emails.


Hello i am Trevon but everybody calls me Trev for short. My major is accountant.Im from Grenada which is located in the west indies. I lived in Brooklyn for about 15 years of my life. Im the middle child on my mothers side and the oldest on my fathers. My hobbies are shopping , basketball and eating. I choose city tech because i wanted to pursue my dreams as an accountant. I graduated from norman thomas hs in june 2013. While in hs i learned a lot about business management and accountant. To be honest I’m not really into writing about me or talking about my life. But if you do get the chance to know me I’m very kind and outgoing i actually enjoy doing good deeds and helping others out. To sum it all up I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and getting a wonderful learning experience at city tech.