Don’t be the next one get addicted to internet game, Say no

In the resent years, as Internet has rapidly growth, it is progressively changing the way we work, lifestyle, entertainment and communicative way, but there are also many problems has created in the online network. Some of these problems can affect people’s health. One of these issues is the young people immersed on the online digital games and cause unhealthy and other issues.

Network is just like a double-edged sword, which means have two sides. One of the sides is beautiful thing, the other side must have bad thing.  Especially for the young Students are easily addicted to online video games. Once they get addicted, they will have a strong desirable for more and psychological dependence on the games. They will think about their games all the time, because the game is just like the drug. Moreover, Students will show up emotional irritability, depression and other symptoms if they cannot play game. Teenage indulged in playing online video games have a lot of risks which like the vision and nerve damage, decreased flexibility of the brain and affecting academic performance, or even criminal behavior. In addition, some unscrupulous websites, filled with violence, pornography and other undesirable information.

Of course, online games are not always on the bad side. Right amount to play the game is to relax as a healthy activity. When the people free of work or study, they can play some games to relax. In addition, some games also benefit in our thinking, and make us smarter. It’s just like people drink alcohol, doctor suggestion drink less good for our health, not too much.

All in all, everything has two sides, such as online games, the key is that our players how to look at it and use it. depends how to use online games to enrich their own lives are concerned about their own. Smart people will use online games to adjust their lives, make life more interesting.





Annotated Bibliography


Online game addiction rising, counsellors warn by Owen Bowcott , The Guardian, Thursday 8 October 2009 14.47 EDT

~In this article is about the young people get addictive cyber game has increasing. If the game players focus heavily on the game, they will forget to eat and sleep while they are playing the games,said by the therapists. Not only that, Addiction with online game are wasting time, money and damaging the player health.

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  1. I like that you’ve chosen to focus on video games, and in particular, “online video games” and “networks” (do you mean MMOs, Massively Multiplayer Online Games? or something else? Clarify what you are discussing). I don’t yet have a sense of how your argument will develop though: in your final paragraph, you mention that the best way to use these games is for players to “enrich” and “adjust” their own lives. What do you mean by that?

    I also don’t really have a sense of the research you have consulted so far, as you only have one source here (you should have used 3 for this draft, and you will need 6 for the next draft, for Tuesday, 4/29), and it does not follow the requirements/guidelines for the assignment. For the next draft, which we will peer review in class on Tuesday, please revise according to the assignment.

    (Please also edit this post to also categorize it as “Annotated Bibliographies,” since you included yours here.)

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