Consumerism, commodification

Salvador, Luciano, Pattisorn


– The feed is a network that markets users interest according to users preference and suggestions.

Supporting claims

– Advertising always pop-up from the feed.

– SchoolTM and CloudsTM (a product you can purchase to change the weather.)


– Feed suggestions on what to buy even if you don’t know what do you want.(31)

– Expression Titus love toward Violet.(131-133)

– Violet approach to the feed.(96-104)


Feed (Part 3: utopia)

In the part 3(utopia),The normal things are back, after the hacker(Old man at the club) and the hospital. They all go back to earth. Titus and Violet go to a party at Quendy’s. Violet feels very special that Titus takes her to the party. Becaue she never go to a real party before. She only sees a party on the feed. After, Titus and Violet arrive at the party. Quendy says to Titus, that she is happy that he and Violet are doing okay, but Calista says Violet is kind of stuck-up. After  Titus chats with Violet, he finds out that Calista makes fun of Violet because she used a French vocabulary in the conversation. Violet tells Titus that her feed still has damage from the hacker. Titus so worrys about that, but Violet tells him that she fines. The doctor said to her it will be fine. That night after the party Titus has a dream about the police, but he thinks they are not the police. They are the hackers. But when he woke up, he forgets every thing. Violet has a research. This is a big project for her. She says that the company have to find out what everyone wants due to their feeds, but this makes everyone life’s easier. Her project, she creates a customer profile that is so confusing none of the company can market to it. Violet plans to show interest in random items, that will make it impossible for her to be fit into a profile. She and Titus spend a day at the mall, looking from store to store. By the end of the day, Violet receives an amount of banners that they temporary cut off the outside world. Titus asks her why her father did not come to the moon hospital. She says it is expensive to go to the moon and her father have to saved up a year to pay for her moon trip. Titus goes car shopping with his father and Violet. Titus and Violet are excited. But, Violet thinks Titus is spoiled, but she does not say it. Violet says Titus is lucky because he gets this car as a reward for being brave. She tells Titus that they do not have to go to court because the hacker died. Titus surprises because he does not know about this. Next day, Titus and Violet go to a trip to Beef Country. Titus picks Violet up at her house. Also, This is the first time that Titus meets Violet father. Titus has strange nightmares again. He is in a foreign place, seeing riots and fields of black. A kid looks at him. A gun points at him. Then Violet wakes him up. Violet also has the same dream. Then, she tries to call FeedTech, but she gets an automated computer. After that, Titus goes back to sleep and the feed seems normal.

This part of the Feed is show how relationship between Titus and Violet are growing up. They did a lot of things together. They went to the party at Quendy’s. They were doing the reserch(going to the mall). After Titus got the upcar, they went to a trip to Beef country together. Also, they were having a strange dream that they thought it came from the hacker from the moon, but he already dead.


The documentary film “Catfish” by Nev and his brothers, Ariel and Henry is telling the story about Nev’s relationship with Angela and her family (Abby, Vince, and “Megan”) by Facebook. In the beginning, Nev(a man lives in New York City) knows Abby(eight years old girl from Ishpeming, Michigan) on Facebook as an artist(painting). Abby paints a lot of picture, that she saw in Nev’s Facebook and post it back as a painting. After that, he starts having a friendship with Abby and it becomes stronger. Nev gets some of Abby’s painting by mail, that send by Abby’s mother(Angela). Nev has a good relationship with Abby and her family but, Nev never talks to Abby by phone only talks to Angela. Farther more, Nev knows Megan(Abby’s sister) via Facebook. She is an artist and professional dancer. Nev starts having some conversation with Megan by chatting and posting on Facebook.Nev and Megan’s relationship becomes stronger and stronger. Nev starts talking and texting by phone with Megan. Finally, Nev is falling in love with Megan. Also, he listens to Megan cover’s song that she post on Facebook. One day, Nev found out that the cover’s song, that Megan post is not her song, but she just pick that song on “you tube” and posted it. Nev starts feeling weird and he wants to know the truth. Nev and his brother decided to go to visit Megan’s farm and Abby’s house in Michigan. When they arrived to Megan’s farm, they found out that no one lived there. Nev is checking in the mail box he found  his mail still in there. Next, they go to the Abby’s house, and they found out all the truth that no Megan, Abby doesn’t paint, all painting is from Angela. Nev have been talking with Angela as a Megan. Even all of Megan’s friends, they do not exist, Angela creates all of them.

Relate to the “curate the exhibition of the self” (Marche 9) Angela wants to show her self that she want to be from her dream(professional dancer), but in the real life, she is a painter and she does not look like her profile picture. Also, she creates all multiple selves from Facebook to assume Megan’s friends. In my opinion, How can we know, that who is real or not? How we can trust the online world. Except my real friends that I know them.

Nev and his brothers track down the real story, the truth through using Google, Google Maps, GPS Navigation, a call to a real-estate agent, in-person visits, interviews. In my opinion, the most important thing to do to find the truth is in-person visit.

In the car, driving back from fake Megan’s fake house, Nev states his feelings for her was “genuine” (“I really cared about this girl … now, I don’t even know what to feel”). Can he have genuine feelings even the situations/people were fake (or non-existent)? In my opinion, We can have genuine feelings even they were fake because we have relationship with someone even by social media, sometime when we believed that real, we can not get out of it.

If I were Nev. I would feel bad for all of the story because even when Nev having real face-to-face conversation with Angela. She still lies about her cancer, chemotherapy, and about Megan.

For, Turkle claims that technology “changes not only what we do, but also who we are” (1). I support Turkle idea, example from the documentary “Catfish”, Angela using technology in the wrong side, lying to people. This is show us that we can not trust the social media. We don’t know who is real or not real.

For, Turkle claims we confuse “conversation with connection” (3). Nev ultimately asks Angela for a “real talk” “sit-down conversation to sort of go over a couple things and clear some stuff up.” Is he attempting to establish real “conversation at this point? If so, does he succeed? In this claims, Nev wants to have real conversation, and his succeed, because he can know all the truth from Angela.


Summary; Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

The article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” by Stephen Marche,  he discusses about social media especially Facebook that makes people’s life have more connection than ever before. However, his main idea is Facebook makes us lonelier. Farther more, lonely is making us mentally and physically ill. He shows us many researches from professional study in Facebook to support his idea. Even before Facebook, since we have the Internet, the research shows that increased Internet usage is already increased loneliness. Stephen wants to show that social media is very important problem now in people’s life. He wants us to understand, how Facebook is making us lonely.

Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

This article discusses about “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely”. In the beginning, the article mention about disadvantage of Social network that, now, a day society are absolute communication. People were  limitless of time or space. People were suffering from more than never before. We have never been separated from one another, or lonelier. People  have less and less real society. We live in the world that, have more connected than we become. However, that will gain lonelier we are. Facebook increase in the quantity and intensity of human loneliness and make the  connection seem deeply attractive.

Second, the author point out that, loneliness and being alone are not the same thing. Loneliness is not a matter of external conditions, it is a psychological state. The author give an example about “a longitudinal study of Dutch twins showed that the tendency toward loneliness has roughly the same genetic component as other psychological problems such as neuroticism or anxiety”. Moreover, the new studies on loneliness are shown that “Almost every factor that one might assume affects loneliness does so only some of the time, and only under certain circumstances but it is clear that social interaction matters”. Loneliness and being alone are not the same thing, but both are on the growth. We meet fewer people. We talk less that will make us lonelier.

Finally, the author bring up about, we are lonely because we want to be lonely. We have made ourselves lonely. “Facebook is not part of the separating or make people lonely. But lonely people are more attracted to Facebook. Actually, Facebook encourages more contact with people outside of our household. People who have unhappy family relationships in the first place seek companionship through other means by support this notice the author mention that, The researchers also found that lonely people are inclined to spend more time on Facebook”.  Lonely person will spend more times on Facebook per day than non-lonely person.

I agree with the author that, “Facebook’s effect on society. Using social media doesn’t create new social networks; it just transfers established networks from one platform to another. For the most part, Facebook does not destroy friendships but it does not create them, either. Facebook is merely a tool, its effectiveness will depend”. This quote is really caught my attention. Facebook is just a tool, everything depend on us how to handle it, how to use it. In my opinion, Facebook have both good and bad side but, it depends how to use it.

The Flight From Conversation

This article is talking about today, technology world that, changing our communications life from having real conversation to having only connection to one another by texting on your device or, even by Facebook, Twitter and E-mail. This article shown that having Face – To – Face conversation to one another is very important. Because we all have feeling. Not just the words that we can communicated. Also, we can communicated by feeling.

I agree with the author that having real coversation is better than texting and posting on Facebook or Twitter. I myself used to playing and posting on Facebook at least half to one hour everyday. But now, I quitted using it. Because I thought that, I was wasting my time for nothing. For now, I would rather using that time for playing Facebook to go to a gym or go to meet some of my friends. Also, it is always annoying me,when I was talking with someone but, he/she was texting and using his/her devices at that time. However, I know that, I can not say anything to them. Because everyone have their own life. For me, I prefer having Face – To – Face coversation. Because we can communicated by words and feeling at the same time.

In conclusion, I agree with the auther that “So I say, look at one another, and let’s start the conversation.” Stop using your devices. When you are with friends, family. Then, start having the coversation.


Hi there, my name is Pattisorn Rojanadit, or you can call me Pat. I was born here in the US but raised up in Thailand. I have one younger sister, but she lives in Thailand with my family. I’m from the middle part of Thailand that close to Bangkok(The capital of Thailand). I have been living in New York for one and half years. Now, I am living with my roommate in the lower east side of Manhattan. I like to go to a gym to workout(running and lifting weights), at least three times a week. Also, I like to watching the movies and listening to music. Farther more, I work part time as a server at a Thai restaurant on the weekend. This is my second semesters at City tech, and my major is Electrical Engineering.


A little bit before I moved to NY, I have lived in Portland, OR(The City of Roses) for one year. It is located in west side of the US. This city calls the city of roses because it has a rose garden that located in the downtown of Portland. Also, they will have Rose Festival every year. This city having a lot of rain all year round, that is why they have a lot of roses and greenness. I love this city because it has a lot of tree. This city is a small city but have very good transportation. You can go every where without having a car. I have studied ESL(English as a Second Language) at Portland Community College for two semesters. At first, I have a plan to study Electrical Engineering at Portland State University but I was changing my mind, cause one of my friend that live in NY, invited me to come to live with him in NY. So, I decided to come to NY, and I have been living in NY until now.

My goal in my life is to be an Electrical Engineering because I just found out that, these are my favorite subjects. Also, if I have a chance to study for Master and Doctoral, I will do it.

My purpose in this course is to improved my English skill. I having a lot of problems with English because it is not my native language. Honestly, I do not like English however, I will try my best to study English. I hope this course will helping me with the writing, reading, speaking and even vocabulary.