Social media Vs. Teens

Many kids in this generation have social media. Kids are starting to have social media from a very young age resulting them to think that everything they see on social networks is right and  they should follow. Kids consume all there time on social medias not taking in any information from school or knowledge from everyday life.

Social media affecting teens’ concepts of friendship, intimacy

Young people feel socially supported by having large networks of on-line friends they may never see

By Pauline Dakin, CBC News Posted: Feb 24, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Feb 25, 2014 11:27 AM ET


  • ¬† ¬† It’s an article that deals with how much time kids consume on social media. Teens tend to have a lot of followers on social networks, a lot of them being there just to show that your popluar. Many of those followers you don’t even know but you feel happy with them following you. You tend to have this fake connection with someone thats in another country to feel better about yourself. It’s good at some points but then you can’t connect to someone on a real level and have a normal conversation because yet again your so consume by social media that you forget whats going on.

Teens on social media’s impact on relationships: Survey

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  • ¬†Social media affects the relationship your in! In my experiences social media as a huge impact because your relationship is not private its public. People will try to get in the way between you and your partner, it happened to me in the pass. In social media people tend to act different because there not face to face with you, people will lie and provoke you to certain extents. Social media is¬†negative¬†in some teens because teens want to use in a¬†negative¬†way by trying to break a¬†relationship¬†up by posting up a picture or a message.


The upside of selfies: Social media isn’t all bad for kids

By Kelly Wallace, CNN
updated 4:38 PM EST, Fri November 22, 2013
Social media might have just won this battle with teens. It is positive because it builds the self esteem of kids and nowadays everyone needs a boost of self esteem. social media is very back and forth but you just have to see how you view it.

is social media affecting teens today?

In this generation many teens have many social media outlets such has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Some use these social medias as a venting diary while others use it for the fun of it to post things thats irrelevant in peoples lives while others are cyber bullies. Social media has many affects towards teens that are both positive and negative. The positive aspects of the social media is that your connected to your friends and family. Also while being connected to social media your connected to the world so you know about stuff thats going around the world. The negative aspects about social media is that with the slang of teens they start writing to their friends and family it dumbs them down because they start writing like that in there every day life. With social media teens tend to be more alone and depressed, because they see the life of other peoples wishing they can be living that life too. Social media is very powerful to teens in a aspect thats very negative since everything is out in the open to everyone; teens get bullied. With social media being out to everyone everything isn’t private unless you make it , but in other cases when its not people have access to it and may bully you if they don’t like you and start to cyber bully by doing mimes of their pictures.

Social media didn’t exist about 15 years ago and since it started a lot of thing began changing. Such as advertising for teens, teens tend to see more products online and they want to consume it to see who has what.



In this society we’ve learned that everyone has this device thats planted into their brains that gives them access to buy products, communicate, get cheaper prices for products and to find information. This device is called the Feed which serves as its purpose to be the internet in your head. As we meet these characters we see that many of them are just really blinded by the Feed¬†except one that is resisting it her name is Violet. Violet is really unique compared to Titus and his friends because she sees the world in a different way and her living situation is different as well.


How She resists the FEED

  • She whispered “Complicating. Resisting.” pg.99
  • “What do you think about resisting?” she asked me really hard.” pg.103

Why is she different from the rest

  • “Your life …. it must be kind of strange” pg.138
  • Violet got the feed when she was 7 because her dad couldn’t really afford it
  • “i got the¬†feed¬†later . . .¬†than some kids” she said “i got my¬†feed¬†really late”

purpose for the Feed

  • To give you updates on whats going on and whats the new trend
  • Advertising for you could spend money
  • listing products and comparing their prices together


As we start to find out that the relationship between Titus and Violet is coming to a rough end, you just feel terrible about the whole situation. Violet is going through her malfaction while Titus is just not feeling the same anymore towards her. We start to notice how he starts separating himself from Violet little by little, he barely talks to her even starts to ingore her.

Is Violet being¬†ostracized by Titus and his friends? Or is she just being ostracized by the ¬† society that they live in? ¬†We notice that the Feedtech is somewhat punishing Violet because she resist’s the feed. Nina said I’m here to inform you that Feedtech Corp has decided to turn down your petition for complimentary feed repair and/or replacement. We tried our best to¬†interest a variety of possible¬†corporate¬†sponsors, but we regret to tell you that you were turned down.¬†Unfortunately, Feedtech and other¬†investors¬†reviewed your past purchasing history and we¬†don’t feel that you would be a reliable investment at this time. No on can get what we call “handle” on your shopping habits, like for¬†example you asking for information about all those wow and¬†brag products and the ¬†never bought anything. We have to inform you that our corporate investors were like “whats doing with this?” sorry¬†I’m¬†afraid¬†you’ll just have to work with your feed the way it is. (page 246-247).¬†This is Violet resisting the Feed she doesn’t want to be put into the category were your just a consumer of products. Which is why it makes her very different then the rest of the characters on the book. What the Feedtech worker Nina was referring too was when Violet and Titus went to the mall and ask various questions of products and didn’t buy anything.

The whole point of the Feed is to have people purchasing and purchasing products. The Feed is not helpful because it dumbs you down and it gives a specific hype that everybody’s has to be on. Violet was trying to show that to Titus but that was never accomplished. Violet was trying to let Titus see the world in a different way, buy telling him news about South America and current issues that was happening in other places. Titus would always refer to her saying as “weird shit” but its only because she’s different and sees the world differently.

Part 3 Of FEED


  • -move away from summary (focused idea)
  • -Paragraphs should be separate
  • -Citation/quotes(page numbers)


70% have feed : How come?

  • ¬† ¬† Class?
  • ¬† ¬† How others live life?
  • ¬† ¬† Can you live without the feed?
  • ¬† ¬† Models of feed
  • ¬† ¬† South america viewing the u.s different

Violet’s freak out

  • Why is her change so bad?
  • Is she being punished?

What type of dialog do they have?

  • Dadadadadadadadada?
  • Why do they question everything they say/Questionable statement?

What do they look like?

  • Lesions

Commodified = value 


Living situations

  • How come they live in Domes?
  • How could they can control the seasons
  • Different neighborhoods

Homework Tu 3/25

  • Feed, Part 4 + Blog
  • Group work Post ( by Wednesday 3/19
  1. Class discussion(Part 3)
  • Essay 2 Pre Draft
  1. Thesis
  2. Claims
  3. Evidence
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We have come to learn that without the feed these people can’t function. While Titus and his friends were in the hospital they felt so lonely and bored without having the feed up and working. Titus was describing how bored he was without having the feed; he describes it has the “walls” and kept emphasizing the painting that was on the wall. As Titus and Violet didn’t have the feed they start communicating normal with verbal words without m-chatting. We learn stuff about Violet that is very important and very interesting, how she got the feed when she was seven years old because her father couldn’t afford it. We learn how her parents meet and aren’t together anymore. The father is a teacher and teaches the “old language” which i think is really important because it makes Violet stand out among the crowed that has the feed because she’s different. We learn how Titus parents meet as well. They meet in the planet venus “the planet of Lerv”. We learn that you can technically design your baby because when Titus was having a conversation with his mother and father they were explaining how they kind of took traits from a looks a actor they wanted there son to look like which is DelGlacey Murdoch, then taking parts from like the mom hands or the fathers eyes. Violet is very different even were she lives is completely different.

Poor Nev!

“Catfish” is a documentary about a guy named Nev that started to build this relationship with a little girl named Abby and her family. The point of the film is to show how social media has an affect on peoples lives and connections with people through social media ¬†,the way they live and portray themselves. The directors of the film are Nev’s brother and best friend. They thought it’ll be a good idea to film the life that Nev was living and to capture the connection that he shared with Abby and her family. “Catfish” has been a really big hit as a film, it even got a spin off series on MTV to try to help people that are going through the same thing that Nev went through. It all started through the social media “Facebook” when Nev had a friend request from a very talented little girl named Abby. In my opinion i think is weird that Nev would obtain this friendly relationship with a little girl! It’s very interesting how the power of social media has people close but not really close, because Nev lives in New York and Abby and her family are all the way in Michigan. Nev got close to Abby then started becoming close to her mother Angela and her half sister Megan and Megans brother. Nev starts to build this intimate relationship with Megan. In the beginning everything is fine but Nev starts to notice a few things that doesn’t add up to what Megan and her family are telling him so he starts to investigate the truth. Nev had an event with his brother and best friend near Michigan so he wanted to meet Abby and the family but they start to do all this research and everything that the family has been telling is all lies. Nev comes to find out the everything was a lie created by one person and thats ¬†Angela. Angela created all those Facebook profiles to continue with her lies and she made Nev believe all of this was true this is really relatable to the article “The Flight From Conversation” some people like to represent themselves differently even going as far to change them selves and to make up a whole person that doesn’t even exist.

How social media affects society

Is Facebook making us lonely? According to Stephen Marche the answer is yeah, because although we might have has many friends on Facebook we might not really know them and just have them there for show. We are all connected through social media knowing whats going on in peoples life if its good or bad but who really cares? In this article Stephen gives ¬†examples that are very accurate. Facebook has had an huge impact on us that is negative because its connected but really “disconnected” people.

How Technology is Changing the way we LIVE!!!

Technology is changing everything in our world from making our lives super simple to complicating it. Technology is used for good things that help us but sometimes its very distracting. The article “Saving The Lost Of Conversation” i can agree with Sherry Turkle, you just see everyone on phones either its to check emails, go on Instagram or even just playing games; this isn’t bad but when you have a kid as young as 5 doing all of that you just come to think where is this world coming to? I think if we can keep the phones to a minimum it wouldn’t be that bad……


HAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, I’m Salvador i really don’t want to be introducing myself because this is really awkward but i’m trying to get a good grade so here it goes……My major at City Tech is undecided because i want my GPA to be a 3.0 for i can transfer to the school i really want to go to which is Fashion Institute Of technology. I want to be in fashion marketing business because i want to be dealing with the trading and buying of materials in the fashion industry. My favorite type of music is indie. My favorite artist is LANA DEL REY, her music really speaks to me which i can relate to.


Im taking this course because its a requirement for my “major”. ¬†My exceptions on this course is for me to do all my work and get a good grade. ¬†We’ll be getting to talk about technology that effects our life’s so I’m trying to get the most out of it but technology ruins in life in reality. Everyone uses technology for something if its for Instagram,twitter, or Facebook, even to just check the weather. I don’t dislike reading but it is a little torturous with all the words that gets my head to hurt from each little detail that gets registered into my brain. My strengths in writing is i have to be very into what I’m writing about because if I’m not into it my work is going to look very poor. i’m not familiar with science fiction or utopias so i’m very curious to know what that is.