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Privacy has become a big problem in our society. It’s so easy for anyone to access personal information. However, privacy is facing new threats for everyone whether they have social network or not because their information could be shared by others like family and friends not knowing that any personal information they share could harm them. Everything people post on social network like Facebook, twitter, Instagram can affect college application, job application and also causes a lot of problem between families. Teenagers can be ignorant sometimes they don’t think about how harmful it can be when they provide their personal information and adding strangers just to have more and more flowers, likes and comments.

Every online move leaves cyber footprint that are rapidly becoming fodder for research without you ever realizing it Sharon Jayson says in the article “Vast amounts of information collected by private companies, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter, give new insight into all aspects of everyday life”. Whatever people post online is like a footprint that never gets deleted. However, the more technology grows the more we lose privacy back in the day they never feared not having privacy because their lives were so simple they didn’t have all the technology we have and all the smartphones, computers and many other smart devices.

Teenagers think they don’t need to hide anything and they don’t care if people know their information. The things they post, the information they share and the pictures they put up could harm them and their families. They need someone to educate them and they need to know how serious it is when they share they personal information their location and other information that could end their lives sometimes.

There is no more privacy so people need to know where ever they are and what ever there are doing could be accessed somehow by someone for example in the article “seeking privacy in a networked age” by Nick Bilton he says “ nothing is private anymore”. He told us a small story about his own experience. Sometimes or most of the time people don’t ask to be put in any situation all they want to do is communicate with their family and friends but it is so easy for anyone to hack or access their account without them known.



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  1. Samar, I like that you’ve chosen to focus on “privacy” online, and your discussion of the “cyber footprint” we leave (and often people’s ignorance about what they are doing online and how it can be accessed) is interesting. However, this still feels a bit general, and you need to work to focus your topic and develop your argument further in the next draft.

    I can’t provide feedback on this bibliography, as you don’t provide any annotations for your sources (the point of the assignment). Also, your citations are not in MLA format. For the next draft, which we will peer review in class on Tuesday, please revise according to the assignment.

    (Please also edit this post to also categorize it as “Annotated Bibliographies,” since you included yours here.)

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