Proposal: Art and Technology

Having studied and created art for many years, I am interested in the direction Fine Art is taking. There are many opinions on this subject, and surely there is an argument to be focused on. Technology has affected the way people produce art as well as how they express themselves. Some would say that the interpretation of art has changed with technology. Certainly, it has made all art more accessible.

My intention is to spend time online, search through current Art Magazines and make a trip to the Museum Of Modern Art. Although limiting myself to writing about paintings and drawings would be ideal, it may not be possible.

I think I will have to see where the information takes me. If I could include my personal opinion, I would love it. Reviewing an art show and writing about the look of the art and materials involved would be interesting. Since I was trained as an Illustrator and Fine Artist, navigating that world may be possible. At the time I studied, there were no computers used in any classes. Now there are Degrees of all kinds in well respected art schools with Technological Art Majors.

I plan on highlighting how this movement in art has enabled people to get involved on different levels, people who may not have the academic talent once thought necessary for success. What does this mean and how do serious experts measure these works? Are theses artists taken seriously and are they considered Masters?

I am sure there is plenty to write about but deciding what to focus on is going to be
a task.

3 thoughts on “Proposal: Art and Technology

  1. I love your idea here, but I’m not exactly sure what you will be researching. It sounds as if you are interested in exploring how technology has altered art production (consumption, reception, etc.). That is fabulous! But you need to spend more time here, narrowing down your topic and focusing this very broad topic. When you say “this movement in art,” what exactly do you mean?

  2. In your instructions for this I believe it said one or two paragraphs. I really thought it was supposed to be a proposal in its most raw form. I would have forced out more words if it was clear. I will check again….your instructions. Monday was a horrible day for me and I had to write this regardless so maybe I misinterpreted your instructions.

    • It is alright if the proposal is 1-2 paragraphs, but those paragraphs should be fully developed. As you know, all blogs are a minimum of 500 words (and the assignment for the Research Proposal also states “500 words). But don’t worry so much about your grade for this particular post … you are a consistent/thoughtful blogger, and that’s great. The key is, for the next draft of your research proposal, to focus your topic, clarify your project, and develop your discussion more fully. I look forward to seeing the 2nd draft of it soon.

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