Networking is an angel or a devil

Internet has rapidly growth, it is progressively changing the way we work, lifestyle, entertainment and communicative way. We can communicate with each other, chat with friends on the Internet; buy things on the Internet, listening to music and watching movies. There also possible office or at home through the Internet. More importantly, Internet is a huge, endless treasure trove of information, including the resources to anyone’s needs, it can be said to be “inexhaustible”, while the Internet can offer far more than that. It is no exaggeration to say that, even into the Internet connectivity is equivalent to the entire world!

Network is just like a double-edged sword, which means have two sides. One of the sides is beautiful thing, the other side must have bad thing.  What I want to say the bad technology is such as network video games. Especially for the young Students are easily addicted to online video games. Once they get addicted, they will have a strong desirable for more and psychological dependence on the games. They will think about their games all the time, because the game is just like the drug. Moreover, Students will show up emotional irritability, depression and other symptoms if they cannot play game. Teenage indulged in playing online video games have a lot of risks which like the vision and nerve damage, decreased flexibility of the brain and affecting academic performance, or even criminal behavior. In addition, some unscrupulous websites, filled with violence, pornography and other undesirable information….

We should correctly understand the two sides of the network; use the advantages, to avoid the short,  and  enjoy the fun and the health from the network.

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