About me—-> Fahmida

Hey everyone, I’m Fahmida. I currently live in Midwood, Brooklyn. I’ve been in Brooklyn for ten years now. I graduated high school in 2013 from Rachel Carson High School for Coastal Studies.

My parents are from Bangladesh. I am the oldest of my three siblings, apparently  being the oldest means a lot of responsibility. I know two and a half languages. I can speak and write English as well as Bengali and I took Spanish in high school. I have many different interests. I like spicy food, American food, and also Chinese food.I enjoy watching game shows such as: Family Feud, Jeopardy, wheel of Fortune etc… Going shopping is one of my favorite things to do. I can spend a whole day at a mall and not get tired. One of my desires is to visit Europe. If I ever do visit Europe, I want to go to the wonderful places and famous monuments like the Eiffel Tower. This is my first semester in college. I am majoring in Accounting and hope to complete college, so that getting a job doesn’t get too difficult. My long term career goal is to become a full time Accountant and work at banks. This summer break was actually pretty fun and relaxing because my family and I were out of the country and we visited some family members in Bangladesh.

When it comes to writing, I think I am a decent writer, but sometimes I get stuck which is one of my weakness. I enjoy writing on topics that most interest me because I get the freedom that I want. I know the basics of technology. I have experience using Windows, Microsoft, iPhone etc… Social media is a part of everyone’s life these days, but I think its not always safe to put personal info online even though it helps people communicate better. I have Facebook but don’t get on it as much. I hope to increase my writing skills in this course and finish the semester with a satisfying grade.