is social media affecting teens today?

In this generation many teens have many social media outlets such has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Some use these social medias as a venting diary while others use it for the fun of it to post things thats irrelevant in peoples lives while others are cyber bullies. Social media has many affects towards teens that are both positive and negative. The positive aspects of the social media is that your connected to your friends and family. Also while being connected to social media your connected to the world so you know about stuff thats going around the world. The negative aspects about social media is that with the slang of teens they start writing to their friends and family it dumbs them down because they start writing like that in there every day life. With social media teens tend to be more alone and depressed, because they see the life of other peoples wishing they can be living that life too. Social media is very powerful to teens in a aspect thats very negative since everything is out in the open to everyone; teens get bullied. With social media being out to everyone everything isn’t private unless you make it , but in other cases when its not people have access to it and may bully you if they don’t like you and start to cyber bully by doing mimes of their pictures.

Social media didn’t exist about 15 years ago and since it started a lot of thing began changing. Such as advertising for teens, teens tend to see more products online and they want to consume it to see who has what.


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