No more privacy


Privacy has become a big problem in our society. It’s so easy for anyone to access personal information. However, privacy is facing new threats for everyone whether they have social network or not because their information could be shared by others like family and friends not knowing that any personal information they share could harm them. Everything people post on social network like Facebook, twitter, Instagram can affect college application, job application and also causes a lot of problem between families. Teenagers can be ignorant sometimes they don’t think about how harmful it can be when they provide their personal information and adding strangers just to have more and more flowers, likes and comments.

Every online move leaves cyber footprint that are rapidly becoming fodder for research without you ever realizing it Sharon Jayson says in the article “Vast amounts of information collected by private companies, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter, give new insight into all aspects of everyday life”. Whatever people post online is like a footprint that never gets deleted. However, the more technology grows the more we lose privacy back in the day they never feared not having privacy because their lives were so simple they didn’t have all the technology we have and all the smartphones, computers and many other smart devices.

Teenagers think they don’t need to hide anything and they don’t care if people know their information. The things they post, the information they share and the pictures they put up could harm them and their families. They need someone to educate them and they need to know how serious it is when they share they personal information their location and other information that could end their lives sometimes.

There is no more privacy so people need to know where ever they are and what ever there are doing could be accessed somehow by someone for example in the article “seeking privacy in a networked age” by Nick Bilton he says “ nothing is private anymore”. He told us a small story about his own experience. Sometimes or most of the time people don’t ask to be put in any situation all they want to do is communicate with their family and friends but it is so easy for anyone to hack or access their account without them known.



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essay 2

In the novel feed, we learn that feed is a chip that is put in the brain. This chip controls their thoughts, emotions, memories and movement. Titus is the narrator of the novel, throughout the book we have learned how feed controls and effects Titus and his friends.We also learned how they can’t resist because surrounded by it.It’s everywhere there is no run away only death. Violet was different from all Titus friends (Link, Marty, Quendy, Calista and Loga)


  • Why is the feed important to them

-feed is the internet in their heads it’s easy for them to access to anything.

– They chat and stay together even when they are far


  • What are the effects of the feed

-once they get feed they can’t live without it (violet’s story)

– Feed controls their emotions and their thoughts


  • How the feed controls them.

-The feed is eaten them pg202

-feed is everywhere they can’t resist it


In the novel  feed by M.T Anderson, part 4 violet was taking to the hospital by Titus after they were playing spin the bottle at the party when violet go so mad and said “ look at us, you don’t have the feed! You are the feed! You’re being eaten!” when she got the hospital Titus was so worried about her and her father came. They discovered how bad her situation is getting. She apologized to Titus about what she said at the party to him and his friends specially Quendy because she called her a monster. When she came out of the hospital and Titus came to visit her she was telling him what she wants to do when she feels better she wants to party go out and have fun. She texted Titus to all the information that she wanted him to save but he didn’t answer her for a few day and when he had a very bad headache he deleted all the Information she had sent him when she came to his house because he wasn’t answering he told her that he didn’t receive anything. They went to the mountain and at the hotel they broke up and took her home. Finally after few days he gets a message from her dad that she was died he went and so how she was, she was a like a wood he felt like there is no one there. Her father told him that her feed was affected because of the late installation and the model wasn’t that great.
         Her father told Titus that he didn’t want to give his daughter the feed, because he and his wife didn’t have it but when he went to the job interview and he felt different without the feed he didn’t want his daughter to be left out so got her the feed. I wonder it was like if she didn’t get the how was the life of her parents without it.
     When Titus received the message from violets dad that it was over and he drove over to her house on the way he said that “the clouds were glowing and a black snow was falling” what does the clouds and black rain simples. And finely violets day was blaming Titus because he put her through this and deleted what she have sent his, he said something that’s so great “we Americans, are interested only in the consumption of our products. We have no interest in hoe they were produced.” And he said “what happens to them once we discard them once we throw them away”. When Titus and Violet went to the mountain and he broke up with her his said I didn’t know this was going to be serious I thought we will be together for a few months and she is acting like they are married. This reminds me of Nev story when  Angela the story she wasn’t thinking about how it was going to hurt Nev and that’s what Titus did he didn’t think about how violet was going to feel he made her feel sorry they she was dying.      

feed part 3

In the Novel feed by M.T. Anderson, feed is about teenagers that are sounded or controlled by something called feed which it has different meaning it could be the internet advertising. In part three of the book it was about the teenagers after went back home from the mood and they had a rough experience in the mood it was boring to them and it was even worst when they got hacked from that old guy in the nightclub, Titus, violet, Marty, Calista, Link, Loge and Quendy stayed in the hospital as it showed in part two of the book. After they left the hospital they went back home from the violet became Titus girlfriend and she was different than everyone else and her feed has a virus she is trying to fix it. She got the feed when she was seven years old unlike Titus and his friends because her family is poor unlike the rest so she tries to help Titus to live without the feed. Violet met Titus family they had dinner together it looks like Titus’s dad didn’t like her. Violet lived at a suburb called Creville Heights it’s an assaulted area Titus went to pick her up to go to the and he met her father he was very weird.

In part three they used mal a lot I didn’t really understand what it meant. Part three was mostly about Titus and Violet. Violet tired making Titus happy even when he wasn’t on the feed they had really great time when he picked her up every time from her house to go the mall and she would run around and ask for things she don’t even buy at first he found it wired but he liked it when she was happy, always when she went to meet his family and his dad was mean to her he wanted to say something to him so he could stop ,when he met her wired father and they went to the country side they had very good time, they told stories but their parents.

Violet got her feed when she was seven and after she went to the moon and it got hacked she could replace it she sometimes a part of her body stop’s moving. I have a question so basically they live can’t live without the feed after they get it? But if yes how was the life of these people that don’t have the feed.

Violet’s feed stopped working and when she went to the technician he told her it because she got her feed when she was fully formed its more likely to malfunction, feed controlled everything their emotion, memory. Lesion was as a fashion to them but when they went to the party and Quendy showed up and she had them everywhere I don’t think anyone liked it then but she thought it was cool. In page 194 in the second paragraph when Titus said that people walk in one door and come out the really caught my attention because it’s like he saying that how technology is we go on it for hours but it’s like we was never on it.



In the documentary “Catfish” by Nev Schulman, his brother Ariel and his friend Henry, it’s a story about Nev meeting an 8 year old Abby and her family, her mother “Angela”, her sister “Megan” and her brother “Alex” through Facebook. Nev receiving some painting including one of him in the mail from Angela saying that Abby draw them. He started talking to Angela on the phone about Abby and her paintings. Then he started talking to Megan, she was a dancer and a singer. He felt in love with her and her music. They became very close she sent him a few songs but after he discovered the real song on YouTube. He became suspicious to find out the truth. He also found out the Angela lied about Abby’s gallery when he called the owner and found out that the place wasn’t sold yet. Nev and his friends decided to travel to Michigan to find out the real story. They went to Megan’s farm but discovered there was no horse as she said and he found the mail he sent her. Nev was heartbroken that he really cared about Megan and the whole family. The next day they went to Angela’s house and meet her two sick kids and her husband Vince they were surprised that she was a different person from the image they had. Angela seemed to be happy to meet them; she told them that she was going to start using chemotherapy  then they drove to Abby’s friend’s house when they meet Abby and her friend he found out that Abby doesn’t talk or see her sister Megan and she barely paint. The next day Nev received an email from Megan saying that she has alcoholic and she was going to get helped and cannot see him. He knew that it was probably another lie from Angela.  When he met Angela again he asked her for a real conversation, he wanted to hear the truth. She told him that Megan wasn’t real she was a family friends and she is the person with all the 16 friends Megan had on Facebook.  This is so heart breaking Nev puts his pain a side and decided to hear her till the end. Angela was the one that drew all the paintings she claim was Abby’s. After he heard from her he knew she had a serious problem. She was lonely and not happy with her life she wanted to live a different life with that fake image she created because she wasn’t satisfied with herself.

  • Angela created Facebook with someone else pictures and information. Megan the girl Nev felt in love with wasn’t real it was real it was all a lie from Angela and the goes back to what Sherry Turtle says in “The flight from conversation”  “texting and emailing and posting let us present the self we want to be” it was easy for Angela to present herself as if she was Megan. She also said that it’s easy to go back and read or change stuff on Facebook and that’s what helped her continue with her lie.
  • NEV, Ariel and Henry tracked down the “Truth” starting from the song Megan (Angela) sent him as if it’s her song but they found the real song on YouTube, and when they called to find out about the place Angela said they bought for Abby’s gallery. So they decided to go to Michigan and find out the real story the “truth”. Then they found out that the farm that Megan (Angela) said was hers wasn’t really hers and she didn’t have a horse.  When they saw Angela she wasn’t the same person she said she was. When Abby and her friend told Nev that she doesn’t talk or see her sister Megan and she barely draws. The text the received from fake Megan that she has to go get help because she had alcohol problems and that she can’t see him. They knew that everything was made up by Angels and that there was no Megan. Finally when Angela told Nev everything. In “is Facebook making us lonely” Cacioppo says” Facebook is merely a tool, and like any tool, its effectiveness will depend on its user.” It affected Nev because he trusted and became friends with someone he don’t know.  And Angela affected him by making up all these lies and falling in love with an imaginary person.
  • Nev loved Megan and cared for her, he proved it when his friend asked his if him and Megan will go out he said he won’t because he doesn’t want her to get hurt. When he found out that the farm wasn’t hers he was shocked and couldn’t believe that he was fooled or lied at. He said “I really cared about this girl, now I don’t know what to feel.”
  • Turkle claims that” technology changes not only what we do but who we are.” Angela isn’t happy with her life when she give up everything to get married to Vince she knew that she can’t be what she wanted to be. But told her to go do what she wanted but she says that she wants to live with him and the kids, she wants “security” that shows that she is not secure. Therefore she draws the life she wants in her very powerful imagination through Facebook.
  • Vince’s story about “Catfish” means that there are people in our life that keep us active and always thinking. Angela left Nev thinking by creating fake Megan and loves her, which are really “Aimee Gonzales” a professional model and photographer. Angela didn’t only lie to him of text with a fake account she lied to him when she said that it’s a family friend but she really doesn’t know her. I really feel bad for Nev its heartbreaking and unimaginable story he went through with all the lied Angela made up. I don’t think he would ever trust anyone on social networking that’s good he learned his lesson but the hard way. Everyone should know this story to learn from other people’s mistakes, experience.

Is facebook making us lonely

In the article, “Is Facebook making us lonely” the author Stephen Marche shows how effective loneliness can be and what causes loneliness. Stephen proves her point by giving facts and studies to show how technology has the most effect in our life because it isolates us from the real world, from our friends, and families. The more we connect on Facebook the lonelier we become. Loneliness can make us physically and mentally ill.

is facebook making us lonely…


In the article “ Is Facebook  making us lonely” by Stephen Marche , Facebook has a very big population, it was the first web site to receive 1 trillion pages views in a month and 2.7 billion likes. The company’s potential value of $100billion.reams of published research show that it’s the quality, not the quantity of social interaction, that best predicts loneliness. 20 percent of Americans about 60 million people are unhappy with their lives because of loneliness. As john Cacioppo says loneliness burrows deep: when we drew blood from older adults and analyzed their white cells, we found that loneliness somehow penetrated the deepest recesses of the cell to alter the way genes were being expressed. Loneliness doesn’t only affect the brain but also the basic process of DNA transcription. When you are lonely your whole body is lonely. But loneliness and being alone are not the same. Different study show that loneliness has grown but the history of our use of technology is what really making us lonely.

Loneliness is growing but is the social media the reason or it’s just part of it?  Is trust the main reason of loneliness?  I had so many questions after I read “Is Facebook making us lonely”. In 1985, only 10 percent of Americans said that’s they had no one to discuss important matters with. However, in 2004 24percent had no one to talk to. I find that sad because loneliness keeps growing, I find it like a dangerous sickness is it going to fallow to out next generation. In the article it showed that in the late 40s, the United States had 2500 clinical psychologists, 30000 social workers and 500 marriage and family therapists. However, in 2010 the united states had 77000 clinical psychologists, 192000 clinical social workers, 400,000 nonclinical social workers, 50000 marriage and family therapist, 105,000 mental health counselors, 220000 substance abuse counselors, 17,000 nurse psychotherapists, and 30,000 life coaches. This makes me wonder how life would be in 20 years. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon showed that increasing internet usage was already concurring with increasing loneliness.

A study in Australia showed that people with unhappy family relationship seek companionship through other means including Facebook the study also show that people who are lonely spend more time on Facebook. Now after reading this I have come to my own conclusion social media might have a part of why we feel lonely but people usually use social media because they are lonely. A recent college graduate Moira burke did a study on 1200 Facebook users she said that the effect of Facebook depends on what you bring to it, her conclusion was that’s social network can make people feel worst about themselves, or they can feel motived. Facebook doesn’t destroy friendships but it doesn’t make them either Cacioppo says, he also says the greater the proportion of face to face interactions, the less lonely you are, the greater the proportion of online interaction, the lonelier you are, Facebook is mere a tool he says and like any tool its effectiveness will depend on its user. I agree with this everyone can control the way they use social media and how it effects them. I don’t have Facebook  or twitter or any social media so I don’t know how it really feel to be so addicted to it as some people say , a girl I know back from high school said that  she is so addicted to Facebook is like a drug , she said that sometimes she stays on it for 8 hours . I find that crazy sending 8 hours of your life texting and checking on people you barely know.

The flight from conversation, saving the lost art of conversation.

In the articles, “The flight from conversation “by Sherry Turkle. Sherry argues that mere connection is bad because its making us lose connection with people around us, conversation is more important but we barely have conversation, we are too busy with the devices we have in our hands. Mere connection is also bad because it changes what we do and how we really are. sherry says ” a 16 years-old boy who relies on texting for almost everything says almost wistfully, “someday, someday, but certainly not now, I’d like to learn how to have a conversation.” that’s one prove that mere connection is bad because its taking out new generation away from the real world. I agree with the author the only social network I have is the email and I only us it for school or work. I feel like a lot of people are wasting their time in others peoples business and what’s ironic is almost half of these people they don’t know and never meet, this is the real loneliness people use social media more than they have an actual conversation; media has taking a huge part of our lives. It’s sad how some people feel like having a conversation with people around them is interrupting. Technology is very powerful it makes our lives easier but the way people use it can change not only what we do but also who they are.  This really caught my attention. I wonder how life would be in thirty years. Technology is taking our freedom of feeling one another people could be at the same room same place for a long time they barely notes each other.

In the article “saving the lost art of conversation”. Megan Garber says  that’s Sherry also used this technology and she works with robots and sherry is not boring but she is an exceptionally skilled conversationalist.“ I can’t, in restaurants, not watch families not talking to each other” everywhere you go you see people so hooked up to their phones. Turtle says “we talk to each other all the time but we are talking at each other rather than each other. People are so in to social media focusing on. In my opinion having face to face conversation is very different it’s being yourself , some people could be so different we u text them and when u meet them personally. I feel like social network takes us from the real world. Social media ask what’s on your mind put the question is do most people say what’s really on their mind big chance if not, sherry says.  I strongly agree with her most people live a lie they try to please people. Even sitting in the dinner table with the family isn’t the same anymore each one is busy with their phones and technology. This social media is making us want more from our salves drawing a fake picture of who we really are. I feel like we are really losing something so important that most of us don’t even realize which is conversation that’s why Sherry is wring books and articles because it’s really important to her and she wants people to realize what they have giving up and how important it is.


Hi, my name is Samar; I was born in Yemen and raised here in Brooklyn. I am the second oldest out of six children I also have two nieces. I am majoring in accounting hopefully when I graduate I don’t want to do tax papers I want to work at a bank.

I worked at a dentist office and physical therapy office, they were the best experience. I learned so much and it actually help me find my major because when I started college I didn’t know what I wanted to major I was thinking of being a dentist before I graduated from fort Hamilton  high school. but when I worked at the dentist office  I totally changed my mind, I knew it wasn’t  for me.

My goal in life is to make a difference starting from the smallest things even by smiling at people on your way to school, at work or even at home start from your family make them feel special and loved  it could actually change someone’s life . I once heard that a guy was so depressed and lonely he always thought no one loved him and there is no point of him living so he decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and if no one smiled or asked him what’s wrong he’ll commit suicide and he did he actually killed himself, helping as much as I can is what’s going to make my happy. I was actually in a group at the masque I go too. We basically use to help as much as when can. We visited people in the hospital, we went to feed the homeless people and we also raised money to help people in Africa. It was amazing.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, balling, ice-skating, and traveling. I want to go all around the world. I have passion for horses I hope one day I will get one. My favorite book is “gifted hands” by ben Carson. I love that book it gives hope and it shows you that it’s never too late to be better in life. I strongly recommend it. Favorite quote is “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, Love like you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”  By: William W.Purkey. This quote means so much to me it’s the definition of hope in the dictionary of my life.