Annotated Bibliography: 3 sources

1 Source-

This article written by Michael J. Breus, Ph. D. is about some of the affects using technology before bed can cause. Michael talks about the different ways we are distracted by technology and how it keeps us from sleeping and how it can affect the way we act.

2 Source-

This newspaper article is written by Michelle Castillo, the article is about how important getting a good night sleep is and how its recomended we get it. In the article there are polls of the national sleep foundation that back up the article itself.The article itself explaines how scientist recommed on getting a proper sleep schedual and staying away from any devices that have bright lights and that may distract us from our sleep.

3 Source-

This article written by Eric Lyday is about how staying awake with gadgets on our laps or hands can seriousl mess with our sleep cycle and mess up our physical and mental health, wheather its in the way we look, stress or feel, these electronic devices take over and are the thingstake up most of our time throughout the day because its something used in our day life. Throughout the article it is explined how it is important to keeo away from lighting screens that may keep us away and mess our cycle up and then screw our sleep schedual. It is also explained what type of things can be affected and what things may be the cause to sleep deprivation or insomnia due to electronic use before bed.

Is Technology keeping us away from Our Sleep?

 Every day Technology advances more and more each day as new discoveries are found and how new technological advances are released trying to make our lives easier through devices we can acess at any time. Though these devices are very helpful and fast, they keep us away from certain things such as attention towards other things and sometimes even our personal time such as sleep. Adults 18 and older need at least 7-9 hours of sleep on daily basis, but whats keeping most of the sleep deprived humans away from their sleep? The answer is Their Phones. Phones Interfear with our sleep by the physical effects we are exposed to.

As we lay in bed we usually pick up our phones to quickly look at our emails,send a last text and just skim through our social medias before bed. The national sleep foundation poll found that 95% of americans use some type of electronic device an hour or so before bed. A way in which technology can keep us from sleeping could be the light on our phones, the light from the electronic devices allows for our body to stop producing melatonin. (Melatonin regulates our bodies sleep.)

Sleeping with our phones by our side not only affect our physical health but aswell as attraction towards our loved one, 1 in 3 smartphone users prefere to give up sex then their own phones. By this we tell it can affect our mental and physical health. Many of these people use there phone and leave on the side to sleep with it incase they get a call or a text. Those guilty of this are mostly teenagers who text till late at night and are distracted by the light and conversation.

Some of us like to read before bed because it helps us get sleepy but reading from your smart phone or ipad can be stressful. Some of the things we read make us emotionally excited and even playing games can get us excited aswell. These type of things get the mind active making it difficult to fall asleep.

As we are sleep deprived from so many distractions that our phone gives us, we try to stay away but the more attached we get. We tend to use it and then sleep with it by our side or even using it as an alarm in the morning maybe harmful such as when we click snooze and the light on the screen hits our face. These little things such as reading off our phones or ipads, or playing a game before bed or even watching a movie can slowly interfere with more then just our sleep, it maybe the answer to many things such as our moods,headaches and even depression, thats why we shouldnt be using our smartphones before bed.. give yourself some personal space away from that dangerous device!


Research Project Proposal: Good vs Bad in technology

For my research project i would like to discuss the good and bad of technologies, such as the pros and cons of technological use in devices in everyday life. This topic intrest me because not only is it a simple concept that people should be concerned about daily but its something that has been around for a while now and has been discussed in the news on tv, on the newspaper and its brought up in many health discussions. Fod my project ill use sources such as newspapers,articles we used in class, articles outside of class and maybe some video clips. Im going to narrow down my topic to “is technological use everyday bad for our health?”

In my research project i hope to answer my main question which is whether technology in everyday use is bad for our health, id like to discuss the ideas of what are the pros and cons to give specific examples and proof. id like to learn what are some bad and good things technology has brought to us today and what use it is good for and what harm does it cause us. My proposal is argumentive, im giving the argument of the pros and cons to show the idea and thoughts of both sides, i think giving examples from both sides would be a good idea to just be able to show the class and explain a more clear argument and final conclusion. I think this would be a good topic for my project because we’ve discussed in class a couple times and i think it would be a good idea to reinforce it even more. There discussions such as how using tehcnology can keep you away from sleeping, get you depressed, or even give you sickness like passing colds or germs and bacteria! So this could be a bad idea on why using technological devices is no good or having the opportunity of carrying everything you need in one simple smartphone can be a good thing about having a device. But what i want to know is which one overcomes which? Which one is stronger and bigger in demand? There are so many commercials with new smartphones coming out that include much more then what some phones have now. Theres certain things like propaganda that intrigue humans to want to have these devices for everyday use and For an easier life style.

Essay 2 Pre-draft Destructive

The book feed by M. T. Anderson is a novel based on Titus and his friends who visit the moon and they meet this girl named Violet who changes the way of seeing society and on the problems that are really being faced. Violet proves to Tirus and his friends that theres more to then just the feed. The feed is a device that is implanted in their heads which gives them the abilities to have acess to the internet 24 hours a day they can buy and chat through this device,it is basically used for everything. What this device is doing is that it is keeping them away from what is actually going on around them in reality.

What is going on:

  • The changes in the environment such as limited air,the beach water, the beef country,trade marked clouds and¬†The skin peeling off everyone and everyone becoming bald.
  • The pop ups and ads distracting them.
  • Feed not letting them see the truth,it being hidden from them .

What is the device doing:

  • Creating Pop ups,ads,and commercials that keep popping up on theyre feed and distracting them.
  • Keeping them away from whats going on environmentally.
  • Keeping them away from physical and verbal contact, the M-Chat stops them from having an actual conversation or relationship.

Examples of when the feed was distractive:

  • (125) Violet and Titus father argue over the air factory and how the air is limited. This shows how biolet is the only one aware of the environmental issues going on while everyone else is not aware.
  • (99) when Violet is doing her experiment and she walks in a store and theyre attacked by ads and pop ups. This distracts them and doesnt let them concentrate on what they really want because the feed convinces them on something else.
  • (199) when theyre at the party and marty chats and says the Lesions look good and sexy because you can see Quendys tendons and ligaments. Its a virus and its something that they dont realize because in the show “Oh! Wow! Thing!” Its a trend.
  • (180) Violet and Titus chat instead of actually talking when theyre with eachother. They do this to avoid akwardness and emotions when theyre with eachother.
  • (179) When Titus and Violet are at the beach and they have to use suits to protect themselves from the smell and water.
  • (201) when Violet goes crazy at the party and she starts to scream at everyone so they listen to what is really going on in the world and to not just use the feed Because those society problems are more important then the feed use itself.


In Part 4 of feed by M. T. Anderson, is about how Violet slowly starts to breakand disfunction. After the party scene where she called everyone a monster and yelled societies problems, she was taken to the hospital and her father and Titus where present to see how she was feeling. Slowly as her disfunction progresses more and more he starts to move away from her and treat her bad. All Violet does is love Titus but Titus becomes an ass. As Titus pushes Violet away she writes to him more and more explaining to him whats going on,he begins to reject her and ignore her messages on the chat. Violet sent Titus a list of things she wants to do and also sends him memories and some things she wrote. After some time Violet invites Titus to run away with her to the mountins and he refuses to and violet ask if he read the messages he sent, he lies and says no but in reality he did he just didnt want to answer,and then he feels bad and he says ok. As they drive in the upcar Violet is extremely excited and happy but when they arrive the least expected happens. Violet wanted to be loved by titus and titus jumped off when they were kissing because he felt like there was a zombie feeling up on him, That he didnt want a dead person on him. Violet got offended because she wasnt dead yet and she was just disfunctional,they both yelled and insulted eachother And then left home and thats when Violet began to get worse and started to shut down slowly.

According to what i read, i think Titus was very unfair and rude with the idea of what was happening in Violets life and health. Titus didnt respect her at all and was never loyal he made her appoligize for being sick which in that case was not something to say sorry for. The way he treated her broke my heart because Violet was right all along and while she was in bed sick, outside in the world everything was going wrong and peoples skin was coming off and everyone was going bald. Violet loved Titus because he always accepted her and her wierd ways of being but in reality he didnt believe them and was rude About it by calling her all those names and not listening or supporting her. The fact he then ended up going out with Quendy was even worse! That was pathetic of him. This shows how one simple thing can control you in every way by just distracting you with it. Each moment they have ads and pop ups come out in their feed which distracts them and they need it and depend on it unlike Violet who resist it and just wanted to warn people like Titus friends about the effects and what is actually going on, this also shows that we should actually be worrying about more important things then just what controls us and what we have, she wanted to prove that there was more then just the feed that they were capable of doing much more.

Individual and Societal problems

Individual and Societal Problems

Kimberly,Julie,Mildred and Yang Yang

Thesis: In the novel Feed by M. T. Anderson, the author proclaims societal and environmental destruction as a threat to the whole world, this brings the world alliance leaders to get involved.

Some Enviornmental Destructions:

Air Factories,Beef Country,Beach,Violet Lives underground where the sun and sky peels off and the road cracks,Lesions,riots and government.

Some Examples that Proofed the Thesis we had was on Page 157,149,119,94,85 and 134-138. When the italicized speeches or words are from the feed that speak about the government and president and whats going on in society.

Some claims we had was how the ocean water was contaminated and how they had to wear orange suits to protect them selves.

How parks such as jefferson park was removed to put air factories because the air is limited.

Also the living conditions Violet lives in such as the sun and sky “peeling” and also the floor completely cracked. This means they live underground like below where Titus and the rest of his friends live.

Feed Part Three: Utopia

In this Portion of Feed called Utopia (by M. T. Anderson) we learn more about how Titus and Violets relationship grow. We also learn how they been spending more time with eachother. Violet is not like the rest of Titus friends and himself, shes honest and she does what she thinks is right for her and not what she thinks is normal. For example At one point in this part, Violete tells Titus and his parents her thoughts on air where they live, Titus father disagrees with her and they have a strong discussion about it. This shows how she is different and how she thinks different from everyone else because everyone else depends off their feed and not theyre senses or ideas, which in this case is not normal but Titus grows very strong emotional feelings for Violet and Violet for him eachday,and as this happens things start to change such as Titus relationship with his friends. Towards the end of part three, Titus and Violete go to a party where all his friends (Calista,Loga, Quendy,Link and Marty) are and at a point they are all playing spin the bottle with eachother and with other people that are at the party. Everything is going well until Marty spun the bottle and it landed on Violet, Marty got up and went to her and was disrespecting Violet and she got upset so she got up and started to act differently and yell. I thhink Violet acted the right way and she started to yell things that were going on in society but things that people didnt pay attention to at all because they were to busy playing spin the bottle and hovering in the air while there are people starving. According to what happen earlier on in the beginning of the book, going to the moon and space was really expensive and so she thought that the way everyone was viewing society instead of helping it was useless so she got upset and started to not feel or look well. Titus got scared at seeing how Violete was looking because he remembered Violet told him that ever since the hacking in their feed she was not functioning well and was not good. Titus got scared and was screaming to please call the abulence after she had insulted everyone, but no one wanted to help. Everyone at the party kept saying “Shes in Mal.”

From what iv read based on their relationship i think that what they have is something clearly true and beautiful And all Violet wants to do is send out a message to show and explain to others that the feed is not something necessary, that it something they can live without. I think Violet sees society this way because she was raised a different way and the way her father is also effects the way she sees things. Violet is the only one who uses a pencil and and knows how to actually write and who knows something unlike the others who HAVE to use the feed for everything. This gives me an idea of how technology is distracting us from real world issues and problems we face everyday but we dont realize them because were to busy on our devices.

Feed Part One and Part Two

This amazing book called Feed written by M. T. Anderson has a setting of a futuristic view and also based on the idea of the future in space. The book focuses on the protagonist named Titus and his friends and how they manage to live in this world that revolves and which they depend on something called Feed, Feed is like a type of internet or technological device that is set in their mind which they use for almost everything and then theres one person whos completely different and fights against it and does not use it.

In part one and two of the book Feed, Titus and his friends go to the moon for spring break and while they are there they encounter a friendship with a young girl named Violet. Titus thought Violete was the most beautifulist girl, and he started to grow physical attraction for her. As Titus and his friends introduce themselves to Violete they decide to go out and as they have a fun yet terryfying experience at the club they all get mind hacked and they end up being shut off And taken to the Hospital. During their stay at the hospital waiting to recover everything lost on their feed, Titus and Violet start to grow a stronger physical and emotional attraction for eachother at that moment Titus starts to realize Violet is not like the others,shes much smarter and stronger. Violet has the ability ro write with pencil and read unlike Titus and his friends,Violete also knows another language from the heart (65) and also she is the only one who truely understands some concepts such as the word metaphor (63). This book was very difficult and confusing during the first pages of the beginning chapter but then as i read on i started to understand what was really going on and where everything was taking place and also what the setting was. I couldnt underatand many of the terms or words they used in the book but eventually as i read on i started to understand more. With reading the first parts of the book i think that throughout their expierence in the moon they will encounter many problems with society and the role it plays,such as with the Feed they use. From what happened to Titus and his friends at the club i think this will probably happen more often or something similar will re encounter and will cause society to change or maybe Violet will be able to fight and change society for good and not for worse Which was what was going to happen.


Catfish is a documentary directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost.Throughout the document Nev Schulman (Ariels brother) discovers and gains an emotional and physical attraction to a girl named Megan. Nev discovered this girl through Abbys facebook. Abby is the eight year old who sends Nev pictures of her painting. Nev then discovers Megan which is Abbys half sister. Megan and Nev become friends and grew a romantic friendship through facebook,chats,and through the phone. Megan then decited to write songs for Nev and Nev finds it funny that the song she wrote for him is on the internet and by an artist. Nev and Henry then start to realize that Abby and Megan lied about many details and he was very annoyed that they were taking advantage of his friendship. Truth is Megan in relality was Angela. After meeting with Angela and her family, Angela confessed where the drawings really came from and why she had done the profile. Angela admited that while she used the profile as Megan and built a relationship with him,that she felt better,she felt as if she had reconnected with the passion she once had for art,thats where the art she sent him came from. Throughout the relationship they built together,somethings that made him think the relationship was real were the phone calls,the paintings,the pictures and even the information he knew about her.

According to the document,Angela gained confidence because Nev made her feel good and she had felt inspired to paint again. But what did Angela really loose? Angela lost confidence in her self. Angela gained nothing but confidence,inspiration and self motivation from the expierence she had,she then felt guilty and stayed with a guilty concious of what she really did and what harm she caused to him and even the other people she lied about having friendships and relationships with. Throughout the expierence he had, he speaks about how there are people who keep us active everyday and thinking on our toes about those on the other side of the profile. Could we be speaking to who we really are and think we are?

This document proves how the loneliness of Angela came to the point where she pretended to be someone else to be able to feel good and go on throughout the day having and inspiration or a motivation that made her posses the happiness of her painting that she once had and could not re encounter. Based on what happened in the document she states she gave up her painting career to marry vince and take care of his two mentally disabled children that needed constant care,but as she grew a relationship with Nev,she felt that spark once again that made her want to paint and move on.

“Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” Summary

Based on the article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” By Stephen Marche, the main idea and concept of the article is that social media is making us isolate and step away from the real world as well as society by physical and mental affects that take us down. Stephen believes that we are detaching ourselves from reality and putting our selves in the state of worrying about others, while we should care about ourselves and Our relationships that we carry with others. As dealing with the loneliness ¬†from social media, as we detach our selves we start to grow these ways of doing things such as communication, communication becomes weak as we isolate from eachother and society.