what is trust?????

As we all know in every relationship weather is romantic,friendly,or parent child relationship the main key of any ┬árelationship is Trust with out it then the relationship will not work.like the saying does “there is no love without trust”. trust seam to be something that people are lacking now a days. some people still don’t ┬áreally know what is really mean to be trusted.they tend to not cherish it because it’s given to them freely and they tend to take it for granted.When trust has been damaged it can spell doom for a relationship and it can be very hard, if not impossible, to earn back.for us teen we don’t really value trust because we don;t know what is really means.if a trust is broken some times it can be easily fix but some time it can’t never be regain it all depend on how badly it has been broke and how the person feel about the damage that has been made already..

i choose the topic trust because i want to tell people what is trust and how important it is for people to have and to know how to cherish it and not to ply with it.i want to focus on the main question that i will be talking about .ex:what is trust ?how does one gain trust? if they lost the trust they once have cane it be regain and so on.these are the questions i want to focus on the most.

One thought on “what is trust?????

  1. I like that you are interested in “trust” in relationships, but it is not clear how/why you plan to connect this topic to the themes of the course (technology, digital identities/relationships, social media). Your proposal should make that explicit.

    Also, you have many many sentence-level errors here. You must edit/revise/proofread your writing before submitting it.

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