Social media Vs. Teens

Many kids in this generation have social media. Kids are starting to have social media from a very young age resulting them to think that everything they see on social networks is right and  they should follow. Kids consume all there time on social medias not taking in any information from school or knowledge from everyday life.

Social media affecting teens’ concepts of friendship, intimacy

Young people feel socially supported by having large networks of on-line friends they may never see

By Pauline Dakin, CBC News Posted: Feb 24, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Feb 25, 2014 11:27 AM ET


  •     It’s an article that deals with how much time kids consume on social media. Teens tend to have a lot of followers on social networks, a lot of them being there just to show that your popluar. Many of those followers you don’t even know but you feel happy with them following you. You tend to have this fake connection with someone thats in another country to feel better about yourself. It’s good at some points but then you can’t connect to someone on a real level and have a normal conversation because yet again your so consume by social media that you forget whats going on.

Teens on social media’s impact on relationships: Survey

by  on January 23, 2014 in FeaturedNetFamilyNews
  •  Social media affects the relationship your in! In my experiences social media as a huge impact because your relationship is not private its public. People will try to get in the way between you and your partner, it happened to me in the pass. In social media people tend to act different because there not face to face with you, people will lie and provoke you to certain extents. Social media is negative in some teens because teens want to use in a negative way by trying to break a relationship up by posting up a picture or a message.


The upside of selfies: Social media isn’t all bad for kids

By Kelly Wallace, CNN
updated 4:38 PM EST, Fri November 22, 2013
Social media might have just won this battle with teens. It is positive because it builds the self esteem of kids and nowadays everyone needs a boost of self esteem. social media is very back and forth but you just have to see how you view it.

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    Like your proposal, your annotations do not follow the requirements/guidelines for the assignment. For the next draft, which we will peer review in class on Tuesday, please revise according to the assignment so that I and your classmates will have a fuller sense of your project, and can provide substantive feedback.

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