Is Technology keeping us away from Our Sleep?

 Every day Technology advances more and more each day as new discoveries are found and how new technological advances are released trying to make our lives easier through devices we can acess at any time. Though these devices are very helpful and fast, they keep us away from certain things such as attention towards other things and sometimes even our personal time such as sleep. Adults 18 and older need at least 7-9 hours of sleep on daily basis, but whats keeping most of the sleep deprived humans away from their sleep? The answer is Their Phones. Phones Interfear with our sleep by the physical effects we are exposed to.

As we lay in bed we usually pick up our phones to quickly look at our emails,send a last text and just skim through our social medias before bed. The national sleep foundation poll found that 95% of americans use some type of electronic device an hour or so before bed. A way in which technology can keep us from sleeping could be the light on our phones, the light from the electronic devices allows for our body to stop producing melatonin. (Melatonin regulates our bodies sleep.)

Sleeping with our phones by our side not only affect our physical health but aswell as attraction towards our loved one, 1 in 3 smartphone users prefere to give up sex then their own phones. By this we tell it can affect our mental and physical health. Many of these people use there phone and leave on the side to sleep with it incase they get a call or a text. Those guilty of this are mostly teenagers who text till late at night and are distracted by the light and conversation.

Some of us like to read before bed because it helps us get sleepy but reading from your smart phone or ipad can be stressful. Some of the things we read make us emotionally excited and even playing games can get us excited aswell. These type of things get the mind active making it difficult to fall asleep.

As we are sleep deprived from so many distractions that our phone gives us, we try to stay away but the more attached we get. We tend to use it and then sleep with it by our side or even using it as an alarm in the morning maybe harmful such as when we click snooze and the light on the screen hits our face. These little things such as reading off our phones or ipads, or playing a game before bed or even watching a movie can slowly interfere with more then just our sleep, it maybe the answer to many things such as our moods,headaches and even depression, thats why we shouldnt be using our smartphones before bed.. give yourself some personal space away from that dangerous device!


One thought on “Is Technology keeping us away from Our Sleep?

  1. Kimberly, this is a really interesting topic, and I’m glad you are researching it for your final project! One thing is that you might want to not just focus on phones (you briefly mention iPads in the final paragraph, but other than that it is just phones), as tablets, laptops, computers, televisions, etc. all contribute to this problem. I look forward to seeing this proposal develop as you do more research/focus your ideas more!

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