Research Project Proposal: Good vs Bad in technology

For my research project i would like to discuss the good and bad of technologies, such as the pros and cons of technological use in devices in everyday life. This topic intrest me because not only is it a simple concept that people should be concerned about daily but its something that has been around for a while now and has been discussed in the news on tv, on the newspaper and its brought up in many health discussions. Fod my project ill use sources such as newspapers,articles we used in class, articles outside of class and maybe some video clips. Im going to narrow down my topic to “is technological use everyday bad for our health?”

In my research project i hope to answer my main question which is whether technology in everyday use is bad for our health, id like to discuss the ideas of what are the pros and cons to give specific examples and proof. id like to learn what are some bad and good things technology has brought to us today and what use it is good for and what harm does it cause us. My proposal is argumentive, im giving the argument of the pros and cons to show the idea and thoughts of both sides, i think giving examples from both sides would be a good idea to just be able to show the class and explain a more clear argument and final conclusion. I think this would be a good topic for my project because we’ve discussed in class a couple times and i think it would be a good idea to reinforce it even more. There discussions such as how using tehcnology can keep you away from sleeping, get you depressed, or even give you sickness like passing colds or germs and bacteria! So this could be a bad idea on why using technological devices is no good or having the opportunity of carrying everything you need in one simple smartphone can be a good thing about having a device. But what i want to know is which one overcomes which? Which one is stronger and bigger in demand? There are so many commercials with new smartphones coming out that include much more then what some phones have now. Theres certain things like propaganda that intrigue humans to want to have these devices for everyday use and For an easier life style.

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  1. Like my comment on Fahmida’s proposal (which is similar to yours), I like that you’ve started brainstorming some positive and negative effects of technology. It does seem as if you have focused on health/physical well-being issues related to technology use. However, right now, you simply a number of different possibilities, and therefore the topic remains very very broad. You will need to focus your project down much further, in order to move forward with this project. Which aspect of the proposal are you most interested in pursuing?

    Also, I’m a bit confused about your last 5 sentences: what does this section on smartphones have to do with the rest of your proposal?

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