Behavioral Targeting


Facebook has influenced millions of people around the world, and it’s the most renowned/popular way of connecting today. Due to a few controversial questions that have arose to the surface from Facebook users people are waiting for answers. How and why is it that advertisements being marketed to the¬†side bar of consumers Facebook¬†pages tend to have a lot in common with one another, almost like their tracking your likes and dislikes without consent? Ladies and gentlemen¬†I introduce to you Behavioral Targeting.¬†This program¬†interacts with your likes, non likes, pictures, and believe it or not even messages and comments. The point of this writing is to expose the controversy behind Behavioral targeting. Like it or not users accept these acts through their approval on the term of use contracts prier to accessing the page¬†in the beginning of the sign up. Behavioral Targeting is¬†a¬†Major¬†loop hole on the Facebook team‚Äôs behalf, so no they can’t get sued for reading the consumers‚Äô minds or logging/documenting user activities.

Upon release founder Mark¬†Zuckerburg made sure to find a crack in the contract to indirectly approve the release of the Behavioral targeting program which excludes potential likes and somewhat isolates your ideas. Facebook‚Äôs main stream goal is about ‚Äúconnecting with others all around the world‚ÄĚ, which Also seems to withhold another unknown goal, and that’s¬†to take hold and control of your interest.¬† Once Facebook established the Behavioral Targeting program they compromised introducing customers into “non-interesting” ads that can potently lead to other interest as my sources prove to be so.

Concluding the unprecedented Behavioral Targeting program Facebook released as of 2013 extinguished all opportunity of non-interesting ads.¬† Increasingly, brands advertisers are trying to target the very users that are most likely to respond to their products and offers,‚ÄĚ Mr. Katz said. ‚ÄúWith retargeting you are looking at users who have demonstrated a proclivity to a certain category or brand by their behavior and then what their likes and behaviors are on a platform like Facebook. This brings up question on the Face book teams behalf especially after the release of the program that‚Äôs supposes to funnel the ads according to your likings. What if the program has negative functions such as temptations for false likings, like a mind control factor? ¬†Originally pursued by business owners for putting that ad in front of the right people which means they are not spending money to put it in front of the wrong people and paid advertisements are going to more likely make a better return. More negatives are rising to the surface rather than positives in my research. Potential negative long term effects from the Behavioral Targeting might occur. Sonder is a part of life after all.


Literary Art Festival 2014


Indulging in the 2014 Literary Arts Festival was an out going, free spirited experience¬†with¬†nothing less than a optimistic vibe.¬†Filled¬†with creative videos, poems and music which were work from The City Tech students and Alumni. I expected nothing less from the performances especially when it’s people who have a passion for creative expression.¬†The festival also offered half time finger food options to curve the taste buds of the audience and were gone briefly do to all the “creative” people in one vicinity. The opening poem was done by an¬†Italian American who reflected his strong but moving thoughts through a average families eyes¬†that filled New Orleans the day of the massive hurricane. Devastating many families with the after effects of the Hurricane including¬†floods, water contamination, famine etc. He discussed the¬†lack of¬†help they received and it moved me due to the fact of how easily¬†important matters¬†can be forgotten.

A surprised guest arrived which¬†is world renowned¬†Eady Cornelius¬†the recipient of Guggenheim, Rockefeller, and NEA fellowships, as well as¬† founder of Cave Canem Foundation, a nonprofit organization for black¬† poets.¬†In addition to reading his work, Eady will perform with two members of his band ‚ÄúRough Magic:‚ÄĚ Concetta Abbate on violin and Charlie Rauh on guitar. Eady was a great singer and Guitarist along with his band who played songs that had all different tones including love poems, how mother met father poems which turned out to be all wrong once¬†Eady asked his mother¬†again but was to late because it already got published. Also songs that were accessed permission from the artist.

Thus, this was the first time I’ve attended an event as such I can say it’s help reopen the creative part of my thinking and driven me to take a little more pride in my writing. Living in a¬†shell of your ideas isn’t cool at all express your self and help others understand your ideas like these creative individuals have.¬†Standing on a stage isn’t easy but the way these poets stood in front of everyone putting in the¬†body language¬†as they read their work really helped everyone understand their work.

Besides this being an extra credit assignment, I Highly respect the young innovative minds that are behind Fest-ival. Hilarious hosts to dim any awkward moments, surprise guest to give none majors an incentive to join in on the event, and a supportive crowd including Students, alumni, family, and friends. Living up to the means of a annual event only gets harder and more innovative as years past. I can see my self going to the  Literary Arts festival in 2015.


Violet’s Rebellious Battle


M.T Anderson’s Feed is based on a future dystopian society. Consisting of a group of teenagers who are board and look for adventures to consume time. The group is a total of six people, Titus, Link, Marty, Calista, Loga, and Quendy. All of whom share one thing in common, the feed. The feed is a network based microchip that is installed in the head¬†accounting for¬†73% of their society way of life. Since technology is so advance the way of life as we know isn’t the same. The majority of the people feel that school is¬†just an option and¬†is not¬†looked at as a requirement since the feed automatically installs knowledge and does the critical thinking for¬†feed users.¬†¬†Which brings up concerns for Violet, Titus’s friend. The negative stigma violet expresses toward the¬†feed through out the book¬†takes off when she realizes the Microchip markets the consumers interest according to the users¬†preferences and makes suggestions according to likes and dislikes. Violet is a distinctive, rebellious character that is agents being categorized, programed and stream lined to her apparent personality, and the feed limits buyer¬†options do to this process which causes potential¬†friction.

Violet motions on (97) that everything they see, and think get thrown into this big calculation. The whole stream lining personality idea is so there’s an easier consumer base for products to be sold to.¬†Violet doesn’t like to be like the others, blinded by what’s really happening.¬†Demographic test places the feed population into groups so they can send adds according to what¬†feed users¬†supposedly¬†like…so to through off this system she reflects false interest in things like wacky cloths while shopping with Titus and at the same time giving him the odd face to indicate her fake intentions (98).She also says¬†“What I’m doing, what I’ve been doing over the feed for the last two days, is trying to create a customer profile so screwed, no one can Market to it. I’m going to become invincible”(98). Which explains her¬†soon to¬†come,¬†bad luck.

Next is a great example of her outlook on life in reference to her master plan, and all the amenities she’s searching for. The list¬†Violet sent Titus was one based on a free spirited¬†lifestyle with no restrictions and way less complications that there faced with in their dystopia. According to her plan she don’t want to feel like everyone else, so as you can imagine the list consisted of dancing, flying over a active volcano and spit stuff in it, she also describes an interesting one that¬†wishes she can sit with Titus some where without hearing an engine. The last wish mentioned¬†was particularly¬†interesting because, of the visual image it drew for me, putting me in their busy high-tech, futuristic, society. ¬†Violets only question on her list¬†is number 5, she asks “is there any moss anywhere”(229) which indicates¬†to the average educated person that moss can’t survive with too much pollution. It makes¬†me visualize a very polluted/compromised atmosphere. Most of this society must be unhappy for a¬†female like Violet to attempt to suppress the feed.

Through out¬†Feed I couldn’t help but notice a tremendous amount of complications Violet is faced with including, what I call back fire from her master plan. The¬†system¬†of Feed obviously malfunctioned do to the complexity of her actions.¬†Showing false intrest¬†in products and refuses to purchase anything. Her pessimistic persona on the¬†society she lives in¬†is expressed through out¬†feed,¬†for instance the conversation on the beach ¬†she has with Titus about all the after effects¬†to the sea do to¬†discoveries/technology. Violet continues to explain the¬† orange suits they¬†wore in order for them to avoid the¬†horrific odder in the air, and describes the purple, yellow, green, bluish water their viewing as the sunrays change the water color(179). Through¬†out her search for happiness she does feel something besides depression that makes¬†Violet think she’s living and that’s the pain¬†she feels.

Although¬†all these dilemmas that Violet faces,¬†she still can’t catch a break.¬†A meg wave of bad luck approaches her half way in the book. Through out¬†the story she seems to have bad¬†experiences with the system which keeps causing her complications that aren’t even affordable for the average person. Especially when she’s considered low class compared to Titus’s and the rest of his¬†friends.¬†Violet didn’t ask for¬†the memory loss that happen¬†after her going into Mal and freaking out on Quendy on¬†¬†¬† . Violet can’t remember a thing from when she was six,¬†so Violets dad shared his empathy with her by¬† protested her complications¬†and sent FeedTech¬†corporation a message of her testimony. Sad enough they replied with a discouraging tone revealing¬†the company had no interest in helping¬†Violet out¬†do to her never¬†making purchases, but agrees to review her options¬†if she decides to start being an asset by using her credit in the feed.¬†¬†Even though all the¬†complications accrue¬†Violet refers to pain as feeling alive, but¬†she doesn’t want to die either. Karma must exist in their world as well, her master plan seem to back fire and for FeedTech to respond the way they did she must of not been the first to attempt the rebellious acts. Violet’s luck ran out as she¬†is constricted to her death bed. Titus and Violets father can’t help but know when she will pass on due to a gage in the fees that provides a percentage of her livelihood. as Feed approaches the end the chapter titles have numbers which get smaller and smaller. The numbers resemble the closer she is¬†to shut down/death. During the last few pages when Violet is at 4.6% death is near reflecting on her past the feed¬†was installed late at seven years old, when it’s usually installed soon after birth.¬†Violets father felt it was necessary since he didn’t have it until later on In life as well. Although he had an older version of¬†the feed¬†that was¬†placed on his back and made his eyes turns orange when it was in use. He¬†still decided to¬†get the feed installed,¬†because after being secretly taunted at an interview he felt that the other two who where also trying out for the interview where sending each other messages he couldn’t intervene on since he ¬†didn’t have the feed installed at the time. that is¬†why Violet had it installed at 7 because he doesn’t ¬†want Violet to miss out on opportunities he missed out on. The guilty last words in feed of Violets father left his mouth with disappointment in him self feeling responsible for her agonizing death.

“to all those who resist the feed” M.T.A this quote which is in the preview pages of Feed makes a lot of sense as the book ends. It reflect on my argument as well as connecting to Violets Rebellious acts throughout Feed. The fight agents control through the feed by monopolizing peoples thoughts and markets products according to feed users interest. Just another shallow case of the governmental society withholding your thought patterns. Just like current days with tracking social media patterns by keys words in,¬†post, blogs, pictures¬†and tends to advertises products knowing you might be interested. Therefore, restricting¬†your market¬†purchases/options.¬†Besides being a reflection of Violets situation in Feed, we are facing these problems today.

Feed Part 3 Utopia

Part three begins with¬†everything¬†back to normal everyone went back ¬†to earth and everyone‚Äôs feet began to work again, even though some people had some difficulties with getting back to normal. Titus and violet are somewhat going out.¬†Titus and¬†the crew¬†had a party at the end of the week at Quendy‚Äôs house. Quendy‚Äôs parents were hanging out somewhere. They meet at the mall near violet‚Äôs house and they went to the party together. while they were on their way to the party they got a chance to talk a little bit to know each. violet has never been to a real party before,she was really happy that Titus ask her ¬†to go with him. Calista¬†thinks¬†¬†Violet is stuck up a bit. Titus chats with Violet and finds out Calista makes fun of Violet because she uses good vocabulary when she converses so she¬†looked up ¬†the meaning of the word after they finished talking. Titus¬†asked her if¬†she¬†is okay and she said she is fine just having a friendly conversation with Calista, but we all know that is not true. she is happy that she finally have a real friend she can have fun with ¬†because she was home schooled. at some point when they were together violet told Titus about a research project she is working on, so She says the corporations have figured out what everyone wants due to the feeds, but this makes everyone simpler. Her project is she creates a customer profile that is so confusing none of the corporations can market to it. while they were talking Titus ask her why her father didn’t come to the moon to visit her at the hospital and she told him that he couldn’t come because it cause a lot of money to go to the moon and her father would save up to a year to pay for her to go to the moon. Titus is amazed that it‚Äôs expensive it is to go to the moon‚Ķso after they both went home Titus‚Äôs parents¬†told him that “he has going through so much and they are very proud of him and that they want to buy him a up car” so he chooses a red dog. Violate thinks he’s a lucky guy,¬†She tells him they do not have to go to court because the hacker died. Titus is surprised because he does not know this. Violet gets mad¬†at Titus’s dad because he suggest they don’t go to the forest.¬†Violet gets upset and says trees can make air and that people need trees‚ĶTitus went to violet‚Äôs house to pick her up so they can go drive around while he was there he met her father for the first time, so¬†he describe how messy the house was and her father‚Ķafter ¬†a little, while in the car, violet tell him about her life story ,and how her mother left them when she was six or seven¬†and her¬†father raised her by himself and home school her and Titus also tell her his family‚Äôs story but it wasn’t as interesting as her story. ¬†he was glad that they sheared ¬†there stories. When they got to the country beef there wasn‚Äôt much a lot of people there so it was really peaceful. they walked ¬†with each other to and they ¬†have fun, also they watch the sun set and he talked about how he was turned on when she was talking about self-control. ¬†Titus has strange nightmares. A kid looks at him and¬†points a gun at him. It all makes no sense. ¬†so he ask her ¬†if he know ¬†who the intruder is but she don‚Äôt, so Titus went back to sleep and the feed was back to there was a party going on‚Ķat the party they played a game called spin the bottle and everyone was having fun until Marty spun the bottle and landed on violet so Marty¬† got up and he kind of started to disrespect violet .she than got mad and got up and stared to yell at him and everyone.Titus saw how violet was looking and he new she was not okay and he asked people to call the ambulance but no one helped him. Every one was like she is in mal. violet did say to Titus about how she hasn‚Äôt been feeling to good after the hacking situation on the Moon.

Essay 1

Cover page

In reference to my past couple of readings I’ll be doing a collaborative/argumentative essay expressing my thoughts on the movie Catfish and the Article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely.” Lets face it now-a-days it’s much more prominent to use social media when conversing with anyone when using the computer. So rather than just talk about it I’ll be using quotes from both my resources hoping to clear all this confusion we live in today. Why is it that our generation wrap our lives around connection with others, some times strangers or people who don’t actually care what you have to say rather just an option to kill time.

my main weakness would be my¬†spelling and sometimes my sentence structure depending on my focus. I tend to get easily distracted when dealing with two recourses to make sure everything is accurate. but overall I would say I’m a great explainer and elaborator when it comes to something that interest me, in this case of unprecedented alienation. Rather talk about it I’ll also be relating it to most peoples situations and connecting the two resources. hopefully I can help you visualized what it is I’m trying to express to my audience. Since this topic interest me because of how realistic it is and how often it happens I would like to help prevent it from happening to¬†others.




The prompt ” is Face book making us lonely ”¬†and the Documentary Catfish had a lot of similar points in reference to the Social media epidemic. slathering the alienation of connection verses conversation, since most thing their the same Turkle was sure to clear up any confusion. Connecting is texting/writing via social media with out any actual physical conversations. To converse is to visually see the body gestures to better comprehend what is that the other party is trying to express. So why are we being deprived of this Important lost art. Society tends to find communicating much more simplistic through newer and more accessible technology.¬† This unprecedented alienation is impairing that average day conversation and we as humanity need to realize this abrupt change in the way we communicate. We are being deprived from being able to read micro expressions and body gestures, therefore the out come won’t be pretty as we rely on text messages rather other forms of communication such as conversation. A dumb down society is expected.¬† The near future isn’t looking so bright for the teens that are talking advantage of this resent form of communication that blow up¬†in less that a decade.

Regarding The connected but disconnected society¬†that has emerged due to technology developing so rapidly, people are developing sleeping disorders, Mental disorders, obesity, anxiety, and neuroticism.¬†Stead fast as people are becoming more knowledgeable of these con’s as stack, and come together with more cases being release to the media as truckle has¬†discussed with his responses¬†in “Flight from Conversation” and in “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely.”¬†Even though most of humanity stays blinded about the fact of social media’s negative out come. For instance in the movie Catfish the main mystery girl behind 16 false pages on Facebook, which each displayed a bit of her personality in real life behind fake faces just to fulfill her needs of loneness, says Angelia of Michigan. Although Nev’s the other main character in Catfish¬†which turned out to be¬†her secret lover who is lorded in by Meg¬†one of Angela’s¬†fake¬†Profiles on Face book.¬†Angelia is a perfect example of someone with¬†neuroticism which¬†statistics show is caused from loneness. Meanwhile the feeling¬†of emptiness derives from the internet naturally consuming¬†horse a week from the average person, and disconnecting them from conversations that really matter.

Never the less Authenticity and intentions are another huge concern for those who endure technology. Just like reading most papers it takes a couple of times to¬†comprehend the tone of the writer, well same goes for texting to an extent but it’s even worse because most text are brief and less elaborated¬†in reference to what I¬†explained earlier about not being able to gage¬†the writers intentions.¬† As for Facebook that’s if the person your talking to is actually who they say they are. Never underestimate New friends intentions online because there are a lot of cases where perverts and misleading characters tend to lore in there next victims via social media web cites. Think twice next time your connecting with someone you’ve never actually seen.

In addition, my next point is the stupidity¬†of isolating your self from the real world which causes you to be lonelier¬† in the end. Isolations starts with intentions, which could be caused by in confidence and comparisons¬†with others that pose there life to be so splendid everyday when in reality they have bad and or regular days just like everyone else who is human.¬†Most let other peoples life style get the best of them which may Cause jealousy, envy, or even depression in some cases. Maintaining a healthy mind set is viral but than again not everyone is build with the same, whish proves Technology specifically social media isn’t for everyone. Teens especially, encounter cyber bulling that can¬†cause an increase of isolation which can lead to them being even lonelier.

As I stated in the beginning this epidemic needs to be regulated and or released more widely to the public about the long term effects and how to prevent them from happening. The paradox of it all nails down to the negative outcome of wanting to be connected but sacrificing conversation at the same time just to fulfill your need of feeling updated on at least 100 people you don’t even talk to on a regular basis.






Catfish (extended day)


As¬†1.11 Billion people¬†know, the¬†most common place¬†for humanity to¬†connect online is currently¬† Facebook. Isn’t Social media a blessing,¬†everyone gets to meet knew people and start new relationships without even having to book a flight or venture on an old fashion road trip….or is it? Nev the main subject in a 2010 American documentary decides to shoot a armature film named Catfish¬†to explore the virtues of online communications that can lead to relationships. Nev starts his Journey by accepting a friend request from this little girl who happens to paint and is inspired by this pictures he takes, so he would send her photos for her to paint. This went on and off until he started to meet the family¬† on Facebook which lead to Abby’s mother Angela’s¬†check up calls every once and a while. Nev soon met Meg, Abby’s half sister which¬†he finds attractive and decides to start daily conversations. Soon after they started calling each other baby and what not, therefore due to him starting to catch feeling for¬†Meg, mind you someone he¬†never met, he couldn’t help but wonder if everything she said it accurate. So him and his peers investigate and find everything to be a bit odd. After 8 long months¬†His brother Ariel, and friend henry¬†packs up for a last minute road trip to Michigan, soon finds out the truth behind his¬†Facebook girlfriend and what lies ahead isn’t pretty. He arrives at Megs house at night and does a quick drive by. In the Morning he knocks on the door and what seems to be Angela answered with complete surprise but happiness in her eyes. He soon after introduced him self and explains the reason for his visit gradually. Nev spends the next two day with¬†Angela¬†and still seems puzzled about the situation, finding out Abby is not really artistic¬†compared to her mother¬†painting skills¬†along with there being no existence of¬†Meg… The¬†Confession comes out in the last few hours of his visit when Nev’s questions become more blunt. Angela explains she was the master mind behind all of Meg’s actions and she’s greatly sorry for¬†Nev’s lead on feelings but she felt the other 16 Fake Facebook profiles would maintain Nev’s faith for “Meg” since they were her friends keeping out and backing up Meg’s non existent lifestyle.

My thought’s are very mixed on this fake Social media profiling, it happens every day whether the fool who’s falling into this trap knows it or not. Through out Nev’s unappealing situation he should of realized 16 friends, speaking with Abby’s mother once in a while compared to only speaking with Abby once should of gave him a hint. Acknowledging all the paintings he reeved didn’t seem like they where painted by a¬†7 year old and the magically appearing Half sister Meg. You can’t trust everyone you meet especially via Social media, because in Angela’s case each of those 16 false profiles allowed her to express what she would like everyone else¬†to portray her as. One main result would be Meg as she presents her self to be a young, cute, outgoing girl who lives on her own. Do to fake intentions it couldn’t help me to believe anything I see on Facebook and makes me more alert who I convers with, especial females! For those who lack Authenticity this should reflect on how you think of your self since research suggest in “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely” by Stephen Marche “Yet for all this connectivity, new research suggests that we have never been lonelier.”(1)¬†therefore maybe loneness is the bigger problem.

“Is Facebook Making Us Lonely” Summary (you gave me the OK)


Would you consider being alone and loneliness the same thing? Well research specifically done on Facebook advocates has caught the attention of many Doctors on this matter, and all the negative effects that come along with social media. Stephen Marche makes plenty of surprising points in his article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely”. For instance Isolating your self from the real world, real life vs. online life, and overall the unprecedented alienation. Loneliness is not a matter of external conditions but rather more of a psychological state which can cause Neuroticism, or anxiety with due time. This is rapidly growing which is expected to soon surpass another addictive industry; such as the global coffee industry which is estimated to gross an astonishing $100 billion dollars in revenue which goes to show that there might me more people using Facebook than drinking coffee. Long term health concerns are a issue for humanity in this situation.

Internet Paradox

Would you consider being alone, and loneliness the same thing? Well research specifically done on Facebook advocates has caught the attention of many Doctors on this matter, and all the negative effects that come along with social media. Stephen Marche makes plenty of surprising points in his article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely”. Loneliness is not a matter of external conditions but rather more of a psychological state which can cause Neuroticism, or anxiety with due time. This is rapidly growing which is expected to soon surpass another addictive industry; the global coffee industry which is estimated to gross an astonishing $100 billion dollars in revenue¬†which goes to show that there might me more people using Facebook than drinking coffee. What will be done? How will this keep effecting us? What does the future behold for the social media industry?
Yvette Vickers, a former playboy playmate is a sad, but perfect example of the control social media has stamped into our minds. Age 83 she passed away when Los Angeles magazine decided to look at her phone records to get a better understanding of her last few months alive. They Shockingly found out there were no phone calls to family nor close friends, but to distant fans who found her through fan conversations, and internet sites. This would explain the clutter they found in her house, and the computer still being on caused by loneliness from my prospective.
Being more connected than ever might sound good to everyone when¬† they first get a taste of it, but behind closed doors the outcomes are leading to narcissistic people with higher risk of mental, and physical illness. Eric Klinenberg, a sociologist at NYU, writes ” Reams of published research show that¬†it’s the quality and the quantity of social interaction that best predicts loneliness.”(Pg.2 Para.6) A 2005 analysis of data from a longitudinal study of Dutch twins showed the tendency toward loneliness has roughly the same genetic component as other¬† psychological problems such as neuroticism, or anxiety (pg.3 Para.1)
My personal opinion on this matter as a user is that it does entitle you to start useless conversations with people you haven’t talked to in ages while your in the midst of doing something productive or important.¬†For the most part to me it’s a great outlet to check up on old friends and “feel” updated on life, but it’s a major distraction that can become addictive.¬†Lets be realistic,¬†I have 1,608 friends on facebook, and I might talk to 7 on a regular basis. You might ask yourself now why do I have all these friends? Well¬†a quarter of them I personally do not know, and¬†might just think I’m cute or something, but having them as my friend or not doesn’t personally matter to me (but I’m digressing). According to some studies results it’s a sign of loneliness or insecurity. Facebook is making most people disconnected from reality; so us as a humanity need to learn how to find true happiness and, separate fact from fiction.


The Evelution of Conversations

Now-a-days most conversations are happening without even talking; Technology has taken over one of our senses which we do much less of. Learning how to communicate properly is a necessity and plays a big role in society and its viral for excelling in life, According to the interview Megan Garber has with Sherry Turkle in “Saving the lost art of Conversation”. Mrs. Turkle is a psychologist¬†and her academic interest lies with the relationship between humans and machines. From a professional stand point she observes her surroundings as she currently works on her new book “Reclaiming Conversations‚ÄĚ and try’s to decipher peoples situations through their body language, mannerisms, and conversations known as ethnography. Sadly she has seen some disrupting things as technology grows rapidly, mothers in the street texting while pushing the children, families not sharing more than a couple of words in a restaurant, and best of all people having conversations solely about new gadgets and not one bit about anything personal… Personal I think technology is headed for the worst, maybe your saying to yourself how did I figure that out, well as it keeps evolving so do we as humans. feeling the Demand to learn new systems by all the advertisements and word of mouth that’s going around¬†to better perform at school, work, and home you¬†Might as well say life in general won‚Äôt be easy unless you keep up with technology, but this world isn’t caring about how it’s affecting humanity. Let all put down the phones, tablets, and laptops for a moment to realize what’s really going on in today‚Äôs world and figure out some type of conclusion to this madness. These are some tips to help prevent your child/teen from abusing texting.
РEncourage your child not to text in front of a group or a person. Instead they should socialize only and text on their own personal time.
– If your child in school gets into trouble for texting, punish them. Have their punishment extended for every time they get in trouble.¬†Making them pay small amounts of money to you may help and remind your child not to do it again.¬†¬† Yes, I personally use technology such as the iPhone, and laptops¬†do to more simplistic values it has to offer, that’s why I limit my time for recreational use to 1 hour a day. There’s no more value in communication lets open our eyes¬†be proactive, and not reactive. Lets put our phones down and converse in person instead of using Technology to fulfill¬† our¬†“talkative” needs. ¬†

Introducing Luciano

Hey there :mrgreen:¬† the name’s Luciano I come from a half Italian, half Puerto Rican back ground with very deep roots. I am a¬†ambitious, optimistic, Respectful individual. I have a fraternal twin who name¬†is Christopher¬†currently serving for the US ARMY in Germany, and an older brother named Raffaele¬†who study’s Archeology in Florida. I’m currently spoken for by my beautiful girl friend Melanie which¬†I¬†spend most of my free time Adventuring around NY with her and couldn’t ask for more.¬†With me moving back up to NY¬†two years ago after previously¬†spending¬†9 well spent years in Florida, I decided to move back¬†up.¬†Me bring the crazy child, desired the free spirited world and all it has to offer so I decided to waste no time after Graduating high school in 2012 to¬†begin my journey in life. I Started¬†working in the Restaurant industry¬†since it was relevant to my soon to be major, and I quickly realized Degree first¬†than carrier so¬†I Left my management position at my god fathers Restaurant in Harlem to make my abrupt decision to sign up for fall semester. I am¬†currently living in Ridgewood which is on the boarder of Queens and Brooklyn¬†with my Grandparents, and¬†It’s not easy l can say that much. Writing helps me release the words I don’t get the pleasure of saying.¬†¬†I consider myself a strong writer depending on my mood which is my weakness because certain days I feel less¬†creative than others. I enjoy the freedom that comes with writing because there is no¬†right or wrong topic, and I love elaborating on a subjects I find interesting.¬†A few personal Hobbies I¬†enjoy doing is dancing to Spanish music, cooking, watersports, and Camping.¬†I also became an Eagle scout in¬†2012¬†for the¬†100th year¬†anniversary of Boy Scouts of America¬†which explains the camping. I try¬†not to let¬†New York’s¬†environment suppress my scouting¬†values, since most tend¬†to let¬†New York’s¬†way of life change them.¬†My background in using technology is vast. I have used laptops, iPhones, tablets etc.. I have Instagram¬†and Facebook as social media outlets and I think they can benefit¬†for communicating¬†with others and accessibility to get collage work done but it’s also most peoples down fall because it becomes there life, Along with¬†there being some¬†concerns of¬†privacy issues with government assess and all. Referring to feather questions, I’m hoping to become a stronger speller since that’s always been my weak spot¬†even though¬†my vocabulary seems up to par, but also looking forward¬†to expanding it .