What are the good and bad effects of Facebook for students?

Keeping in touch with family and friends- Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with your family and friends that live far away. With instant messaging and even video chat, Facebook is the perfect place to stay connected. With the status updates, photos, and profile information, it can keep you up to date on the happenings of all of your close ones.
Making new friends- Facebook makes meeting new people extremely easy due to the fact that it allows you to add up to thousands of friends, and acts as a social melting pot of the internet. If you comment on someone’s picture then someone else but at the same time you gotta know when to stop using it and do the most important things.

Nearly 85 percent of college students log on to Facebook every day according to “techrunch.com”The social networking site has become an addiction for many. Instead of students concentrating on their homework or studying for a big test the next day, they are spending hours looking through pictures, answering their page comments, and chatting with friends on the site‚Äôs instant messenger. Facebook has consumed good grades and face-to-face communication is in jeopardy. when we are connected online there is always something to talk about but when we are face 2 face its like there is nothing to talk about and it’s almost becomes awkward to make conversations with each out social media.social media is really coming in between us and our real friends because we have lost what it means to have a normal conversation with out the social media.some time Facebook it’s taking total control over us and what we have to do. ‚ÄúDoing my homework is important to me,‚ÄĚ Pines says. ‚ÄúBut I can‚Äôt help getting caught up in the world of Facebook. it is like there is something about it that can’t be resisted.¬†‚ÄúSocial networking sites, specifically Facebook, effects students‚Äô face-to-face communication,‚ÄĚ Gavin said. ‚ÄúThey often forget how to communicate correctly with people in person.‚ÄĚEmployers are less than satisfied with the face-to-face communication skills of recent graduates according to allbusiness.com. The social networking site of Facebook does not allow for active communication. Professor Craig Fox of the philosophy department is worried that the shorter attention-grabbing bursts of communication on Facebook could be taken as a detrimental model for all communications.

Cyber-bullying- On Facebook it is very easy for cyber bullies to thrive. They can harass and/or gang up on one person even easier than they could in a school environment. There aren’t moderators that go around monitoring what people say to each other. Anything can be said. There are also a relatively small amount of parents that have Facebook accounts and keep up with their children’s. More than once I’ve witnessed this form of bullying, whether it be about race, appearance, intelligence, etc.

Ruined relationships- Facebook is notorious for causing couples to break up. Let’s face it, no one wants to see their girlfriend/boyfriend telling other people that they look cute, or liking their pictures, or instant messaging them constantly. It builds up jealousy, which causes quite a bit of tension in a relationship. The fact that many people try to hook up with others over Facebook while not realizing that these people are in a relationship doesn’t help the issue.¬†Insecurity- Facebook is a cause for insecurities due to the fact that it makes people compare themselves to others. How can you not when all you see is pictures of your friends and acquaintances on your news feed?


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Facebook has negative effects on students

by Marlee Shaulis November,16,2011


what is trust?????

As we all know in every relationship weather is romantic,friendly,or parent child relationship the main key of any ¬†relationship is Trust with out it then the relationship will not work.like the saying does “there is no love without trust”. trust seam to be something that people are lacking now a days. some people still don’t ¬†really know what is really mean to be trusted.they tend to not cherish it because it’s given to them freely and they tend to take it for granted.When trust has been damaged it can spell doom for a relationship and it can be very hard, if not impossible, to earn back.for us teen we don’t really value trust because we don;t know what is really means.if a trust is broken some times it can be easily fix but some time it can’t never be regain it all depend on how badly it has been broke and how the person feel about the damage that has been made already..

i choose the topic trust because i want to tell people what is trust and how important it is for people to have and to know how to cherish it and not to ply with it.i want to focus on the main question that i will be talking about .ex:what is trust ?how does one gain trust? if they lost the trust they once have cane it be regain and so on.these are the questions i want to focus on the most.

dying love

in part 4 of¬†feed¬†by M.T Anderson violet is taken to the hospital by Titus due to her malfunction at the part.not long when she was taken to the hospital her father came in to see her.they were both pretty worried about her due to her frequent malfunction.they¬†take her home .the next day Titus went to visit her and she chatted him and telling about the things she want to do in life before she dies.she also tell him that she has ¬†lost a year of her memory.she cant remember anything that happen before she got the feed.for the next couple of days violet message Titus a list of all the thing she wanted to do in her life she label it as‚ÄúDefinitive list of things I want to do‚ÄĚ (229). violet kept on messaging Titus but he has been ignoring her by not reading her messages and he also deleted some of them.one of the thing in her list is to go to the mountain ,so she went to his house and ask him to go with her without her father knowing.so they went and violet try to get romantic with him and he was not in to it.so she felt some type of way so they started to argue.Titus right then there broke up with her.she was really hurt because he left her the time she needed him the most. ¬†Titus started to out with Qeuendy and left violet alone to die.later on he started to feel bad about what he did to her and decides to go and visit her ¬†unfortunately it was too late because she had died at the end..

i believe that violet would have leave a little longer if Titus ¬†stood by her and have a little more passion with her and try to make her happy.if he really care about her like what he said then he should have did all these thing with her and try to be there for her when she needed him the most.the way he reacts to the problems is very heartless .i understand how he must felt going out with someone who is dying,but its never an excuse for him to acted the way he did and we didn’t stop he went ahead and start to go out with Quendy. which is disrespectful…that was too much

i ¬†don’t think it was a good idea for her father to get her the feed at such a late age when he knew there is life threat ..i mean we all know that he love her so much and it was all in good intention.but maybe is she didn’t have it she would have been alive today but you know everything you see in life happen for a reason.

when i first started reading this book “omigod” i hated it. it was so hard to understand especially the way they speak.to be honest i could not read complete 10 pages without falling asleep. after the first part i have really grown to love the book and its a pity it ended the way it did. but over all you really get to see how these peoples live is .even though they have all of these amazing things in there feed but we realize how lonely they really ¬†are….. lonely

feed :utopia

The beginning of part three everything was back to normal, and everyone went back ¬†to earth also everyone’s feet began to work again, even though some people had some problems with it sometimes. Then as we all know, Titus and violet are kind of an item. Titus and his friends had a party at the end of the week at Quendy’s house. Quendy’s parents were off choking somewhere. ¬†Then Titus went to pick up violet in his flying car,and it is the first time they saw each other. they meet at the mall near violet’s house and they went to the party together. while they were on their way to the party they got a chance to talk a little bit to know each.violet has never been to a real party before, she only saw one only on feed.she was really happy that Titus ask her ¬†to go with him.¬†Quendy says she is happy that he and Violet are a couple, but Calista says Violet is a snob. Titus chats with Violet and finds out Calista makes fun of Violet because she used a big vocabulary in their conversation and she looked up ¬†the meaning of the word after they finished talking. Titus chat her to see if she is okay and she said she is fine just having a friendly conversation with Calista. but we all know that is not true.days after the party violet and Titus meet at the mall and were just hangout going from store to store looking for thing that they were not going to buy..violet is having too much fun with Titus. she is happy that she finally have a real friend she can have fun with ¬†because she was home schooled. at some point when they were together violet told Titus about a research project she is working on.She says the corporations have figured out what everyone wants due to the feeds, but this makes everyone simpler. Her project is she creates a customer profile that is so confusing none of the corporations can market to it. while they were talking Titus ask her why her father did’t come to the moon to visit her at the hospital and she told him that he could’t come because it cause a lot of money to to go to the moon and her father would save up to a year to pay for her to go to the moon.Titus is amaze that it’s expensive it is to go to the moon…so after they both went home Titus’s parents ¬†were talking to him and telling him that he has gone through so much and they are very proud of him and that they want to buy him a up car.so the next day he went car shopping with his dad and violet.they were so excited about the car shopping.Violet says Titus is lucky because he gets this car as a reward for being brave. She tells him they do not have to go to court because the hacker died. Titus is surprised because he does not know this. Titus chooses the Dodge in red.they went back to Titus house to have dinner with violet.they were talking and Titus mention that him ¬†and violet are going going out the next day to the park or the country¬†¬†but the father tells them the forest is gone for an air factory. Violet gets upset and says trees can make air and that people need trees…Titus went to violet’s house to pick her up so they can go drive around while he was there he met her father for the first time.and he describe how messy the house was and her father…after ¬†a little while they left the house and were driving around for like an hour and while they were in the car violet tell him about her life story ,and how her mother left them wend she was six or seven years also how how ¬†father raised her up by himself and home school her.and Titus also tell her his family’s story but is was not as interesting as her story. ¬†he was glad that they sheared ¬†there stories.when they got to the country beef there wasn’t much a lot of people there so it was really peaceful. they walked ¬†with each other to and they ¬†have fun, also they watch the sun set and he talked about how he was turned on when she was talking about self-control. ¬†Titus has strange nightmares. He is in a foreign place, seeing riots and fields of black. A kid looks at him. A gun points at him. It all makes no sense. ¬†so he ask her ¬†if he know ¬†who the intruder is but she don’t. so Titus went back to sleep and the feed was back to normal.so there was a party going on and everyone expect Titus and violet to¬†¬†dressed in riot clothing from the Watts…at the party they played a game called spin the bottle and everyone was having fun until Marty spun the bottle and landed on violet so Marty marty got up and he kind off started to disrespect violet .she than got mad and got up and stared to yell at him and everyone the.Titus saw how violet was looking and he new she was not okay and he asked people to call the ambulance but no one helped him to call.every one was like she is in mal..violet has mention to Titus about how she hasn’t been feeling t well since the hacking on the moon…..


the documentary “catfish” is a documented and directed by Henry,¬†and Ariel¬†¬†involving ¬†Nev¬†as he builds a romantic relationship with a young woman on Facebook..¬†Nev is a photographer and he lives in New ¬†York with his brother and friend…Abby is an eight years old girl lives in Michigan and is also a paints and she send Nev a painting of one of his picture and they became friends on Facebook including her whole family,her mother Angela,Angela’s husband Vince and Abby’s half sister Megan..¬†Ariel and Henry video ¬†Nev as he begins an online relationship with Megan..they talk on the phone,chat on Facebook.. he also revives packages from Angela Megan’s mom .Megan also writes him songs,but Nev find the same song on YouTube so he started to think that they have been lying to him.he later found out¬†that Angela and Abby have lied about other details of Abby’s art career. so they planed to go to Michigan to meet Megan and ¬†confront her about everything..once they reach the house Angela answered the door with so much happiness and Vince was there too..She also tells him that she has recently begun chemotherapy¬†for uterine cancer.Angela try to call Megan multiple times to tell her that Nev was there to see her but she didn’t answer¬†¬†she drives Nev and Ariel to see Abby herself; while talking with Abby and her friend alone, Nev learns that Abby never sees her sister she don’t really paints…¬†The next morning, Nev wakes up to a text message from Megan saying that she has had a long-standing alcohol problem, and has decided to check into rehab and cannot meet him,but Nev thinks ¬†that this is likely another lie from Angela..Angela admits to Nev ¬†that the pictures of Megan were not really Megan they are of a family friend,¬†that the real ¬† Megan really is in rehab downstate and that Angela had really painted each of the paintings that she had sent to Nev not Abby..he than realize that the whole time he thinks he was talking to Megan he was really talking to Angela..As he sits for a drawing, Angela confesses that the various Facebook profiles were all used by her..she thought that being friends with him help her reconnect with the world of painting which has been her passion since she was a little girl,but she gave it up when she decided to marry Vince who has 2 kids who are handicap and need a 24/7 care..at the end Nev had a little with Vince where Vince told him a story about “CATFISH”..Nev also found ¬†out that Angela does not have cancer,and that all the 16 accounts were all fake it was all her..after watching this you get to see what Turkle said about how technology lets us change what we are but who we are it lets us present our self as who we want to be…also Marche has mention about loneliness and that exactly what happen to Angela because she is so lonely and want to live the life she wants but can’t live which is sad and it makes you feel bad for her but its not an excuse for what she did,because she was playing with Ven’s heart ..he was really starting to fall in love love with”Megan” and to find out the girl you think ¬†have been talking to is not ¬†even real it’s sad..

summary……….Is Facebook Making Us Lonely

In the article, ‚ÄúIs Facebook Making Us Lonely?‚ÄĚ by Stephen Marche focused on the negative effect social media have on our self…from Facebook ,twitter to instagram it has made us more lonely than we think …social media such a Facebook can cause ¬†psychological and mental illness … ..we feel so connected to each other but we have never been so lonelier..Marche has mention ¬†many times that loneliness and being lonely are not the same thing..loneliness is put in our lives by our self…our biggest fear is to be lonely ,so¬†¬†why are we spending countless hours and enormous amounts of money trying to achieve loneliness?

introducing mariama

hi everyone my name is MARIAMA i was born and raised in AFRICA ,i came to the country when i was 15 years old,when i first came i didn’t speak any English ….when i was in Africa my parents n siblings were hear so i use to think that my parents didn’t love me because they left me hear….but that was just me thinking like a kid…..i’m the oldest of 5 ,and some time i wish i had an older brother i have always wanted one,but life goes on…anyways enough about my personal life i am majoring in civil engineering that is why i came to city tech because i know they have great engineering program….so i guess that’s all there is to know about me and i’m looking forward to a great year with you all¬† ūüėČ