Feed Part 4

In Feed part 4 things take a turn for the worse Violet is in the Hospital slowly dieing after the makers of the Feed FeedTech refuse to help repair her issue with the Feed due to her resisting the feed. Meanwhile Titus in return grows farther and farther away from her somehow blaming her for the fact that she is sick. Violet in turn continues loving him while Titus begins to feel no sympathy and more awkward hate towards her. Violet sends Titus a list of things she wants to do with him in the future and of memories that they have together, Titus simply lies when she asks if she saw the list while also turning down the idea of running away together. Titus breaks up with Violet and ends up dating Quendy. The book ends with a rather emotional Titus telling a lifeless violet a story and how he wants her to remember herself and how he is going to remember her and that she is still there.

Its quite sad the book ends considering how Titus ignored and rejected her throughout this chapter and when she eventually begins to shut down and die he finally begins to get real emotions, emotions that are probably rare in that worlds society considering the Feed and how it basically thinks for you. In the end it was a good book rather tragic and emotional at the end I believe if Titus would have never met Violet on the moon or never talked with her at least then there would have never been a problem with her life in the first place.

Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? (Summary)

The Article Discusses the Disadvantages of having a conversation through technology instead of a face to face conversation. According to the article people who spend their time on devices and social network sights are finding themselves lacking in the ability to communicate in person. The topic involving Facebook is also something to discuss considering it came during a time when loneliness in humanity was at an all time high people were promised a chance to change that while in fact it only made online communication and online rep a thing of great interest while the good old days of hanging out with friends and talking with other people face to face a thing of the past. People saw themselves able to change their lives through the internet and they though themselves able to do anything and be anyone while in fact in the real world they could be the most antisocial person in the world.

Facebook Making Us Lonely?

“Facebook” the pinnacle of social media network and a supposed answer to the increase in human loneliness. Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? that is the question and the article done by Stephen Marche. The article talks about how Facebook came during a time when the world was experiencing a huge increase in loneliness and it was the solution to a problem that was impacting the world. It shows how not just Facebook, but technology itself changes the way we interact with people, according to the article it eventually pushes people away slowly until you are finally communicating with someone from a distance instead of looking for a face to face interaction. A key topic also discussed throughout the article is the way loneliness makes us use these devices believing that what we find through the screen is what having a real interaction/ relationship is about.

(not Friends Facebook)

Looking at some friends that I have its clear how much usage people get out of Social Media Networks. They seem to put their lives into these sites when in fact most of the people on their friends list are people that they have never even met or spoken to. People seem to do this in order to seem more social or outgoing when in fact they could be a person that likes/wants to avoid face to face conversations. This form of constant connection while avoiding a face to face conversation causes the person to seem or feel lonely even though they are connected with the world.

Now just because some sites are the cause in an increase in personal loneliness it does not mean it generally affects their overall performance when speaking face to face, but of course I could be wrong depending on how long is spent online. Coming from personal experience back in the day (High School) I used to be a YouTube addict not Facebook. I would watch constant videos from gaming to comedy and more and this was a major reason why my personality is one of humor, but of course I have been quiet recently maybe its the YouTube Backlash.

One thing that doesn’t surprise me is how quickly stories spread especially through social Network sites.Yvette Vickers a former playboy playmate and B-movie star was found dead about a year later in her home mummified Its not surprising that the news would spread like wildfire with information on her past. The social media craze is making news and stories spread through the cyberspace in the blink of an eye. I personally think this is bad because anyone can spread a rumor or cause controversy and spread it through the internet and then who knows which moron buys the story.

In the end social media sites will be a tool that can be used, but if it is its to an extent because who knows how you will be affect by it not just Facebook. There is also the deal with fake friends who are just there to make a person seem popular, but in the end only shows that he just adds fake friends no offense to anyone who does this. Most likely social media sites wont change for a while.


The flight from conversation

From what I can tell technology is impacting the way we work, speak, and live with each other. technology has come so far that our small phone devices have the power to connect and finish our homeworks through the internet. its amazing how far the world has changed from lets say 10 years ago alone. A simple hello is now exchanged through text to some while face to face is turning into a thing of the past.

Relationships are now run by technology especially text considering everything happens through it even breaking up apparently. kids are now at a young age given access to a world where anything and everything can be found if not restricted and this information can come at a price.

It is important for people to have face time not just chatting throught a virtual screen. this society is becoming technology dependent or technology desperate. more and more ways of communication and far distance connectivety is being created while face time is being ignored and forgotten.



Hey whats up my name is Christopher Mendoza I am 18 years old and I graduated from Francis Lewis High School. I was born in Jamaica Hospital on September, 7, 1995 and lived in Jamaica Queens until about Middle school I then moved to Fresh Meadows and currently reside there. I have lived in Queens all my life and I probably wont move for a while. Both my parents are from Salvador, La Union to be more precise. I haven’t been there since the summer of 07. I am an only child sadly so I  didn’t learn to share until later in life and I am currently Majoring in Electrical Mechanical Engineering technology.

A few things that come to my head when describing myself is Martial Arts I have watched and practiced martial arts specifically Karate since June 2004. I have been to several competitions and have done demonstrations before. I recently took a leave though because of some personal problems. In the future I hope to practice boxing, judo, mma etc.

My future goals include continuing my education and getting farther in life to eventually find a job that I not only enjoy, but that also pays good. Life at City Tech is pretty good its an ok school with a wide variety of things to do. In my spare time I enjoy to watch movies on Netflix surf the web hang out with some friends and I have recently become a Christian which has opened many doors in my life I never thought possible, I wont get to into it for now…

Favorite foods include pizza, Hamburgers, Chocolate, a bunch of Spanish foods and some healthy food here and there. My favorite Movie/TV Genre includes Action, Thriller, Sci-fi, and comedy. Shows that I am currently watching include the Sons of Anarchy, Futurama, Cowboy bebop, Samurai Champloo and the list goes on. During High school I did read a lot of manga, but now its barely to none.

My High school life I would describe as OK I didn’t do anything to spectacular, but it wasn’t boring either. I was mostly in the middle I wasn’t to popular, but I wasn’t a nerd either. I had a bunch of friends on both sides of the social hierarchy, but then again the high school cliques that you see in the movies and maybe in other high schools was something that could not be found in that diverse and packed school. I graduated with a pretty decent average mostly because I started out weak as a Freshman.

Hopefully this intro got you 1% percent closer to knowing me as a person the rest well you would have to buy me dinner and a movie…joking. I hope you enjoyed this intro hopefully it was enough and I hope to write more in the future on matters concerning my life and on how the people around me react to my quiet attitude in class.