The dangers of the RFID chip

No more peace of mind.
The RFID chip is a Radio frequency identification chip.It is a chip that is implanted into the heads/bodies of animals and little by little humans. It is said to be used for tracking purposes. Some people believe it is part of a bigger conspiracy by the government to control, spy and overtake us its called The New Worlds Order.

The dangers of the RFID chip- Its a invasion of privacy, and it dehumanizes people. Your life is in other peoples hand, literally within a push of a button the chip can deactivate your brain. Its actually “Tied to everything”. Once you choose to get the RFID chip, you cant take it out, it becomes infused with your skin. People think its cool because you can order and swipe your finger or whatever, but what they don’t realize is when you order off the phone you give them your chip identification number “your barcode number” they can pull up all your information. Your social your credit score everything we try so hard to protect now a days. When they pull up your account so you can pay they also can check your health history and deny you what ever your trying to purchase if it bad for you. It seems like they’re looking out for you but what if the food isn’t for you? Its a free country and were being denied what were paying for?

Who would this chip effect?- The RFID chip is required for everyone.every working and non working person in America, no matter whether your rich, middle class, or poor, whether your on public assistance even if you pay your taxes. Whatever profession your in this will effect you. Whether your a cop, a fire fighter, a doctor, whether your in the army, live overseas, a lawyer, on congress,or a singer, a backup dancer, a teacher, a principal, no one is safe not even the president. Money is dated. Paper money soon will not be as valuable as it is now. All your money will be in numbers in your chip. When people realize money cant get them what they want they will want the chip, they’ll want it without realizing its negative effects.

Where is the chip coming from?- Its a mandatory factor in healthcare. Obama’s Obama Care.

I can make sure my topic isn’t too broad by sticking to one idea. There are many branches to this idea but if I stick to the root I can show my points. I hope to answer the questions, What is the RFID chip?, Is it dangerous? What are the negative effects of the chip? Why are they making us get the chip implanted? Do we have a choice?, Who is enforcing this mandatory law? My proposal will be a argumentative proposal, because I can give more information that way. I say that because people will believe they have a choice and some people will think its a good idea. I want to argue the fact that its not a good idea, its a invasion of privacy, and it dehumanizes people. Your life is in other peoples hand, literally within a push of a button the chip can deactivate your brain. Its actually “Tied to everything”. I want to argue that fact that the chip is more dangerous than safe. It can kill you faster than it can keep you safe.

3 thoughts on “The dangers of the RFID chip

  1. Mylisyaa, this is an interesting/important topic (and eerily reminiscent of Anderson’s ‘feed,’ no?). However, I don’t have a good sense, from this proposal, of the current state of the chip (and its role in society). You write (e.g., in paragraph 3) as if this chip is already mandatory (you state, “The RFID chip is required for everyone”), but this is not true. Also, you claim that the chip is “mandatory” with Obama Care, which is not true either (though there are a lot of rumors/myths this is the case).

    You should research this controversial topic more thoroughly, and make sure that your proposal and annotations (and ultimately, your in-class presentation) critically and accurately represent what is actually happening with the chip (and the debates surrounding it).

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