Annotated Bibliography: 3 sources

1 Source-

This article written by Michael J. Breus, Ph. D. is about some of the affects using technology before bed can cause. Michael talks about the different ways we are distracted by technology and how it keeps us from sleeping and how it can affect the way we act.

2 Source-

This newspaper article is written by Michelle Castillo, the article is about how important getting a good night sleep is and how its recomended we get it. In the article there are polls of the national sleep foundation that back up the article itself.The article itself explaines how scientist recommed on getting a proper sleep schedual and staying away from any devices that have bright lights and that may distract us from our sleep.

3 Source-

This article written by Eric Lyday is about how staying awake with gadgets on our laps or hands can seriousl mess with our sleep cycle and mess up our physical and mental health, wheather its in the way we look, stress or feel, these electronic devices take over and are the thingstake up most of our time throughout the day because its something used in our day life. Throughout the article it is explined how it is important to keeo away from lighting screens that may keep us away and mess our cycle up and then screw our sleep schedual. It is also explained what type of things can be affected and what things may be the cause to sleep deprivation or insomnia due to electronic use before bed.

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  1. I like your sources, but your annotations do not follow the requirements/guidelines for the assignment (in particular, they are short – they should be ~200 words), and you don’t provide the full bibliographic information (in MLA format) for your sources. For the next draft, which we will peer review in class on Tuesday, please revise according to the assignment.

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